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5:00 PM on 02.08.2015

You can pick the next McFarlane Walking Dead figure

The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC to continue its fifth season. Finally, my Sundays have meaning again! I'm sure it's no coincidence that McFarlane Toys is searching for their next Walking Dead figure right around the r...

Vanessa Cubillo

5:30 PM on 10.12.2014

Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead gets her first action figure

For me, the most exciting news to come out of NYCC is the announcement that Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead will be getting her own figure. I love Telltale’s The Walking Dead series and have longed fo...

Vanessa Cubillo

True Cast's Walking Dud gets a PVC version photo
True Cast's Walking Dud gets a PVC version
by Brian Szabelski

Last year for New York Comic Con, True Cast Studio brought along Walking Dud, a rubber zombie figure. You won't have to wait that long for the new PVC version, though: it'll be available on Sunday, Aug. 31, at 8 p.m. Central (9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific). 

It's also worth noting that these have been produced at Onell Design's factory in China, and additionally, will have Glyos System-style articulation (and presumably, would have Glyos-compliant parts). Looks like all the detail from the rubber figures is here, too!

Two colorways will be available: a Pheyden blue unpainted version for US$8, and an Ultra Rotten painted version for US$15. If you'd like an Ultra Rotten in clamshell packaging, though, they're offering those, too, for US$20 each.

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9:00 AM on 08.22.2014

Funko releases Walking Dead Pop! series five

So while fans of The Walking Dead wait for season five to begin in October, Funko is releasing their series five of The Walking Dead Pop! figures. We'll be getting six new figures this time, and none of them are Daryl. Sorry,...

Vanessa Cubillo

Tomopop Review: McFarlane's The Walking Dead Riot Gear Zombie photo
Tomopop Review: McFarlane's The Walking Dead Riot Gear Zombie
by Vanessa Cubillo

In case you didn’t know, The Walking Dead is a comic book series and show about zombies. So far, McFarlane has been one of the major companies that has been producing toys from both the show and the comics. Coming from McFarlane’s TV series 4, Riot Gear Zombie is the figure we’ll be looking at today.

Taken from season three of The Walking Dead, these zombies were seen outside the prison, and their gear proved to be very useful later on in the series. How well did this depiction of a zombie translate to an actual figure?

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Skybound announces their Walking Dead SDCC exclusives photo
Skybound announces their Walking Dead SDCC exclusives
by Vanessa Cubillo

So Skybound has finally decided that it’s time to announce their SDCC exclusives. Of course they’re all mostly from The Walking Dead comic series, and I’m not complaining. First up is a limited edition figure of Ezekiel from McFarlane Toys.

He’ll be coming with his sword cane, but not his tiger. For US$25, Ezekiel will be available in full color or black and white with blood splattered. Next, if you wanted to cosplay as Negan, you’ll need a replica of his bat, Lucille.

So here it is! This mini replica bat is made of vinyl and designed by October Toys. Limited to 2500, this will be US$40. There will also be a Skybound Minis two-pack that will feature Rick from The Walking Dead, and Invincible, from the self-titled comic series.

Designed by Scott Tolleson, these will come blind boxed with the possibility of being one of six colors. Limited to 5000, the two-pack will be US$20. The last toy exclusives will be more figures from The Walking Dead PVC Miniatures line.

These two-packs will have figures of Abraham, Jesus, and Andrea each with a zombie. They will be available in grey, grey with blood platter, purple, and glow in the dark. The purple and glow in the dark ones will be limited to 500, and the grey and grey with blood splatter will be limited to 250.

You can get these for US$10 each. All of these exclusive toys will be available at Skybound’s SDCC booth #2729.

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Images released for McFarlane's Walking Dead series 6 TV figures photo
Images released for McFarlane's Walking Dead series 6 TV figures
by Vanessa Cubillo

At the beginning of April the next lineup for McFarlane’s series 6 The Walking Dead TV figures was revealed. We would be getting figures of Abraham, Carol, Hershel, Bungee Guts Zombie, and Rick. All that was known were the names and that they were coming out in October.

Now there are rendered prototype figures for these figures. Bungee Guts Zombie is truly a gruesome sight with his guts hanging out of his body. It also appears that he can hang from these guts as well.

Carol looks like the fierce survivor she has become. Hershel looks like he will have a detachable foot to show his amputated leg. Then there’s Rick who looks as dreamy as he has been all last season.

There was a surprise in the lineup because there was also an image for a Governor figure. He is shown with a long coat and the option of an eye bandage or eye patch. These are all still available for pre-order on BigBadToyStore.

[via Toys News International]

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2:00 PM on 05.02.2014

C2E2 2014: Paisley Fawn

The majority of Paisley Fawn's C2E2 offerings were different varieties of her signature Smudge plushes. If you aren't acquainted with the creature, you need only look in the gallery to learn of the herd of small, pudgy l...

Natalie Kipper

2:35 PM on 04.22.2014

Stephen the figma zombie gets a gallery with some very close 'friends'

[Update: Pre-orders are up!] It's been well over a year since Stephen, the figma zombie from Dawn of the Dead shuffled his way into Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter]. And he's getting ever closer to his August release now th...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

5:00 PM on 04.09.2014

Marvel Select Zombie Magneto unmasked! ...or unhelmeted

For those wondering who Zombie Magneto really is under that helmet, the answer is... Zombie Magneto (Zoinks! I thought it'd be old man McGreely trying to scare people away from a sunken Spanish galleon). DST Zach has posted a...


7:00 AM on 03.21.2014

MS Zombie Magneto & Gill-man lead the newest DST pre-orders

Diamond Select Toys has a slew of new items going up for pre-order this week, including a Marvel Select Zombie Magneto, the recently discussed King Ghidorah vinyl bank bust, TMNT vinyl bank busts, the Select Jay & Silent ...


5:00 PM on 02.23.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Top secret Diamond Select Toys 'reveals'

Here there be Ponies! Diamond Select Toys has released some official images of its entire NY Toy Fair 2014 displays, including some blurred out sections which provide a first official look at some upcoming items we weren't allowed to photograph and didn't get to talk about... including My Little Pony vinyl banks. Hit the jump for details