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8:00 AM on 03.02.2015

Mattel and WWE show off at Super Toy Con

Mattel and the WWE went to Las Vegas this weekend for Super Toy Con 2015 and, thanks to the fine folks at Ringside Collectibles, we get a great look at the future faces of the WWE and Mattel.

Soul Tsukino

Pick up Funko's Pop! AJ Lee before she vanishes for several months to get married to Pop! CM Punk photo
Pick up Funko's Pop! AJ Lee before she vanishes for several months to get married to Pop! CM Punk
by Scarecroodle has listed a Pop! AJ Lee. Fans will best recall AJ Lee as the vibrant, fun diva who held the WWE Divas Championship for a record-setting 295 days before dropping the title to newcomer (and then-NXT Women's Champion) Paige the night after Wrestlemania presumably so she could take some time off to get ready for her then-impending marriage to a wrestler described (often by himself) as being the best in the world. 

Funko's Pop! AJ Lee is currently available through the official WWE online store for US$15.

[ Order at ]

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Oohhh yeah! Funkomania is running wild with Pop! WWE Series 2 photo
Oohhh yeah! Funkomania is running wild with Pop! WWE Series 2
by Scarecroodle

Whatcha going to do, brother, when Funkomania runs wild on store shelves with Pop! WWE Series 2?

Series 2 consists of "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, "The Game" Triple H, "The Phenom" The Undertaker, Yes-Man Daniel Bryan, and Randy "Snap into a Slim Jim!" Savage.

Series 2 is slated to release in October. Get them before they get tested for steroid use.

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7:30 PM on 04.24.2014

A better look at Revol Mini Solid Snake and Kinnikuman

This month's scans brought news of the new Revoltech line, Revol Mini. The inaugural figures of the line are none other than Solid Snake and Kinnikuman. It's not the announcement that many were expecting, but nevertheless, he...

Andres Cerrato

Another quick peek at McFarlane's Undertaker statue photo
Another quick peek at McFarlane's Undertaker statue
by Brian Szabelski

Back in October, news broke that McFarlane Toys were finally doing something that should have been done ages ago: making collectible statues of WWE superstars. The Undertaker was a logical choice for number one, and today, we're getting a little more of a look at The Phenom in his statue form, with Todd McFarlane himself providing a few more details on the piece. Those include the texturing on the hat and Taker's beard.

Todd also mentions that three other designs are coming out next year ... I have to imagine at least two of them are "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock. The third one ... well, could be a number of choices, but as long as it's not John Cena, I'll be alright with it.

... It's probably Cena, isn't it? (Please be Bret Hart.)

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9:00 PM on 10.02.2013

McFarlane Toys takes on The Undertaker for new WWE Statue

For the past week or so, WWE has been sending out cryptic tweets, teasing the return of the Undertaker to action. Dirtsheets ran with it and fell flat as the teases were not a ring return for the Deadman, but Todd McFarlane c...

Andres Cerrato

2:45 AM on 07.20.2013

SDCC 2013: Mattel's WWE panel

As they have done for the past several Comic Cons, Mattel hosted a WWE figures panel during the convention, with several WWE superstars in attendance. This year's host was The Miz, and fellow superstar (and all around awesome...

Brian Szabelski

5:00 PM on 03.21.2013

Amanda Visell's wooden idols impress

Beyond my punny antics, you really should check out these wonderful wooden idols. Hand-sculpted and casted, Amanda Visell's catalog of custom works are absolutely delightful.She's got everything from video game char...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 AM on 12.14.2012

Revoltech goes ultimate with new Kinnikuman and Lupin

I've honestly forgotten about Revoltech. It's just that their releases as of late have either been not worth my time or simply out of my element. It's a shame because I loved Revoltechs since they were just pieces for Keroro ...

Andres Cerrato

Pre-order up a boot to the face with NJPW Nendo Petits photo
Pre-order up a boot to the face with NJPW Nendo Petits
by Brian Szabelski

A couple weeks ago, we posted about the surprise NJPW Nendoroid Petit reveal, and now the trio of Hiroshi Tanahashi, Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan are up for pre-order. The trio comes with half of a ring as a display base and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, which is a removable accessory. They'll be coming in mid-March for ¥4,000, so not quite in time for the big Wrestle Kingdom show this January, but I'm not going to complain too much about that.

I really, really hope it's a harbinger of more to come, though. Some of you mentioned hoping Jushin "Thunder" Liger would be one would eventually come with a second set (I support this) and I'm still personally hoping for Keiji Mutoh and Masahiro Chono myself.

[Pre-order at: Amiami | Hobby Search | HobbyLink Japan]

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Mikatan surprises Nendo fans with a New Japan Petit set photo
Mikatan surprises Nendo fans with a New Japan Petit set
by Brian Szabelski

You can file this one under the "never saw it coming" in the Tomopop files: Mikatan has revealed a new Nendoroid Petit set this morning, and it's featuring three of New Japan Pro Wrestling's stars! The Petit set, a collaboration with NJPW owners Bushiroad, includes (left to right in the above image) Hiroyoshi Tenzan, the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Satoshi Kojima. The trio's base is half of a NJPW ring (the ring mat can be flipped over to reveal the other side, so you'll need two sets for a full ring) and a scaled-down IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt is included as an accessory. Tenzan's mask is also removable, if you'd like to display him that way.

There's also going to be a Karuwaza Online Limited Version, which will feature alternate outfits for all three wrestlers, plus a Good Smile-themed ring and a Good Smile Company belt. It is, as you might expect, a very, very orange ring.

Looks like pre-orders will start on the set in mid-December. I am excited about this to put it mildly, and I hope this could be more than a one-off deal. For example, could you imagine a NJPW legends Petit set with Masahiro Chono, Keiji Mutoh and Tiger Mask?

Your head just exploded, didn't it? Sorry about that.

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12:00 PM on 08.03.2012

These Kinnikuman straps are begging to be pre-ordered

If you've seen any part of Kinnikuman, any at all, then you already know it's a pretty strange franchise full of wrestling oddities and explosive matches. So for the very well initiated seeing these new phone straps might see...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker