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The next Master Grade is Gundam Shenlong ver. Ka

8:00 AM on 12.22.2010 // Andres Cerrato

Fans of Gundam Wing don't have too much to complain about these days. The series is finally getting its due in model kits, with the Master Grade Wing Gundam and Gundam Deathscythe ver. Ka seeing releases this year. Next year looks no different with the upcoming Deathscythe Hell Custom in February. Fresh from the pages of Hobby Japan's February issue, we now have MG Gundam Shenlong ver. Ka to look forward to!

I wasn't too big a fan of the original Shenlong Gundam, so the ver. Ka is a welcome change for me. The shield actually looks like it can do something and the claw arm is actually menacing. Pre-orders haven't opened just yet, but the kit is due in March for ¥3,990. I'll definitely be adding this one, as I'd like to have a complete set of the five Gundams, and now we're 3/5 of the way there. I'm just hoping it doesn't stop there and we'll get some Tallgeese and Epyon action in there.

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