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The next chapter in Square Enix's Disney Characters Formation Arts

8:00 PM on 11.12.2009 // Jonathan Tubbs

I give Square Enix Products a hard time for the quality of their figures but when it comes to their Disney related products, they always seem to shine. Case in point, the Disney Characters Formation Arts series. 3 sets have been released, each focusing on a specific Disney property. Tomopop has a splendid review on Chapter 6 to 10 featuring Peter Pan. Chapter 1 to 5 featured Alice in Wonderland and Chapter 11 to 15 featured Snow White.

Square Enix Products is continuing the series with Chapter 16 to Chapter 20 focusing on Pixar properties which has my stamp of approval. The 5 piece set will include Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story (Buzz Lightyear), UP and WALL-E, all designed with a miniature scene capturing the feel of the movie. These figures range from 105mm (4 in) to 150mm (6 in) tall including base. Being a fan of Pixar's art style, I'm loving all these. The Ratatouille figure is my favorite of the set and I haven't even seen the movie, yet!

The Disney Characters Formation Arts Pixar set will be available in March, 2010 and retail for 6,000 yen. Pre-orders are available at CD Japan, Hobby Search and AmiAmi.

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