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Takara shows new TF Prime figures on official site

7:30 PM on 11.15.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Leo Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Shockwave finally appear.

Takara Tomy has finally released official images of three upcoming Transformers Prime - Arms Micron figures scheduled for December. None of these are newly announced, but this is the first time the three have been seen in official images. A little late, but that certainly hasn't hurt sales; they've been sold out almost everywhere for a while now. And for good reason, these are three highly anticipated figures, even among the Hasbro releases.

First up is AM-27 Ultra Magnus, or maybe that's 'Ultra Smurf'? He's looking very light blue in this release compared to the darker Hasbro release. He's also lacking some of the painted details found on the Hasbro version which is completely backwards from how things usually are. This version is also a lighter on weapons, trading in a big gun that turns into a hammer and an arm-mounted missile for an Arms Micron that turns into a hammer. Still, he's a big seller and at least he isn't an Optimus Prime repaint!

Second is AM-28 Leo Prime, a fairly unusal choice, but a great looking figure. Leo Prime started as a Hasbro Thundertron figure and was originally solicited by Takara Tomy under that name until recently it was revealed that he would be a homage to Beast Wars II Lio Convoy and the name was officially changed to Leo Prime later. If the name confuses you it's because starting with the first live action Transformers movie Takara Tomy started using Hasbro's names for lines created by Hasbro. So in the movie, TF Animated, and TF Prime lines you'll see Takara Tomy using Optimus Prime rather than Convoy and Autobots and Decepticons over Cybertrons and Destrons. Yeah, so anyway, Leo Prime is just a straight repaint of Thundertron, even the removable right foot and peg leg (because Thundertron is a space pirate and apparently those guys have peg legs) is still there. Still a great looking figure and certain to please fans of Lio Convoy and Thundertron alike.

Finally we've got AM-29 Shockwave who mose of us will recognize as the same figure from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. This figure was actually announced long before we knew Takara Tomy was going to start releasing the FoC figures in their own Transformes Generations line so he seems like an odd choice from the Prime line at first. Until we see an official Prime version of Shockwave this is your guy. The paint on Takara Tomy's release is almost identical to Hasbros, maybe just a shade lighter. They did make a bit of a mold change on the wings which now appear to have pegs added for connecting multiple Arms Microns. His original weapon has also been replaced with an Arms Micron rhino beetle that fills the gap in his alt mode. Have to wonder if we'll see the original version released in the Japanese Generations line later since we'll soon be seeing the unaltered version of the mold (except for the head) used for Air Raid.

As I mentioned before these will see release in December, and even though they've long since sold out at with the usual exporters you can still find them at Big Bad Toy Store and TFSource.

[via TFormers]

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