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Tamashii Nation Winter '11: The secret stash

3:00 PM on 11.25.2011 // Andres Cerrato

[Update! Here's the entire Persona 4 cast getting made into D-Arts! Oh and here's Persona 3's Protagonist and Orpheus too. More available at Bluefin's Facebook]

Oh, Bandai you giant teases. While we got to see plenty of new things at yesterday's Tamashii Nation, there was even more at the show that wasn't available to the public until now. There's a great amount of stuff, and if you thought that was the end of D-Arts for Persona or the King of Fighters, be pleasantly surprised.

Persona 4 won't just be seeing D-Arts of the personas, but also of the cast themselves. While I don't notice any articulation on these D-Arts (perhaps a D-Arts Zero?), we now have figures of Yukiko and the Protagonist! King of Fighters fans won't just be limited to Terry Bogard either, as new shots tease Mai, Kyo, and Kim. I'm just hoping that these will actually see the light of the day. Speaking of light, there are special figures designed for use with a blacklight stage. The initial releases will be S.H. Figuarts' Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr., Composite ver. Ka's Fei Yen ver. Miku and Robot Damashi Gundam Unicorn and Evangelion Unit 01.

S.H. Figuarts isn't done either as Kamen Rider Abyss will be seeing some action. What's weird about Abyss was that he was a Rider from the Ryuki universe that only appeared in Kamen Rider Decade in a single episode. Also, a new line without a name, tentatively titled "New Arts" features  large scale poseable figures of Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr., only they light up and will be in the area of 1/8 in scale.

There are still some secrets out there, so as they pop out, we'll be sure to post them here. Check out the gallery for even more of the show.

[Images via 4chan, Bandai GZ]

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