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The Infinite Stratos Girls are coming... Again!

11:00 PM on 07.23.2012 // Chris Seto

Looks like <IS> Infinite Stratos isn't quite done with its figure releases yet. We haven't seen them for a while but this months hobby magazine scans were kind enough to give us some more solid details on these two lovely ladies.

Firstly, there's Laura Bodewig in a maid uniform from Alter. We have seen a few shots of her for the past few months but we can now confirm that she will have at least two accessories, a tea set and pistol (which looks somewhat like a glock. Isn't she German? Why not use a german pistol? Oh well.), as well as two sets of hair styles and facial expressions. Her eyepatch is also removeable. No word on cost but she is due for a December release. Having said that, might as well get your salt ready as she is an Alter release, so expect delays. 

Next up, we have Shinonono Houki in AkaTsubaki! This figure graced our pages over a year ago in prototype form and a colour prototype has been seen in various figure events since then so who knows what's taking them so long to release this figure! Don't get too comfortable though as her release date is still only pencilled in for 2013... At this point, there's a possibility that an AGP release of Houki could happen before this figure sees the light of day! I'll still get her though. I've been waiting too long to back down now!

Laura is looking pretty sweet and Houki is already a must buy for me. How about you, readers? Do either (or both) of these ladies tempt you into reaching into your wallets?

[via 2ch]

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