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Take a peek at Circus Posterus' SDCC exclusives

9:00 PM on 07.04.2011 // Tomopop Staff

Circus Posterus seems to pull out all the stops when it comes to San Diego Comic Con, and this year is no exception. They will be offering a whopping 5 exclusive pieces, all of them handpainted resin.

First up are two new mini Skelves. There's going to be a Starry Violet Mini Skelve with a clear purple body and a bone-colored mask, but there will also be 12 chases that come with a violet mask! This is an edition of 100 and will be at Rotofugi's booth. Next is the first mini Masao, the Red Death edition! It will be a run of 66 at Dragatomi's booth. No price was announced, but previous Skelves have been in the $50 range.

Of course we also have some full-sized Skelves! There is going to be the first edition of the Boo Skelve, which will be an edition of 66 at Super7's booth. Then we have Travis Louie's very creepy Stan Skevle, which is also an edition of 66 and will be at Super7's booth. Full-sized Skelves are pricier than their mini counterparts, so expect to shell out a bit of cash for these lovely pieces!

Last but not least is the Unripe Bubblegut, who like the larger Skelves is an edition of 66 and will be at Super7's booth. I have the original pink version and it's by far one of my favorite pieces in my collection, so I highly recommend this little dude! The first retailed for $120, so I expect the Unripe edition to be in the same range.

So, Tomopeeps, what do you think? I know that I want all of these pieces aside from the Stan Skelve, who is just a bit too creepy for my taste.

[via VinylGoddess' Blog]


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