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The new Hot Toys Bruce Lee teaser will make your jaw drop

4:00 PM on 03.11.2011 // Colette Bennett

Hot Toys was teasing us back in January with pics of a headsculpt for an upcoming Bruce Lee figure. Now, they've dropped this new teaser on us, which not only sports my all-time favorite photography technique ever (yay for bokeh) but shows us something so stunning it's hard to believe you're not looking at a photo of the man himself.

Not that I am not happy to see this, because I am ... but it reminded me that my most wanted Hot Toys figure, Christopher Reeves as Superman, was teased in August of last year, but never revealed. I wonder what happened? I hope it wasn't cancelled, because Mattel's crappy take on my favorite Superman was certainly not going to tide me over until this release. Keep us posted, Hot Toys ... we still want it!

Colette Bennett,
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