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The Gothitropolis Raven kickstarter has finally started

7:00 AM on 07.12.2013 // Vanessa Cubillo

The birds are coming!

After much waiting, Four Horsemen's Gothotropolis: Ravens kickstarter has finally launched. This kickstarter was created to help fund the Gothitropolis line with figures all chosen by fans. To keep the project goal low, Four Horsemen are looking to fund just six figures: The Black Raven, The Cardinal, The Falcon, The Griffin, The Vulture and Minotaur the Duck.

Minotaur the Duck will be a kickstarter exclusive figure so you'll only be able to get him by helping this project. If they exceed their initial project goal, more figures will be rewarded as stretch goals. Stretch goal figures will be: The White Raven, Quetzalcoatl, The Phoenix, The Owl, The Rooster, and a mystery figure.

For supporting this project, you will of course get different gifts depending on how much you donate. You can get stickers, prints, t-shirts, battle packs, starter sets, Raven busts, prototypes and a trip to Four Horsemen's studio. I have no doubt that this project will reach its goal, it might have reached it already by now.

As I'm writing this, they have already received US$15,243 of their US$65,000 goal. The Gothitropolis figures will be 6 inches tall and be fully articulated. To support this project, visit their kickstarter project page. This kickstarter will end on August 12.

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