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The threat of large inflatable Daleks might be overblown

4:00 PM on 09.08.2012 // Scarecroodle

Then again, just one inflatable Dalek might be able to destroy five million inflatable Cybermen...

The Daleks, perhaps Doctor Who's deadliest foes, are looking less than threatening as 30-inch and 47-inch inflatable collectibles. In fact, I doubt that Underground Toys' Inflatable Daleks will be taking over much of anything even if they do manage to invade (and occupy) your homes although your wallet might be a casualty.

The Inflatable Daleks seem to come in two sizes although the larger is only available in red. At 47-inches, he's still not quite to scale with an actual Dalek but he comes reasonably close. The smaller 30-inch Daleks are available in red, blue, yellow, or white. The overall level of quality between both sizes looks similar although the larger one (pictured) has a visibly nicer base.

While I love the look of these, I just honestly don't think I have the space. However, if you have the room for a long-term occupation then you might consider pre-ordering either the large Red for US$95 or one of the smaller ones for US$60. They're scheduled for an October release.

[ Pre-order 47-inch Red | 30-inch Red | 30-inch Blue | 30-inch Yellow | 30-inch White from Big Bad Toy Store ]

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