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The results are in for Snow Miku 2014

10:15 AM on 05.17.2013 // Martin Siggers

Fans voted on Niconico livestream for new design

Pedro posted a few weeks ago about how Good Smile Comapny were letting fans vote on the design for Snow Miku 2014 and after whittling the entries down to a final 10, the vote took place on this morning's Miku themed Niconico livestream. There were in fact two separate votes, one to determine Miku's own design and one for the design of the pet to come with her.

Winning out for Miku was design #8, dera_fury's adorable ice witch version, while nekosumi's design #7, an extremely cute scarf wearing rabbit, was picked as her pet. Congratulations to them both! Now it's GSC's job to take these designs away and turn them into sculpts. It'll probably be a while before we see any further progress, but it's a great start for the new Snow Miku.

[via @gsc_guma,]

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