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[Update] The SD Sazabi will see a Gunpla update in 2013

8:10 AM on 01.03.2013 // Andres Cerrato

It's older than the MG, get over it

You can make any year special by calling it an anniversary of something. With the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, that could be just about any year. For 2013, it's the 25th anniversary of the film Char's Counterattack. The celebration got started a bit early with the extremely popular release of the Master Grade Nu Gundam ver. Ka but that certainly won't be the only kit to see a new version. Seen in the shadows is an update to a much older kit, with this release being the SD BB Senshi Sazabi.

While we're only seeing this from the back, I can already see the updates to the old kit. The shield has much more detail before and the backpack actually has some depth to it. The kit has much better proportions than the original SD and its legs actually exist this time around. If we're lucky, maybe the funnels will have a gimmick to them as well. I know some will want a MG 2.0 or ver. Ka of the Sazabi, but I don't expect that until December like the Nu. As a fan of SD kits, I can't wait to get my hands on this and it will be a much-needed update for the SD lineup. For now, we'll just have to over-analyze this one image.

[Update] @Teni314 has updated with a new shot of the BB Senshi Sazabi, now from the front. It's blurred, but you can make out a few of the details.

[@teni314 via G-Toys]

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