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Target gets exclusive Halloween-deco'd Batman

9:00 AM on 09.27.2012 // Scarecroodle

Yes, this is real. Mattel actually made this. Target is actually selling it.

While this new Halloween-themed Batman may not exactly be on target, it's being sold at Target. Target's exclusive Halloween Batman, ostentatiously connected with Mattel's 3.75-inch The Dark Knight Returns line in some way, is an original creation that looks like a cheap bootleg although one could level the same criticism at Mattel's normal 3.75-inch TDKR line.

The figure's Halloween connection (besides the packing) is the use of orange highlights in places, including the eyes. The normally exposed facial area around the mouth is painted black, although I'm not sure whether it's to simulate an additional mask piece or to conjure an association with the "demon" Batman seen in Batman Begins when a certain character is fear gassed. In the latter instance, the figure does work remarkably well as the remnant of a drug-induced hallucination and, as such, can write off the inherent goofiness of the overall look. I imagine there's some novelty to it, even if it resembles a poorly done unlicensed product.

Given the dubious quality, I imagine that exclusivity was solely owed to other retailers' reluctance in carrying the figure. If you can find it in stores, and if you want it, the Halloween-themed Batman will run you around US$5. Of course, if you wait until AFTER Halloween you'll likely get it for half that price or cheaper.

[ Check your local Target for availability ]

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