Tamashii Features vol. 4 - AGP, Robot Damashii & more

11:00 AM on 08.11.2012

Andres Cerrato

Associate Editor

Rounding up the features from Bandai's exhibition in Hong Kong is a collection of several upcoming figures. There's nothing all too-new unless you are a fan of Saint Seiya or you missed this month's magazine scans. There's not a whole lot to highlight, but still some things that need attention.

If you've ever wanted a gold-chrome Doraemon, you've officially got that option as the previous Robot Damashii release is getting a new version seemingly destined for the Tamashii Web shop. What struck me the most from this display will probably seem insignificant to most of you. The upcoming Robot Damashii Altron Gundam had its beam trident fixed! It now glows the proper green instead of the blue used in its promotional shots. Looking at the shoulders, I can see the extended arms do in fact have joints in them, so I'm excited to see how those turn out.

As I mentioned, Saint Seiya has some new figures, but not for its Myth line. S.H. Figuarts will be seeing the introduction of Saint Seiya Omega. As to why this is going to be a SHF release, Omega doesn't have the chrome plating that the Myth Cloth emphasizes, so you can have a Saint Seiya release that will be a bit cheaper, albeit not that much less, than what fans are used to paying. 

There's plenty to check out in the gallery, including the full selection of releases for the Armored Girls Project line, D-Arts, and Super Robot Chogokin, so peruse and make your remarks as usual.

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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