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The Gunpla Expo World Tour announces several new kits

9:00 PM on 11.21.2012 // Andres Cerrato


There's a lot to give thanks for this year. Friends, the love of your family, and Gunpla. I give thanks to you Bandai for the wonderful bounty of Gunpla you have blessed us with this year. At the dinner table tomorrow, I will be giving thanks for what's coming in the next year that's being displayed at this weekend's Gunpla Expo World Tour. 

Let's bring in the new for 2013 with February's Master Grade kit, the Sinanju Stein. Billed as the prototype of the Sinanju as developed by Anaheim Electronics, it only appears in the Gundam UC PS3 game. No price just yet, but I'm sure there are those already salivating. Those same people are also salivating over the MG Jesta and  In what will probably have most groan, AGE will get its two next MGs, the AGE-3 Normal along with the AGE-FX. Those are currently in the planning stages, so expect those in the Spring of 2013. Lastly for Master Grades, a revised version of the Aile Strike Gundam is in the works. I'm kind of disappointed that it's not the Perfect Strike Gundam, but that gets its own version below.

In the world of 1/144 scale, the newest Real Grade is the Destiny Gundam. What Bandai is also doing is considering the next kit up for the RG treatment, among the choices are the Z'Gok, GM, Gouf, and Gundam Ground Type. Personally, I'd like to see the Alex as it has yet to get a decent kit. In non-RG, there are plenty of new High Grades to go around. As I mentioned the Perfect Strike Gundam, it will be arriving as HG-R17 in February. Finally the EZ-8 will get a real HGUC release. 

There will be plenty more to come from the show, so stay tuned this weekend for more!

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