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The Dark Knight rises to new heights with Hot Toys in 1/4

8:30 PM on 07.26.2012 // Andres Cerrato

It's been announced for some time, but the 1/4 Batman from Hot Toys is finally here. Even with numerous large pieces of just about every vehicle in the franchise, this stands above them all. This is set to be the definitive Batman figure.

Getting started, Batman stands in at 18.5 inches and is fully articulated just as the 1/4 Terminator Endoskeleton is. From the head down, Bats will come will 3 interchangeable heads. One will feature the moving eyes, and the sonar device eyes which will be able to be lit up. If you would prefer your Batman to scowl, that is one of three interchangeable expressions that work with the aforementioned heads. Oh and you'll also get the headsculpt of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. At the larger scale, this looks to be the best sculpt yet.

Weaponry isn't enough to scoff at either as he'll come with the grapnel gun, transformable sticky bomb, functional ultrasonic cutter, functional radiation detector, a lit EMP gun, 3 partially die-cast batarangs and a mine. If you want Batman sans cape, you can have that version as he also comes with the flight pack. Keeping Mr. Wayne up will be a new diorama stand which features the masks of the trilogy's villians; Scarecrow, Joker and Bane.

This is bar none the best Batman figure made. The molded armor is fitted over a fabric costume, which should stand up to more wear and tear than the recent rubber suits. Get ready to save your funds as the new 1/4 Batman of The Dark Knight Rises will be available in late Winter/early Spring of 2013. This will be the Batman to own.

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