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Who can resist BMO?
Hello, all! We had another great turnout for our August contest proving that everyone loves BMO. Why wouldn't you? I asked what your favorite video games were and you gave plenty of different answers. Still, there can only be...

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Paper: So simple, yet so complex
Who's ready to make paper ponies? I asked everyone what their favorite summer hobby was for a chance to win a My Little Pony papercraft playset. I enjoy anything that gets me out of the house, especially on a hot day. So, I t...

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I'm looking forward to nice spring weather
Greetings, Tomopop readers! We got a surprisingly huge response for this contest! Either people really like Persona 4 or they like the thought of spring. Whatever the reason, I'd like to thank everyone who entered. It was nic...

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Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with chocolate
So Valentine’s Day is officially over, and so is our valentine contest. Thanks to all the people who  submitted a valentine. Everyone did a great job! I decided to have some fun of my own and make one too. Ok, so ...

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Our winner is getting prizes from Drew Oliver's collection
Happy Chinese New Year, Tomopop readers. Today begins the Year of the Wooden Horse, and hopefully this year will bring all of you lots of luck and success. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest, it was nice to hear w...

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Are you excited?
Last week I announced a giveaway contest for one Funko Avengers Thor Pop! figure. Thank you to everyone who entered. I never get tired of hearing why Thor is so great! Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner, which I did ...

Go For Broke! Announcing the winners

May 15 // Kristina Pino
Scarecroodle: Eastern figure meets Western figure Ninebeats: Ode to a Photo ContestWilda: Go For Broke Jennyfur: Karaoke Night ChallengeGreatlandstander: Berserkaoke Demovere_Xeno: East meets WestBonertown: Go For Broke Ikwong: The Black Rock QuartetOmnijerbear: Miku's Karaoke Night Shadowfox: The Kidnapping: East meets WestSailorsamus: National Poetry Month Tears4Dragons: This Song's for YouPsycho Soldier: More Than Meets the Eye ManWithNoName: East Meets Friday 13th

Hey all! I'm waiting on a couple things for our next contest, but we know who April's winners are so I thought I'd just run this little update here. The first place winner with the most votes is Wilda! That storyboard was jus...


[bumping this because only two of the total number of winners have gotten back to me about this so far. Please e-mail me with your information so we can forward the prizes via Multiverse!] Remember this contest we ran with Mu...

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