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TGS2012: FFVII's Rufus Shinra finally gets a figure!

12:45 AM on 09.20.2012 // Rio McCarthy

Rufus Shinra Play Arts Kai prototype shown at Tokyo Game Show

The hints and rumors were right! I have gotten one of my long awaited wishes, as we are finally getting a Rufus Shinra figure! I had the biggest fangirl super crush on him growing up. Yes, even with that terribly pixel-y face on the PS1. Don't judge me. I have wanted a figure of him for a long time now, and to see it finally come to life is incredible!

At Tokyo Game Show they were showing not only the full body prototype of him with the bandages, but also a couple of different busts. One of the photos shows that one of the busts was actually colored, and looked quite nice in my opinion. This is going to be freaking awesome if you can change out his head/chest to give him his clean look as well as the bandaged look. I would totally freak out even worse if Dark Nation were with him as well, but given this is the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children design, I doubt we'll get that lucky. I can't complain regardless. I know exactly what I'm pre-ordering the moment it goes up for sale!

[via Nova Crystallis]

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