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5:00 AM on 12.18.2014

Beware! DST's Cthulhu vinyl bank has been unveiled, only madness can follow

Dread Central has been given a sneak peek at Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Cthulhu vinyl "idol" bank. And yes, this is easily among the coolest things that DST has done all year and is certainly an insta-buy for most horror f...



Mistwalker Announces Upcoming Terra Battle Concert

Terra Battle concert planning is now underway as the popular mobile-RPG surpasses 1 million downloads in less than a month. For more information on upcoming milestones and recently unlocked milestones, please visit Terra Battle's Download Starter.

DesignerCon 2014: TOUMA photo
DesignerCon 2014: TOUMA
by Rio McCarthy

TOUMA hit DesignerCon with a vengeance. His DCon exclusive Knuckle Bear Cosmic (US$55) looks crisp as usual, and I always love his designs. He also had little soft vinyl toys of Pico Mao Cat, Pico Hitch Bear and more, also showing that he now has LINE stickers available.

Where I'd really get in trouble are the Budog toys, especially the keychains. They're all so adorable and have such personality; I'd love to collect them all! He also had Gorelax, Astro Skullbot and more on had, which were especially colorful and bright. There were plenty of things for you to take with you if you stopped by his booth this weekend.

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Funko's Hikari Metaluna Mutant is out of this world photo
Funko's Hikari Metaluna Mutant is out of this world
by Scarecroodle

Funko unveiled its Hikari Metaluna Mutant (of This Island Earth fame, which you may have seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000) on Halloween (what, no Hikari Dracula?). Limited to a good-sized 1,500 pieces, the Metaluna Mutant is available in a slightly metallic version of its normal colors and is currently listed for pre-order.

While the Metaluna Mutant is apparently part of Universal Studios' gallery of monsters, it's a character whom I hadn't seen prior before DST released some collectibles not that long ago. The general monster design is all kinds of goofy but Funko has rendered it surprisingly cute. In fact, this may be the first time I've used cute (rather than cool) to describe a Hikari soft vinyl figure.

Funko's Hikari Metaluna Mutant can be pre-ordered for around US$50 and is slated for a January release. As always, you can win one through Funko's Facebook contest. Fans of the character may be happy to know (or remember) that he also appears in Funko's Scifi Mystery Minis series (which are also out of this world).

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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1:00 AM on 09.27.2014

Titan is bringing some Doctor Who Capaldi goodies to NYCC

Titan is heading to New York Comic Con and they're bringing enough Doctor Who stuff to fill a TARDIS! If you've become a fast fan of Capaldi's no-nonsense, somewhat disgruntled take on the Doctor then you'll definitely want t...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Bandai will bring 60th anniversary Godzilla to SDCC photo
Bandai will bring 60th anniversary Godzilla to SDCC
by Vanessa Cubillo

Godzilla has been having a great year. With his new movie, his popularity has risen once again. So for SDCC, Bandai was smart enough to have an exclusive of Godzilla.

In honor of the great kaiju’s 60th anniversary, there will be a limited edition vinyl figure. Measuring close to seven inches tall, Godzilla is designed with red markings all over his body to show the burning destruction he causes in a city. His back will also be ice blue to show his famous Atomic Breath.

Now, what’s really cool is that this figure will come with a diorama of Tokyo so you can show Godzilla terrorizing the city. Only 500 pieces will be available and will come individually numbered. This will be available at Bandai’s SDCC booth for US$60. 

[via Bandai]

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10:00 PM on 07.01.2014

We Love Fine's latest vinyl figure is more a dream than a nightmare

Well, it looks like we didn't have to wait too long to have We Love Fine's moonlit teaser unveiled. As many a My Little Pony fan has guessed, the unicorn horn's shadow across the full moon does in fact allude to Nightmar...

Natalie Kipper

Cosplayer kicks off Indiegogo campaign for a line of DIY vinyl figures photo
Cosplayer kicks off Indiegogo campaign for a line of DIY vinyl figures
by Scarecroodle

Cosplayer Tanya Tate has launched an Indigogo campaign for a Do-It-Yourself customizable vinyl figure. The "My Hero Toys!" figure was designed to address a perceived absence of "cool female blank figures".

"I have seen popular customizable vinyl platforms in different sizes and shapes," said Tanya, "but none that really work for the sexy superheroes I see in comics; like my faves Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost and Susan Storm. So, I created My Hero Toy, a vinyl figure platform that not only can be used to bring these characters to life in a fun and sexy way, but also to create new and unique characters."

Proceeds from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to pay for production costs. Tanya seeks to raise US$20,000 and has 24 days left on her campaign. The minimum contribution needed for a figure is apparently US$25, although there are many tiers above or below that level.

I suppose that cosplayers are, by nature, uniquely suited when it comes to customization which makes this vinyl figure all the more interesting. If nothing else, the "My Hero Toys!" figure is certainly more full-figured than a lot of DIY vinyls.

[ Contribute at Indigigo ]

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6:00 PM on 06.16.2014

FUNimation shows first look at DBZ and Black Butler Pop! figures

We already knew Funko was acquiring more anime titles since Toy Fair. They’ve already shown a preview of their Vocaloid series, which should be in stores this month. Now, thanks to FUNimation, we have a preview of Pop!...

Vanessa Cubillo

9:00 PM on 06.13.2014

Lunartik releases Breaking Bad Heisenberg Collection

Matt Jones, also known as Lunartik, is releasing a Breaking Bad figure series through Sony and Titan Merchandise. Similar to his Doctor Who series, this will include 12 figures from the award-winning AMC show. So fans of Bre...

Vanessa Cubillo

6:00 PM on 06.12.2014

Funko officially shows their Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pop! figures

Since Toy Fair, we knew that Funko would be making Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pop! figures. That was a series we truly needed from Funko. In April, we even showed pictures of all of the figures that were going to be included. ...

Vanessa Cubillo

2:00 PM on 05.29.2014

Are Funko's Vinyl Cubed figures cool or square?

There's something of a prevailing theory within the industry that superhero comic fans will buy anything (just ask any significantly jaded comic shop owner), a theory often tested with an array of bizarre collectibles. Funko ...


12:30 PM on 05.23.2014

Funko's new Hikari unveil is another Batman

Those who liked the design but not the funky colors of Funko's Hikari Metallic Batman are in luck because the company has decided to produce what it calls a "Silver Glitter Clear Batman Hikari Sofubi Figure" which features mo...