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Tentacle Kitty: Tentacle Kitty plush  

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Tentacle Kitty is the cutest tentacle monster I have seen

11:00 PM on 10.12.2012
Tentacle Kitty is the cutest tentacle monster I have seen photo

I must confess that up until a few moments ago, I had no knowledge of the existence of Tentacle Kitty. Now, after gaining such awareness, I feel as though I have been missing out on something marvelous and potentially life-enriching. This pink little girl (she doesn't like when you call her a "tentacle monster") is looking for a friend and, oh man, do I want to fill that position. Wouldn't you? I mean, just check out Tentacle Kitty's bio and I dare you not to fall in love. 

With hugging listed as her favorite past-time, it seems only natural for Tentacle Kitty to be made into a plush. Starting in November, you'll be able to purchase this pink oddity for yourself. Price and purchase outlets haven't been mentioned yet but you'll want to keep a watch on the official Facebook page and twitter feed for information. Tentacle Kitty is also hosting a Facebook contest right now, with a plush as the prize. The contest's name-drawing will be held on November 1.

What you think of this fun plush? 

Tentacle Kitty is the cutest tentacle monster I have seen photo
Tentacle Kitty is the cutest tentacle monster I have seen photo

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Tentacle Kitty: Tentacle Kitty plush

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