The new greatest figure ever made: Revoltech Professor Layton

6:00 PM on 01.13.2010

Oh that genius professor! I know may have called Robot Damashii Bonta-kun the greatest figure ever, but that may have been a bit presumptive. Revoltech Professor Layton is now the greatest figure ever made. The sheer amount of accessories and spot-on detail make this a must grab. It's definitely looking to exceed expectations from when we first saw it at Revoltech Expo.

As far what is included, it's quite the load. Layton comes with two faces, a multitude of hand sets, a lovely table and chair, along with a nice cup of coffee, and his trusty notebook. The normal Revoltech stand has been ditched in favor of a clear stand and brick-paved road base. I can only imagine having Professor Layton having a nice talk with Yotsuba over a cup of coffee.

Professor Layton is set for a release this March with a retail price of only 2400 yen. No pre-orders have opened as of yet, but expect this to change sometime soon.

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Andres Cerrato

Associate Editor