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Introducing the world's worst surgeon, Doctor Flop

Toys, illustration work based on artist's own experiences
Mar 06
Gessica Malagò is an Italian artist who has spent some time in hospitals due to medical conditions. Those experiences, some of which were good but some of which were also pretty bad, have manifested themselves in a ser... read

Hang around with Yosiell Lorenzo's Secret Keepers

Newest Sickling-themed piece available in his shop
Mar 01
We've gotten some news from Yosiell Lorenzo about his newest Sicklings piece, the Sicklings Secret Keepers. Instead of being a small figure, these are 3-inch-by-5-inch Sickling resin faces mounted on a wooden plaque, painted ... read

Nanan introduces us to The Badass

It's a 27-inch version of his Amaterasu resin piece
Jan 03
Nanan's illuminated Amaterasu pieces have been featured on Tomopop before, but none ever quite this big. This is The Badass, a 27-inch version of the smaller Amaterasu figure, and yes, it's got a big light for a head, too. Th... read

DesignerCon 2012: doubleparlour

Handcrafted creatures from the corners of the imagination
Nov 11
The creations of doubleparlour are really ones you'll love ... or hate. They aren't the cuddliest sculptures in the world, and for some, they might be the stuff of nightmares. But to me, there's something interesting about se... read

Three more art shows, events opening this weekend

Featuring creations and such from J.Shea, Amanda Spayd, Shawnimals
Sep 06
This weekend seems to be a busy time for events, because in addition to the Rotofugi dual-show opening on Friday, and shows opening at Stranger Factory, there's other events happening from one coast to the other ... and place... read
Features handmade critters from Amanda Spayd
A while back, you probably remember hearing that Amanda Spayd's critters would be the stars of a stop-motion animation film called The Maker. Well, great news: you can now watch the entire 5:30 award-winning short film onlin... read feature


Art Wars: A New Hope Intergalactic Art Show opens Oct. 11

Aug 21
If you're a Star Wars fan going to New York Comic Con, do yourself a favor: visit Kidrobot New York (118 Prince St., SoHo) on October 11. Why? Because that's the night Art Wars: A New Hope Intergalactic Art Show, featuri... read

Munky King's Memories are Made of This opens Aug. 18

Aug 08
You probably remember the news that Munky King was closing its Melrose location this month, but not before one final show there. That final Melrose store show, Memories are Made of This, opens Saturday, Aug. 18, and feat... read

Arkiv's Aftermath exhibition opens at TAG on Saturday

Aug 02
Toy Art Gallery is playing host this Saturday night, Aug. 4, to Aftermath, a solo exhibition featuring new works from Arkiv Vilmansa. For this show, Arkiv is bringing along some new paintings, customized Vans sneakers, limite... read

SAVE&DESTROY show makes a stop in Spain

Jul 10
SAVE&DESTROY's second art event took place last weekend at Malaga, Spain's Animacomic convention. Featuring work from Mark Nagata, Jay222, Emilio García, Ryan Hall, Emily Bee, Shin Tanaka and more, the show serves ... read

Morphous group show opens Saturday at Rivet

Jul 05
This Saturday, Rivet Gallery's latest exhibition opens its doors in the form of the Morphous group show! The show features new curiosities and creations from Chet Zar, Dalton Ghetti, Dave Pressler, Doktor A, Irene Mendonis, J... read

Patient No. 6's newest toy hates people

Jul 04
Patient No.6 is back with a new character, a fellow known as I Hate People. Maybe it's because that's what it says on the back of his head? In any case, the one-horned fellow carries a first aid kit in his left hand and is pa... read

Meredith Dittmar's Transmutation comes to TAG on June 16

Jun 14
An interesting little exhibition is coming to Toy Art Gallery starting on Saturday, June 16. Transmutation is a show featuring the works of Meredith Dittmar and her abstract/geometric polymer clay designs, as well as her clay... read

Thumbtack Press adds Uglydoll to its print offerings

Jun 13
Art print retailer Thumbtack Press already features art choices from several artists you've seen on Tomopop, namely Jason Limon, Jeremiah Ketner, Ken Kierns and Nathan Ota, but their most recent addition might raise a few eye... read

Check out the latest from Nanan's Amaterasu project

May 10
Last year, we got to see Amaterasu, a very interesting project from Nanan (a.k.a. Gael Brienne) that combined designer toys with lighting fixtures to create characters that lit up the space around them ... literally. Now, he'... read

There are many ways to keep your family and friends close at hand, be it through a photo or through the wonders of modern communications. Or you can be more literal and just turn them all into 3D-printed toys, like artist Ker... read feature


Art Too Cute for Words opens Saturday in Los Angeles

May 07
Do you like cute things? If not, then turn away from this post, because it's about a show opening Saturday called Art Too Cute for Words, featuring the Supahcute Dream Team. Curated by, well, Supahcute, the show features... read

This weekend marks the start of what could be a pretty busy summer art show season (if not a busy summer for us blogging folks), with several shows opening up around the world. Three of those shows which have ties to things T... read feature


Yoskay Yamamoto's Joke's on Me opens Saturday

Mar 23
Yoskay Yamamoto has spent the last three years working on what is now his first solo show featuring his 3-D works, Joke's on Me. Yoskay's show focuses on some brand-new hand-crafted sculptures in wood, plastic, resin and viny... read
Ryan Roberts photo

While a lot of our interviews on Tomopop focus on artists, there are plenty of other folks in the toy world that don't do their work in resin and vinyl. In fact, some ply their craft from behind a camera lens. One of those ph... read feature


Earth Movement opens its doors next week

Feb 24
Next week marks the opening of a new art show, Earth Movement. The show, being curated by Jeremy Brautman and Super Cooper Berella, will feature original drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, prints, etc. that wil... read

Circus: Folke comes to Stranger Factory

Feb 03
Tonight at Stranger Factory, artists/sisters Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger will have their works of art on display as Circus: Folke opens its doors! Described as "an exploration of the Circus, its characters and all associated no... read

A fresh batch of Zukie wood paintings now available

Jan 26
You might remember Alison Perez and her Zukies from a few months back. Well, Alison and her Zukies are back in painting form, and she's done a neat little thing with them. Alison is offering up 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch wooden pai... read

Munky King hosting a surprise Sucklord event tomorrow

Oct 04
Where ever the Sucklord goes, interesting (and bootlegged) things are always sure to follow. And tomorrow, that will happen to be at Munky King (7308 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles), where he'll be there to meet, greet, maybe sign... read

Troy Stith's The Guardian is a tree-mendous sculpture

Sep 28
Troy Stith has been quite busy as of late, as he's had many projects on his hands. He's sent along pictures of his latest, and handmade sculpture called The Guardian that he was commissioned to do. In fact, those of you with ... read

The Bronx Zoo gets some much needed LEGO action

Jul 30
Hey it's Saturday everyone! That means it's a great day to get outside, take your family, and head to the zoo. Better yet, head to the Bronx Zoo right now and see some of the rarest beasts this side of Narnia. We're talking t... read

War Toys is a documentary that's got my attention

Jul 14
I've always been fascinated by how toys are perceived and played with in other parts of the world, so it's only natural that I was attracted to Brian McCarty's "War Toys" documentary. Brian's made his name in the world of pho... read

Kidrobot Black gives us a new piece from Doze Green named Goddess

Jun 14
Kidrobot started up their Black line way back in January of 2010 and have since released a whopping three figures in the line so far: Gary Baseman's Midnight Magi, SSUR's From the Cradle to the Grave, and Jeff Soto's The Deek... read

Mike Leavitt creates amazing Takashi Murakami Figure

Apr 04
Mike Leavitt is known for his amazing "Art Army" figures that take established artists, combine them with elements of their work, and synthesize it all into one figure. Takashi Murakami has just gotten the treatment and the e... read

Promotional stunt brings us a 1.5-ton Play-Doh car

Mar 20
It's always fun to post about old-school toys or things that are a little odd, so why not combine them both? As part of their campaign to promote the new Chevrolet Orlando (if you haven't heard of it in the U.S., it's not bei... read

Who is Tom Hardwidge?

Mar 10
So who is Tom Hardwidge anyway? Well lovers of steampunk and entomology take note, for Tom Hardwidge is the creator of Arthrobots (robot arthropods)! He has been constructing these amazing metal insects by hand since 2010 out... read

Doktor A's 'Amnesia Primm' steals my heart and replaces it with gears

Mar 08
We may have just posted about the Doktor A "Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Day Dreams" solo show, opening April 1st 2011 at Iksentrik, but that doesn't mean more pieces aren't being teased! The Doktor has just revealed t... read

Who is Felt Mistress?

Mar 06
Felt Mistress aka Louise Evans is the creator of a wide range of one of a kind, handmade, and entirely cuddly monsters that hail from the UK. Primarily she collaborates with partner/illustrator Jonathan Edwards, but she has a... read

Yosuke Ueno's Hapiko looking adorable in bronze

Mar 05
My favorite character in the Yosuke Ueno pantheon is probably Hapiko. She's appeared before in paintings and as small sculptures, but now, thanks to Toy Art Gallery, she's available as a bronze statue. Sculpted by the artist ... read

Kit Lane takes us to her Strangeland at Gallery Hanahou

Feb 28
Our coverage of Gallery Hanahou's Needle Felting Extravaganza, opening March 3, 2011, continues with the felt sculptures of Kit Lane. The pieces that she has revealed for her "Strangeland" mini show have got me very excited. ... read

Yoko Nomura's Fractured Fairy Tale show joins the Hanahou felt circus

Feb 27
As I'm sure you remember, we recently covered Hine Mizushima's teased pieces from the upcoming Needle Felting Extravaganza at Gallery Hanahou which opens March 3, 2011. Well with just a few days to go before the opening, we h... read

Enchanted Doll's newest 'Surviving' faces breast cancer fears head on

Feb 23
For many women, breast cancer can be one of the darker fears we are raised with. This is especially true in a society that glamorizes, fetishizes, and focuses on women's breasts so much. From the old masters to the tackiest v... read

Bob Conge is once again making my nightmares reality

Feb 22
Bob Conge! My arch nemesis and greatest ally at the very same time, the man responsible for about 90% of my current phobias, Bob Conge is back again with some new creations to show off. And as usual, they are a rare breed of ... read

Yoskay Yamamoto's bear wants to cuddle with you

Feb 20
Yoskay Yamamoto is absolutely one of my favorite artists, so when he posted this plush bear wooden sculpture combo on his blog I had to smile. Apparently Yamamoto has had the bear laying around for years, but with it's origin... read

Toy Fair 2011: Elite Gudz Booth Overview

Feb 19
Most companies simply show off their wares at Toy Fair, but Elite Gudz tents to one-up everyone by making figures during the show! Once again they engaged in some live sculpting and painting, this time of some spiffy iPhone d... read

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