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Tamashii Features vol. 6: Tamashii Stage effect parts

10:00 AM on 07.12.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Finally giving you what you wanted the entire time

Tamashii Features is looking to give you plenty of reasons to look forward to what Tamashii Nations has in store for you. Before getting to the figures themselves, they've come up with some better ways to display them. Introduced at the show were a new series of Tamashii Stages which will definitely give your figures the right look.

The first of the new stages is Act Impact. Inspired by the rubble created from a punch, kick, or merely standing there, you can already come up with a number of figures this would work well with. Each set, coming with in inner and outer rubble ring, will cost ¥1,500.

The second stage set is Act Flame. As implied by the name, it's flame effects. You can attach some of the parts to the figure itself or have them surrounding it. This set of effects will cost ¥1,800.

In addition to the Act Flame, is the set of the Act Explosion. This is probably the best of the sets, as who doesn't like explosions going off? Pose your sentai or Power Rangers SHF in front of a wave of explosions. There is no better way to show them off. For the pack itself, you get one flame explosion and two smaller smoke explosions for ¥2,500.

Last of the new sets is the Stage Act Steps. As you would expect, it's a set of stairs. I imagine that it would be great for displaying Myth Cloth Saint Seiya or collections from a single series. Depending on how you like your staircase arranged, you can display it in a number of ways, but odds are you'll be needing more than one. At any rate, one set of stairs will cost you ¥2,000 each.

This has been a good way to start the show. Now if only they would release a set of effect parts for the Dragonball Z SHF.

[Images via AmiAmi]

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