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Huxley photo

Huxley emerges from the Wood Candy Workshop

Up for sale Tuesday morning
Mar 30
Cameron Tiede's Wood Candy Workshop debuted at last year's DesignerCon, and a new friend has just emerged from the workshop bench. Meet Huxley, a handmade wooden creation standing 5.5 inches from the top of his ears to the ti... read
Wood Candy Workshop photo
Wood Candy Workshop

Wood Candy Workshop's Scrambled Wood debuting at DCon

New project from Cameron Tiede
Oct 27
Cameron Tiede has an interesting new project by the name of Wood Candy Workshop, and no surprise, he's got some new wooden collectibles. The first batch of Scrambled Wood figures are here, and the 3-inch-tall pieces have a fe... read
Groot chainsaw carving photo
Groot chainsaw carving

I am Groot and you can too by watching this video

They say she carved it from a larger piece of wood
Oct 09
This isn't so much a collectible as it is a unique art piece, but why should that stop anyone from lusting after it? What you're looking at is a wood carving of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, made by artist Griffon Ramse... read
Fo' Chisel photo
Fo' Chisel

Nicky Lewis' wooden DIY figure is Fo' Chisel

A new kid on the DIY block
Aug 18
Fo' Chisel, a wooden and resin DIY figure from by UK-based designer Nicky Lewis, has just been released to the public for purchase. The 6-inch figure design's pretty simple: a cube-shaped head, along with a round body an... read
Wooden Gundam photo
Wooden Gundam

Grandfather builds giant Gundam out of wood

Grandchildren may not care, but we sure do!
Mar 14
Once again a guy in Japan proves just how cool old people are. Wanting to craft something that would impress his grandchildren, 66-year-old Kenichi Okada built this huge version of Zeta Gundam that stands two meters tall (6.5... read
DCon 2013: Ink It Labs photo
DCon 2013: Ink It Labs

DesignerCon 2013: Ink It Labs

Wooden (designer) toys for girls and boys
Nov 13
The folks at Ink It Labs brought plenty of wooden collectibles with them to DesignerCon 2013. Those included Scott Tolleson's Lil Rufus, the S.S. Meow Meow from Crowded Teeth, Onorio D'Epiro's Flower Eater, and-&nbs... read
DesignerCon photo

DesignerCon 2013: Andrew Bell and Gary Ham

Wooper Loopers, Androids, and more
Nov 11
For this event, Andrew Bell shared a table with Gary Ham at booth #703. Andrew Bell showed some new stuff like his Dealmaker “Blueblood” edition with MPHlabs. He also brought along some older stuff like Groobs, Z... read
DesignerCon exclusives photo
Scott Tolleson's Rufus will be an exclusive at the event
According to one of Scott Tolleson's Instagram posts, a legend speaks of the first infected zombie, a boy named Rufus. In honor of the tragic lad, Scott has partnered up with Ink It Labs to create a unique wooden toy tha... read feature

DCon: Carson Catlin photo
DCon: Carson Catlin

Owls and more round off Carson Catlin's DCon wares

Nov 07
Following the reveal of his badass mofo custom for DesignerCon, Carson Catlin has sent along photos and information regarding the rest of what he's showing at the event. Check out the gallery for images of five micro reticula... read

Custom Made Monday: Cuddly zombies and bunnies

Wooden toys, cross stitch, and custom plush dolls
Oct 14
Monday already? This weekend was pretty big! New York Comic Con, the release of Pokemon X/Y, and the new season of The Walking Dead premiered. All good things, especially if you're into all three. Now after such an awes... read
Myplasticheart will have some great limited edition art toys as their exclusives
Myplasticheart has so far announced two exclusives for New York Comic Con. The first exclusive comes from Japanese artist, Yoskay Yamamoto. Yamamoto has partnered with Mighty Jaxx to turn one of his creations into a great fi... read feature

The Forest Speaks photo
The Forest Speaks

The Forest Speaks to Yosiell Lorenzo and his new releases

More Sicklings and other creatures coming to his shop Friday
Jun 19
Yosiell Lorenzo has a new series of releases coming Friday called The Forest Speaks, and it's a pretty variable little bunch. They include all the following, releasing in Yosiell's shop at 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern... read

Prepare for cute carved robots from Loulou

Follow Loulou's journey as he creates an army of wooden robots
Jun 10
In this vinyl world, I love coming across toys made from wood. These beautifully crafted wooden toys are from Loulou of Loulou and Tummie. Called Winsome Woodbots, some of these robots are craved into cute depictions of mode... read
Mighty Jaxx's Sideways photo
Mighty Jaxx's Sideways

Yoskay Yamamoto and Mighty Jaxx go Sideways

Pre-order begins tonight for new resin, wood figure
Jun 05
I've been wondering what Yoskay Yamamoto has been up to for a while, since we haven't heard much from him, but now we know what he's been up to: a collaborative piece with Mighty Jaxx he's calling Sideways. The 4-inch-by-7-in... read

The Triplets of Clutterville arrive May 11

New works from Gary Ham, Squink! and Haus of Boz
May 08
Clutter's next show is a triple-team of total terror ... okay, not really. The Triplets of Clutterville is a three-person show featuring work from Haus of Boz, Squink!, and Gary Ham, three artists who aren't at all known for ... read

How much wood could a wooden Chopper chop...

...if Bullmark's new wooden Chopper figure could chop wood?
May 04
If you've read my review of the Cobbanii wooden desk and chair set then you know I'm a big fan of figures and the like made of wood. So it should be no surprise that I'm really excited to see Bullmark has taken up the ta... read
The creator of the amazing My Little Pony automatons joins us!
Carlos, better known as renegadecow, is the creator of some of my favorite pieces of My Little Pony artwork that I have seen in recent years. These automaton creations are so incredibly creative, and so well executed, that I ... read feature


Cavey vinyl show teasers pop up online

Gary Ham, RunDMB, Leecifer and more!
Apr 15
The Cavey Instagram account has been busy posting teasers for the upcoming Cavey Vinyl Show in May. So far, there's a few teasers from some familiar artists, like Gary Ham and his little wooden Cavey car/arch combo. Or RunDMB... read
Desk and chair photo
Yeah, that's right, wood.
Plastic is over rated. No, really, it's good at a lot of things, but no matter what you do with it it's still plastic. Sure, it can be sculpted and detailed using every trick known to make it look like wood, but you don't get... read feature


TADO introduces us to Panda Otaku

Handcarved wooden characters to debut at ToyCon UK
Mar 27
The duo known as TADO won't just be at ToyCon UK: they're bringing a brand new figure serieswith them, Panda Otaku. Mike and Katie's character from the series, whose name is Jerry, has been carved into wood by British artist ... read

Amanda Visell's wooden idols impress

Resisting the urge to drop a wood joke here.
Mar 21
Beyond my punny antics, you really should check out these wonderful wooden idols. Hand-sculpted and casted, Amanda Visell's catalog of custom works are absolutely delightful.She's got everything from video game char... read

Kuso Vinyl's latest brings luck ... and a touch of wood

New Luckitty Pon and wooden keychains, pendant in stock
Mar 07
A new release from Kuso Vinyl has arrived: the Black Japan colorway of little Luckitty Pon. Priced at US$10.95 and limited to 300 pieces, it's got the same Rotobox-designed look, just with a kuroneko touch to it. It's also a ... read

Hang around with Yosiell Lorenzo's Secret Keepers

Newest Sickling-themed piece available in his shop
Mar 01
We've gotten some news from Yosiell Lorenzo about his newest Sicklings piece, the Sicklings Secret Keepers. Instead of being a small figure, these are 3-inch-by-5-inch Sickling resin faces mounted on a wooden plaque, painted ... read

Gary Ham's Whoogle Android APs on sale this week

16 will come with trees for your owl robot friend
Feb 18
This Friday, Feb. 22, Gary Ham is releasing the artist proof of his Whoogle the Owl Android from the Android Series 3 set. Consisting of 32 Whoogles, each one comes signed and numbered, but 16 of them are special. Why? Becaus... read

Bewitching II, Dead Wood opening this Friday

Dual opening at Stranger Factory
Oct 03
Stranger Factory (109 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, N.M.) has a double feature on Friday! Two shows opening at the same time (6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mountain), more precisely, and that starts with Bewitching II, the annual Ha... read

All glory to Kidrobot's next batch releases

Aug 03
It's here: after a debut at San Diego Comic Con, Kidrobot's Hypnotoad has arrived and is awaiting your praise. The 4.5-inch Hypnotoad is the latest Futurama designer toy from Kidrobot and by far my favorite, especially w... read

Tiger Girl Jibibuts will be at Martin Hsu's SDCC booth

Jul 08
Noferin's Jibibuts will have an attendance at Martin Hsu's booth at this week's Comic Con (booth #5015). Martin was one of 12 artists who contributed to artwork decorating the wooden toy line. His entry, Tiger Girl, will be a... read

Pepe Hiller's Beechblocks drop tomorrow

Jul 04
Pepe Hiller's latest creation, the Beechblocks, are adorable, peace-loving wood folk. And starting tomorrow, they will be looking for new homes. They remind me of some of the fairies I have seen in picture books, only more sm... read

Chris Ryniak's Bugglestump Forest to debut at SDCC

Jul 02
It seems that Chris Ryniak will be bringing the forest to San Diego Comic Con. The Bugglestump Forest, that is. In this collaborative project with Ink It Labs, Chris's adorable art style is translated into a 2D yet 3D form. T... read

Laura and Eric, the duo better known as 64Colors, have revealed a little teaser picture, which shows off something very cool: wooden Gumdrops! The wooden Gumdrops appear to stand 4 inches tall, which keeps them in scale with ... read feature


Kidrobot, Nathan Jurevicius' Misko releasing next week

May 18
Kidrobot's mostly known for their vinyl figures, but now, they're ready to launch off into the world of wooden toys with their first wood series: Nathan Jurevicius' Misko. And not surprisingly, Nathan's mini series is a bunch... read

Next round of Lunabee and Pepe Hiller's Woodbees incoming

May 14
You may remember the Woodbees from our interview with Pepe Hiller. These cuties are a wooden toy collaboration between Pepe and Lunabee. The first set was recently released and has already sold out. B... read

The Playsam 500 show at Super7 has come and gone, but there's one piece in particular that has really caught my eye. Andrew Bell's says he couldn't stand to cover up the original wooden grain of the Playsam Streamliner, so he... read feature


Squink!, Buff Monster Jibibuts APs hitting their stores

May 10
The recently announced Jibibuts Artist Series has just come into stock, and as a result, some artists are starting to release their artist proofs on their websites. Today, we got word on the releases for both Squink! and... read

Art Too Cute for Words opens Saturday in Los Angeles

May 07
Do you like cute things? If not, then turn away from this post, because it's about a show opening Saturday called Art Too Cute for Words, featuring the Supahcute Dream Team. Curated by, well, Supahcute, the show features... read

Noferin announces Jibibuts Aritst Collection

May 02
Over the last week or so on their Facebook page, Noferin have been releasing teasers of the artists in their upcoming Jibibuts Artist Series. The blind-boxed wood toy series will feature 12 artists painting Noferin's wooden J... read

Irish artist Mick Minogue is one of the many folks participating in this weekend's Memes show at Gallery1988 Melrose in Los Angeles. As one of his two pieces for the show, he's decided to make a wooden toy of a familiar face:... read feature


On Saturday, April 28, the streets of San Francisco will turn into a race track as Super7 plays host to the Playsam 500! The custom show features 59 different artists customizing Playsam Streamliner wooden cars for charity.&n... read feature


Takegi Nakagawa's Take-G Robots are wooden, amazing

Apr 06
As many of you know, I love robots in all their shapes and forms. That was enough to catch my interest when I saw Takegi Nakagawa's Take-G robots, which started being made several years ago, but the craftsmanship on these is ... read

Carson Catlin's 'fungusamongus' for Playsam 500 show

Mar 29
It seems that a lot of custom toy art shows are going on around the same time. Super7 Store is hosting one called Playsam 500 which is being organized by Paul Greenwood. Carson Catlin is among the 59 artists participating and... read

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