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The new Gundam series is Gundam Build Fighters

11:17 PM on 07.01.2013 // Andres Cerrato

It's about model kits. Seriously.

Today, Bandai and Sunrise officially took the veil off the newest Gundam project, Gundam Build Fighters. It is a TV series, with the show starting in October and airing on TV Tokyo. The story isn't like the usual Gundam series, and more like the recent OVA Gunpla Builders. The series revolves around people building Gunpla and then competing against each other with them. Okay, so it's entirely like Gunpla Builders.

Unlike Gunpla Builders, it will try to include everything and not just Universal Century. In the promo, the footage featured suits from Blue Destiny, Victory, and Turn A. As was mentioned in the initial promo, the series will feature 1/144 scale kits. What this means is that kits that have been long wanted will finally see the light of day, and yes, that does include a 1/144 Victory Gundam.

As for Gunpla news, the main suit will be the Build Strike Gundam with the antagonist suit being a Char-colored "Zaku Amazing". Other confirmed suits for release include the Wing Gundam, Gundam Double X, and the aforementioned Victory Gundam. You can check out the full listing below the jump. 

There's a lot to digest from the broadcast and once more details can be confirmed, I'll add them here. For now, in the gallery are several screenshots taken from the promotion including kits, mecha and cast information.

HG 1/144 Gundam Build Fighters

Build Strike Gundam - 1,470¥ October
Zaku Amazing - 1,890¥ October
Gundam X Devil. - November release

HG 1/144 Build Custom Series

Build Faster - 525¥ October
Amazing Booster - October

*These are add-on packs meant to be used with existing kits.

HG 1/144 All Gundam Project

HGAC Wing Gundam - 1,575¥ September
HGAW Gundam Double X - 1,785¥ October
HGUC Victory Gundam - 1,260¥ November

[Gunpla Images via Bandai Hobby]

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