The G.E.M. series reminds us Gintama is about Kintoki

Gintama, or was that Kintama, get's a 1/8-scale figure of the Yorozuya leader Kintoki... right?

10:00 AM on 10.27.2012

My memory is a little fuzzy, but it looks like MegaHouse will be releasing yet another figure of the star of Gintama, Kintoki Sakata. The leader of the Yorozuya and all around liked character Kin-chan will be released as a 1/8-scale figure as a part of the G.E.M. series joining other characters such as Hijikata (reviewed), Shinsuke (reviewed), and... and... wasn't there a guy with a perm?

Based on the character in the most recent Gintama anime arc, Gintoki's "perfect" doppelganger will be added as a quickie to the G.E.M. series by MegaHouse. This 1/8-scale figure uses the original Gintoki mold (blog review) since they are pretty much the same person but replaces the colors and hair to give us our golden lie boy. The figure also replaces the silver fork that Gin-san included with a golden one continuing the play on their names (gin translated as "silver" and kin translated as "gold").

The 1/8-scale G.E.M. series Kintoki is retailing for ¥7,980 and will be shipping in March, 2013. Unfortunately, it appears that this figure is an animate Online Shop exclusive since MegaHouse has yet to make any announcements and no other retailer is listing it. So, will you be getting the "star" of Gintama to complete your collection?

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