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Ultraman photo
Something ultra for your shelves
Gecco Corp recently released images of its upcoming 1/6-scale Ultraman, now also available for pre-order. The statue will feature interchangeable arms with a Spacium Blade, an interchangeable unmasked head, and glowing LED el...

Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

This June, go bananas for Kamen Rider Gaim's S.H. Figuarts releases

Gaim's collection just increased a bit
Jan 24
// Oansun
Tamashii's June announcements are coming in, and Kamen Rider Gaim fans will be pleased by a couple of items. The Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica , Psycho-Pass) penned, and fan-beloved series will see the release ...

Scarecroodle's massive EXPLOSION of AWESOME recap

Oct 08 // Scarecroodle
The first (and perhaps most) explosively awesome item is Bandai's Tamashii Effect Explosion, which comes in both a fiery "Red Ver." as well as a boring "Gray Ver." which looks like all smoke and no fire. The set comes with three explosion parts which can be combined into one larger explosion. If nothing else, you might have a total blast. These sets can be pre-ordered for around US$23 each. [ Pre-order Red ver. at Entertainment Earth | HobbyLink Japan ] [ Pre-order Gray ver. at Entertainment Earth | HobbyLink Japan ] In other very exciting news, Bluefin has released images of its currently available for pre-order S.H. MonsterArts Gamera (1996). Gamera has long been among my favorite Kaiju but, up until this point, I had to satisfy myself with Kaiyodo's Revoltech version which, quite frankly, just wasn't enough. Given that it's based on the 1996 version (Gamera: Guardian of the Universe or Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion?), Gamera will lack his "rocket shell" display options (which I'm *pretty* sure he didn't have in Guardian of the Universe but it's been forever). However, he'll have the usual breath attack and features an opening chest to reveal his core. The only downside is that he's US$81, so I'll have to see what my budget looks like by that point. [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Entertainment Earth ] For the Bishoujo crowd, Kotobukiya released a teaser image for its upcoming She-Hulk last week. After realizing that we were a few days late on it, I figured we could maybe just float things until Kotobukiya revealed the whole thing... but apparently they're holding off until NYCC. So for everybody who can't wait until, well, tomorrow, here's a teaser. I will say that it's certainly one very fine arm. Pre-orders also recently opened for Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Master Asia and the Master Gundam. Apparently Master Asia was shown some years ago but never released so he's been a long time coming. Given that G Gundam ranks among my favorites (and is somewhat ostracized among purists), I'm always happy to see it receive more merchandise... even if Master Asia was one of my least favorite characters. Master Asia can be pre-ordered for US$39 while the Master Gundam will run you US$44. [ Pre-order Master Asia | Master Gundam at Entertainment Earth ] And finally we have the Kaiju cutie, Sunrise's Ultra Monster Girl Gomora-chan. She's an anthropomorphic version of Gomora (not to be confused with Gamera! ...although now I kinda want to see Gamera receive the same treatment) from the Ultraman franchise. Weird? Yes. Very weird? Still yes. However, the figure kind of looks like a cosplayer in half of a monster suit
Top toys photo
More awesome than most minds can take
Sometimes there's more awesome than there is time and humble Tomopop editors can't get around to everything. As such, an explosively awesome recap is needed. Click the jump to see explosions, Gamera, more explosions, Bishoujo She-Hulk, explosions, a monster anthropomorphized into a young girl, and, oh yeah, explosions. Plus Gamera!

Power Rangers photo
Catch it before it goes extinct
Bandai of America's Power Rangers Legacy White Tigerzord and Saba are currently available for pre-order.  The Legacy series has been capitalizing on MMPR nostalgia for a few years now, with such entries as the original M...

Figuarts Zero MMPR Green photo
Figuarts Zero MMPR Green

Figuarts Zero summons MMPR Green Ranger for release

Well now, didn't expect this at all
Jun 24
// Andres Cerrato
This is an unexpected development here. I thought that when MMPR went heavily into S.H. Figuarts and just a slight dip into Super Robot Chogokin, those were going to be the two lines. Now coming out of the Premium Bandai shop...
SHF MMPR Arm Black Ranger photo
Again, you knew this was coming
I'm sure you all remember the episode of MMPR. Sure, it was 20 years ago but you remember it like it was yesterday. Zack needs to overcome the odds, Tommy lends him his shield and we get the Armored Black Ranger. It was an ep...

Kikaider photo

S.H. Figuarts Kikaider gets a photo gallery

A half-blue fighting robot
May 17
// Scarecroodle
A photo gallery has appeared for Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Kikaider, based on the character's appearance in a rebooted film. [EDIT: I've been informed that this is the costume from the original show, not the film.] I wa...
S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla photo
S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla

S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 makes its debut

I'm sure it's real this time
May 16
// Andres Cerrato
Godzilla hit theaters late last night, and while I've yet to see it because I have this thing called "work", I'm anxious to go. What I've also been awaiting however is Bandai's take on the new monstrous version of the King of...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito Shining Form

Apr 17 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito Shining FormFigure Manufacturer: Bandai Tamashii NationsRetail Price: USD $40.99Available at: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth Oh, old style SHF boxes, how I have not seen you in so long. Agito still follows the old, conventional style of Figuarts boxes, albeit with the shine emitting from the window. Given that any of the newer series will have their own style now, it's kind of interesting that they went back and went with a mix of the two. It's not anything that will make you go, "Oh God, what an amazing box to describe in a review of a Japanese toy" but rather, "Oh, neat I guess." Let me say this to start, Agito Shining lives up to the name. The white armor is treated in a pearl finish that really picks up any light. It's not going to glow at you, but it will stand out from the other whites that you have. The other thing you'll notice is that it's a bit taller than your standard S.H. Figuarts. It's a little less than a head taller than my SHF Zeronos, so he'll stand out in that way too. The color contrast on Agito is pretty special. The candy coat red, in combination with the pearl white, is simply stunning. As you'll notice here, the chest of Shining Form is patterned with ridges. No outlines to draw your attention to it, just the light that hits it. It's a nice, subtle effect. Let's just say that Shining's helmet is so much better than Agito Ground Form. The accents along the mouth, not to mention the additional horns make it stand out that much more. It's strange, as Agito Gound form is already in my favorite color palette (gold, black, and white), but this just looks so much better. I would be remissed though if I didn't talk about how great the eyes look. Bandai has really done a great job in replicating the look of the helmets in their figures. Agito Shining is no different and certainly lives up to its screen counterpart. Moving on down, we take a look at the henshin belt. We trade in the mostly red belt from Burning Form and add in some more silver and black. The center is a very nice deep purple, which again adds to the nice palette of colors already on this figure. After bemoaning the lack of them in several of the previous figures I've reviewed, they're here! Bicep swivels! I can move around the arms as I please as they are to do. I can make them throw punches and hold other poses that don't really necessitate bicep swivels, but I will still be happy about them! Agito Ground Form was known for its lack of accessories. Thankfully, Shining has hands AND swords. Again, will they may be just swords, these are the Shining Calibur in its twin mode. While it might be cool to make them into one sword, that's only for weak inferior forms like Burning. Being strong means using two swords, even though they're really the same sword, just twice. Here's a better look at the swords themselves. They feature the same purple that the henshin belt does, along with the silver and deep reds found elsewhere on Shining Agito.  This wouldn't be a Rider review if there wasn't a Rider Kick, in this case the Shining Rider Kick. As it's been done before, even the feet receive attention as the sole matches that of the series. It would be more of a surprise if it didn't feature this given the track record from Tamashii Nations lately. At the end of the day, this is a Kamen Rider SHF. Shining Agito is a great looking figure if you're already a Rider fan. While the prospect of karate bugmen is enticing, this is a figure that is made with fans of Agito in mind. It's the standard we expect from Bandai, so it's the figure you've wanted of Agito given that you know that Kamen Rider Agito exists. [Thanks to Bluefin Distribution for providing this sample for review.]
Review - SHF KR Agito photo
Agito finally gets some hands
Kamen Rider Agito has had his share of figures. It was one of the notorious early releases in the S.H. Figuarts line, namely due to the fact it only came with the standard figure and two extra hands. Since then, the other for...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue and Yellow

Apr 15 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue and Yellow RangersManufactured by: Bandai Tamashii NationsRetail Price: USD $89.99Available at: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth  As you can see in this box, there are not one but TWO. Yes, two figures in this package. You might be saying, "Hey, wait! What's Hurricane Blue and Hurricane Yellow?" It's called Japanese packaging, specifically as these were originally Tamashii Web Exclusives, but were able to brought over to the U.S. by Bluefin. This sample just didn't have labels that the retail versions will have.  As Ranger figures tend to go, you're going to have a lot of similarities between figures. However, we can easily spot the differences here that went into making them unique. As you'll note, Blue is wearing a skirt with the chainmailesque pattern for the legs like the arms. If you're wondering why Yellow doesn't have that pattern, it's due to the fact that unlike MMPR, Yellow wasn't changed to being a girl this time around. It's a dude. One that enrages PR fanboys because of a single, throwaway line. Seriously. Much like the predecessor, by that I mean every Ranger ever, they all have the same standardized weaponry. Just as Red before them, they each have their swords. Just as with Red, I'll lament the lack of bicep swivels, but that won't really interrupt too much of the poses you can do with them. Speaking of poses, here are their character poses. I had the hardest time getting Blue into this pose, but just about any figure would. After much trial and error, I was able to do it. Mind you, most figures this is a job for a stand. However, given the joints in the feet, it can be done with Figuarts. Let's get close up. You can get a good look here at the sleeves, which have the same pattern on her legs. As for the helmet, the lines representing waves and nicely detailed, not to mention the dolphin crest at the center of the helmet. Yellow is much the same, this time with claws and the sides resembling the mandible of the lion, which of course happens to be the crest on both the helmet and uniform. The signature weapon for Blue is her megaphone. As to why a megaphone, well, why the hell not? She basically screams at you and kills enemies. There's a joke in there somewhere, something with me ending up on the couch later tonight. Yellow gets a giant hammer, which appears to be fashioned out of a giant screw. What you can't see though is that the hammer itself resembles a lion's face. When you have a giant dolphin tail on a megaphone, you might as well put a lion's face on a hammer. Here's the gang altogether with each of their trademark weapons. What I really like about the Wind Rangers are their color palettes, especially Blue's. Ninja Storm was different in a lot of ways, especially with only having three Rangers to start, and amazing deep colors on them, then adding in two enemy Rangers with equally unusual colors in maroon and navy. While it looks like the weapons should combine into really cool weapon, they unfortunately don't. It would've been a nice touch, but no such luck. What really did impress me about this release is the hand count. 11 extra hands for Blue and 12 for Yellow let you do pretty much anything you want with these two and I really appreciate that. I really enjoyed this pair, especially with their vibrant colors. They're different than the usual Rangers that we're used to seeing and that goes a long way. Granted, if you don't care for Ninja Storm, let alone Power Rangers, there's nothing here that's going to change your mind dramatically. That said, I'm finally glad I was able to complete the Wind Rangers. Now to get my hands on the Thunder. [Thanks to Bluefin Distribution for providing this sample for review!]
Review - SHF Ninja Storm photo
The Wind School is now complete
I mentioned it last time, but Ninja Storm was the series that got me re-interested in Power Rangers. I really liked the S.H. Figuarts Red Wind Ranger, so I figured that I should probably complete the team with Blue and Yellow...

SHM Godzilla photo
SHM Godzilla

S.H. MonsterArts Burning Godzilla now without flames

Update: Jumped the gun there...
Mar 28
// Andres Cerrato
[Update: Earlier version of this story incorrectly labeled this as the S.H. MonsterArts release of 2014 Godzilla. It has since been edited. -Andres]  Godzilla has been a great reason for the S.H. MonsterArts line. Multip...
S.H. Figuarts KR Kabuto photo
S.H. Figuarts KR Kabuto

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto 2.0 preview details new possibilities for line

Truly walking down the path of heaven
Mar 26
// Andres Cerrato
The original S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto was released more than 5 years ago. At that time, it was a great figure and in many respects, still is. However, with 5 years come a lot of innovations. Bandai deemed it necessary...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger

Mar 21 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Black RangerFigure Manufacturer: Bandai/Tamashii NationsRetail Price: US$42.99Available At: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth  Alas, the Black Ranger is here and just as with all of the others, follows the same exact box pattern. Giant MMPR 20th Anniversary logo, window to gaze at the goods, and text along the sides to confirm, that yes, this is indeed the Black Ranger. Getting him out and he's what you expect from an S.H. Figuarts release. The knees and elbows are double-jointed, head is able to have a wide range of movement thanks to the next joint. There are also a plethora of extra hands, 7 extra plus the standard fists. You'll be using the extras to hold all of the weapons. Speaking of which... Let's take a look at that sweet, sweet Power Axe. It's an important weapon as it serves as the base for the combined Power Blaster. This release also comes with parts for said Power Blaster, but we'll get to that in a moment. As in the show, the Power Axe served two functions: a gun as well as axe. As a gun-based weapon, articulation helps out a lot here. The double-jointed arms allow for some good posing, but again, no bicep swivels. It's not anywhere near a deal-breaker; I just wish that they had them. In any case, the set of alternate hands are really made for the gun use of the Power Axe, as noted by the trigger right hand and steadying hold left hand. It is called the Power Axe, after all, so it goes without saying that it really provides the best posing options. Again, this is where bicep swivels would have really helped out, but you can still get the poses you need to. As I mentioned, the SHF Black Ranger also comes with parts specifically for the Power Blaster, in this case, the Red Ranger's Power Sword and the Blue Ranger's Power Lances. You won't really be able to use these Power Lances as a weapon other than for the Power Blaster as there are pegs on the handle, which will attach to the final pieces, which will come with both the future releases of the Blue and Yellow Rangers. I really never cared for the side blaster, but here it is. You'll only get two versions of it as opposed to the three in the Red Ranger release, so only gun and holster modes. No big loss for me as I don't think I'll ever choose to use this as a display option. It's at least nice to know it's there. Compared to the previous SHF releases, Black is right up there with them. If you've liked what you've gotten so far from the line, you're going to enjoy Black. There is an interesting question to pose. Since there was an episode that the Black Ranger did use the Green Ranger's shield, will there possibly be another limited version in the future? It's certainly possible given how easy it would be to have as a release, but I'm not sure how many would go for it.  In review, S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger is a figure that you know already know what to expect of. If you like SHF and Power Rangers, it's a bit of a no-brainer. I certainly enjoyed the figure and can't wait to complete the team. That said, if you go as far as to get Black, you'll have to end up getting the rest and that's not really a bad thing at all.  Be sure to check out the gallery below for a full look at how the SHF Black Ranger measures up! [Thanks to Bluefin Distribution for providing this sample for review!]
Review - SHF MMPR Black photo
Hip Hop Kido is a valid martial art
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers defined the childhoods of most of those born in the mid-1980s. Compared to the toys of the past, it really isn't fair to compare them to what we've already seen from Tamashii Nations in their rel...

Tomopop Review: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition

Mar 12 // Andres Cerrato
Toy Name: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher: Green White Ranger EditionToy Maker: Bandai of AmericaRetail Price: US$59.99Available At: Toys R Us
Review Gold Power Morpher photo
All that glitters is gold
Last year, I watched as childhood was presented in one product: the Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition. Much like childhood, I couldn't have one. This time it wasn't due to parents who wouldn't buy me such a thin...

Legacy Dragonzord photo
Legacy Dragonzord

Legacy Dragonzord closer to being reality with these pics

Feb 08
// Andres Cerrato
What I have wanted the most for the longest has been the upcoming Legacy Dragonzord. I was never able to get one as a kid and I refused to pay the nostalgia prices for one. With the announcement back at New York Comic Con, I ...
Godzilla 2014 photo
Godzilla 2014

Godzilla 2014 toy rises from the sea ahead of schedule

That's one big, Big G
Jan 25
// Andres Cerrato
I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming Godzilla movie. What we are at Tomo are excited for are the toys, and we haven't seen anything except for the pre-order listings. Since that was a few days ago, it wasn't too hard...
S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow photo
S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow

Complete the team with S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow Ranger

She's the real deal
Jan 23
// Andres Cerrato
You've been collecting the MMPR for some time now in just about every variant. Tamashii Nations has done pretty well in releasing the whole team, but there's just one last one left. While Black and Blue wait for their release...
SHF Kamen Rider Shin photo
SHF Kamen Rider Shin

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Shin is something new

If you haven't seen it, it's new to you
Dec 28
// Andres Cerrato
Kamen Rider Shin doesn't look like the Kamen Riders that you're used to. He looks more like an SIC representation of some other Rider, but no, this is Shin. The result of 1990s need for grimdark and edgy, Kamen Rider Shin tri...
SHF MMPR Blue Ranger photo
SHF MMPR Blue Ranger

Bandai gets smart with the SHF MMPR Blue Ranger

Only one more to go after this...
Dec 24
// Andres Cerrato
Tamashii Nations has been quite successful with their trip into nostalgia with the line of S.H. Figuarts of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (or Zyuuranger). With Red, Armored Red, Green, and Pink already released, along with Bla...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Armored Red Ranger

Sep 25 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Armored Red RangerFigure Maker: Tamashii NationsRetail Price: $44.99Available at: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store The box, just as the others in the series, features the window treatment and gold accents as the other shielded Rangers. The anniversary logo is there, and you can see the accessories that aren't hands. Looking at the insides,you can see all the goods available. Yes, there's the Power Sword, Dragon Dagger, and Power Blaster - but hey! There are more than one set of extra hands! 4 of them! Anyway, enough of the box, let's take him out. The Armored Red Ranger is pretty much the original Red Ranger, just with a shield. There are of course some other subtle changes, such as the addition of the holster for the Dragon Dagger on the right hip and the morpher color has been changed to gold, but other than that, the figure is exactly the same. What do you get for the new figure? Well, there's the shield and Dragon Dagger. You can obviously have your dual-wielding Red Ranger and enjoy it in that regard.  Oh, so this is what you can do with extra hands! You can have them do their signature poses. As mentioned previously, there are 4 sets of extra hands available for use. As these here feature, you can do Jason's/Rocky's signature pose. The only thing missing is an explosion to go off in the background simultaneously.  The hands can also be used to hold things, such as the Power Sword. Taking some time to note the detail on the sword, the Power Symbol of the Tyrannosaurus is spot on. The only thing I don't like about it is the tribal scribble on it. Granted, a silver pen would fix this, but I just don't really care enough about this particular detail to even bother. As mentioned prior, the morpher has now been colored gold, just as it is on the Green Ranger. The Tyrannosaurus coin is still just as detailed as before, so at least those marks weren't lost in the new release. I loved how detailed they made the Dragon Dagger, with every bit of paint being exactly where it's supposed to be. After dealing with the previous iterations of the Green Ranger and his weapons, I'm just glad that there's finally one that's been done right. You can get a better look at the Power Sword here. I really don't like that tribal, but how do I not love the detail put into the sword itself? Finally putting the two of them together, they are pretty much identical minus hue, heads and trim along the boots and gloves. I know in the past I've said that I find such recolors annoying, but at least this rendition of the Red Ranger having the Green Ranger powers is actually something from the show. Now, if they go ahead and make the Armored Black Ranger from a one-off episode, then it would be something to ridicule. As to how these powers actually came to be, when Burai dies Rita's spell on Tommy, represented by a burning candle, is finally complete, Tommy hands off the powers to Jason. As to why these powers aren't used when the White Ranger shows up, I'm sure it's due to solid writing logic. No you're dead your candle burned out! After all of this, if you haven't added a Red Ranger to your collection just yet, this might be the one to add. The only thing that sets this release apart from the standard Red is that the Power Blaster doesn't come in its various configurations. While it will only stay in your holster, I believe that's how most people would have it displayed given the weapon options. It really is a flip of the coin on which version you want. S.H. Figuarts Armored Red Ranger is just another great addition to an already solid line of figures. [ Special thank you goes out to Bluefin Distribution for providing the sample for review! ]
Review - SHF Red Ranger photo
Power up at the cost of your friends!
The 20th Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has finally brought them into the S.H. Figuarts lineup. The initial releases of MMPR's Green, Red and White Rangers have proven themselves to be great releases for the line...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR White Ranger

Sep 24 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts MMPR White RangerFigure Maker: Tamashii NationsRetail Price: $39.99Available at: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store As per the course here, we'll start with the box. The release was done special for the U.S., featuring a window box and U.S. deco. Like the Green Ranger's box, it will be accented in gold and feature the MMPR 20th Anniversary logo.   Taking a look at the contents within, there isn't a lot to look at here. It's pretty disappointing to see that there's only 2 extra hands given for this release; one right hand to hold Saba and an open left hand. As for Saba himself, two extra parts come in. You can either display the sword in its shortened or elongated forms. Getting the White Ranger out of the box, we're actually treated to a couple of things. What immediately strikes the eye is a pearl finish on the white. It gives a nice shine to the figure and is a much better treatment than a plain, matte or gloss finish. The leg and arm guards are done nicely, with no paint spilling where it isn't supposed to go. A bit of an indent is made on the arm guards to make room for the elbow joint, but it's forgivable given the range of motion given to it. Opposed to the Green Ranger, the shoulder bits of the chest armor move with the joints. They are given a small joint in between the front and back pieces of the armor, allowing them to move freely. While it seems a bit distracting, there really isn't any natural motions that you'd have those pieces looking too awkward with. Taking a close-up look the chest, the shield is painted in a matte black, giving a nice contrast to the metallic gold and pearl white. There is only a small dot of gold that was misplaced, but otherwise it's perfect. The center tiger symbol is fixed firmly in place, so you won't be popping that out for any particular reason. Also on the belt, black is used to outline the symbol there. There isn't a single piece on this figure that lacked detail. There is no better evidence of the detail on the figure than Saba, the White Ranger's mentor sword. Each area is painted perfectly and Bandai did a magnificent job in actually having the sword be show accurate. The eyes are bright and clear, with the sides being accented perfectly. As you can see here, the power coin is engraved onto the piece, not to mention the side fangs on the sword itself have been paid the right amount of detail. Getting into action here, you can do just about anything you want as you would with a S.H. Figuarts. The joints all have an exceptional range of motion, although the hips are a little bit loose. However, it isn't such a problem that the figure will topple over on its own. It's just like any of the previous Sentai SHF releases, so if you've had any experience with those, you know what you're getting into here.  SSSUUUUTTTTYAAAAAAAA! It wouldn't be a figure of Tommy if it didn't kick. The figure itself does work well with Tamashii Stands, so don't be afraid to take on some more extreme poses. Also, as you notice here, the shield is molded onto the figure, so don't think that you can pry it off by trying removing the arms off like the SHF Green Ranger. Speaking of which... The two play together really well. The only thing that would make this better is a historically inaccurate recreation of a colonial Angel Grove and Tommy with a cowboy hat. Comparing the two, they are just about equal in terms of quality and build. If you loved Green, you'll love White. The only thing I can say is that White is just a hair shorter than Green. Not that there'd be a kiddish reason for that or anything, but it really isn't noticeable unless you're directly looking for that kind of thing. I did mention earlier that the amount of extra hands was a bit of a disappointment. However, you can use the hands from other MMPR releases. For example here, I used the Green Ranger's dagger hand to hold up an orb like the ones found inside the Tiger Zord. The only issue with using other releases' hands is that they aren't in a pearl finish like the White Ranger's are. It isn't too noticeable until you look at it up close. If you want more out of this, you can always use what else you have in your collection. One last comparison and that's to the Bandai of America Super Legends White Ranger. To say the least here, there is no comparison and the SHF blows it out of the water. The detail on the SHF easily surpasses the SL. However, we are comparing a $40 figure to a $10 one, so it's not really fair. In any case, you won't be using the BoA figure as an acceptable alternative anymore. In closing, I have to say that if this was a Ranger you liked and defined your childhood with, then by all means buy it. As an action figure itself, it's as good as S.H. Figuarts have been and you can only hope that the whole team will be out soon enough. [ Special thank you goes out to Bluefin Distribution for providing the sample for review! ]
Review - SHF White Ranger photo
White Ranger Tiger Power
The 20th Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has brought the attention of Tamashii Nations. As seen yesterday, the two main Rangers of MMPR, Jason and Tommy, have gotten their Red and Green Rangers as releases in the ...

S.H. Figuarts photo
S.H. Figuarts

Figure King Magazine announces normal SHF Goku, MMPR

Go go my money in 2014
Sep 21
// Andres Cerrato
It's been the dragon you chase but could never catch. For years, the sample of a normal S.H. Figuarts Goku has been shown at just about every Tamashii show. Every time, there would be zero confirmation. Today, however, is dif...
Bluefin Ultraman photo
Bluefin Ultraman

Bluefin bringing over Bandai's Ultraman figures

UltraAct Father of Ultra is the first
Sep 02
// Brian Szabelski
Ultraman fans, rejoice: Bluefin has just announced on Facebook that they'll be bringing over Bandai's Ultraman figures to North America! Like their other releases, I'm expecting these will be on Amazon and other North America...
WF2013S: Medicom photo
WF2013S: Medicom

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Medicom

Real Action Heroes are a plenty
Jul 28
// Andres Cerrato
The attraction for Medicom is their lineup of 1/6 Real Action Heroes. They've made a surge as of late by going after key sought-after characters like Link and Saber. With the line finally getting its focus somewhere beyond Ka...
S.H.F. Shocker Combatmen photo
S.H.F. Shocker Combatmen

Load up your Shocker army with S.H. Figuarts multipacks

See, THIS is how exclusives should be done
Jul 24
// Andres Cerrato
Any army builder knows how frustrating it is to get grunts. Whether its Stormtroopers or Vipers, it's tough to get a lot of them at once. When it's an S.H. Figuarts that you need to army build, it's that much more difficult d...

SDCC 2013: Tamashii Nations

Jul 23 // Brian Szabelski
SDCC: Tamashii Nations photo
From One Piece to Godzilla, there's a little something awesome for everyone
So we've seen Sailor Senshi and superheroes, xenomorphs and other morphers. But the Tamashii Nations booth was home to more than just some new reveals; plenty of figures coming in the next 6 months were all on display, from t...

Tomopop Review: SHF Kamen Rider Den-O Liner Form

Jul 18 // Martin Siggers
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Kamen (Masked) Rider Den-O Figure Maker: BandaiRetail Price: ¥3200Available at: Hobbylink Japan Den-O's box is a pretty standard S.H. Figuarts box, which means it's very small and thin, but still quite sturdy. It's livened up however by some distinctive touches that characterise the Den-O themed figures, as Andres also noted in his review of SHF Zeronos. We've got Den-O's distinctive 'T' shaped symbol printed over the front window and train tracks over the side ones. Like the other forms there's a ring of colour surrounding the front panel, but since Liner form is an amalgamation of the four basic forms we get all four colours, giving the box a pretty bright and almost garish look. Out of the box we can see that this particular Den-O is pretty accessory light. There's only two pairs of replacement hands, a tiny replica of his train pass, and two pieces that represent his 'Dengasher' modular weapon. There's also the sword, but we'll get to that. Freed from his packaging, first impressions are extremely positive. I've had a fair few Figuarts with excessively loose or excessively stiff limbs, but all of Den-O's are solid yet easy to move, and he easily stands on his own as you can see. It's a good job too, as there's still no stand included, par for the course but still frustrating. The Dengasher parts just pop onto the belt via pegs and can be rotated back and forth to prevent them interfering with posing. It's worth pointing out that the Dengasher components are not separate parts and can't be detached or assembled into a weapon - it's all one mould and they're purely for appearances sake. It makes me wonder why they weren't just added to the main figure mould. Regardless, they're not accessories and shouldn't be considered as such. Poseability is Figuarts standard - that is to say, excellent, with tons of double joints and a great range of motion. Though it's tiny, the train pass replica is a delightful little addition, allowing you to recreate the transformation sequence. It's also impeccably detailed, with outlines for the hinges and the 'T' symbol all present and correct. One disappointment though is that he isn't provided with a specific hand to hold the pass. The 'gripping' hands don't grip anywhere near tightly enough and this shot was only possible through some painstaking balancing. OK, let's talk about that sword. Properly known as the DenKamen Sword, it's one of the most  impressive accessories I've ever seen packed in  with any poseable figure. It's huge for a start, a really solid feeling bit of plastic in it's own right. It's also beautifully detailed to be as show accurate as possible. One issue I did have regarding the sword is the hands, which bend and loosen their grip far, far too easily. It's an issue I've had with every Figuart I own and while it isn't a dealbreaker, it can be very frustrating. As in the show it's possible to rotate the bottom part of the sword like a carousel. Rather than a simple loose peg there's a really nice damped mechanism for this, with a satisfying click as each 'face' moves into position. Once turned it's rock solid and there's no chance the turntable will spin accidentally. In another nod to show accuracy, the train pass can be inserted into a slot at the back of the sword. It's naturally pretty fiddly and the slot is extremely tight. I managed to work the pass in flush in the end, but it took tweezers to get it out again, so be careful. The final little nod to the show on the sword is the large 'handle' at the bottom, which can be pulled out like a plunger. Again, it's not just loose, and there's a nice click that locks it in either the in or out position. Alas, unlike the 'real' version, pulling the handle doesn't turn the carousel, which no doubt would have required needlessly complex mechanisms. Still, I was surprised the handle moved at all. Even by the already high standards of the S.H. Figuarts range, fit and finish is simply outstanding. Check out the clean lines on the shoulders, with almost zero pain bleed, super impressive at this scale. We can see some impressive detailing on the sword too, like the very sharp silver and gold edges or the four coloured flashes, again with spot-on paintwork. Den-O's main eyepieces are honeycombed translucent plastic as is typical for the range, but the three 'wings' around the eyes are regular painted plastic. More fantastic detail on the Keitaros phone belt here. Check out how well they've recreated the buttons, and the painting of the 'T' symbol this small is almost showing off. There's paint detail here that would shame 1/6 scale figures. Scale-wise Liner Form fits in well with the existing Den-O range, such as Sword Form here, which is important since they're all meant to be the same person (sort's complicated). Liner Form might be a little bit shorter but it's so close as makes no odds. I'm absolutely in love with Den-O Liner Form. Sure, the accessories are a little stingy and there are a few niggling issues, most prominently the hands. But he's absolutely exquisite to look at, has the robust play value of all S.H. Figuarts, and comes with the only accessory that matters, that glorious DenKamen Sword. Den-O fans, I can't overemphasise enough how much you need this guy. At the very least you can use him to think up cooler names for finishing attacks. [Big thanks to our stationmasters over at Hobbylink Japan for providing Den-O]
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Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Zeronos

Mar 19 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Zeronos Altair FormFigure Maker: BandaiRetail/List Price: ¥3,000Available at: HobbyLink Japan Starting off, as always, is the shot of the box. As per the theme with the recent Den-O releases, it's a white box with an open window to see all of the goods inside. Printed on the window is the outline of the pattern on the transformation belt. The sides of the box also feature a small window, this time featuring the train track pattern. It's a rather simple touch, but it just made me giddy when I noticed the patterns. I just like this show a bit too much. Getting him out of the box, Zeronos is in what's known as his Altair Form. He's got all of the standard features of the SHF line; double-jointing at the elbows and knees, switchable hands, and articulated feet. The hips allow for a good range of motion, and they didn't feel too loose or tight. There's no swivel in the bicep, but that's mostly due to the design of the armor itself so I'm okay with that. Taking a closer look at the upper torso, the usual detail of the SHF line is evident. The eyes feature the same compound eye pattern that is in the actual helmets and other SHF figures. There isn't any color bleeding, which is something I was concerned with regarding the helmet. The bull horns are nicely detailed as well and the train track pattern is just about flawless. Zeronos' signature weapon is the ZeroGasher. The weapon converts between two different modes, a crossbow and gigantic sword. Personally, I'm always on the side of giant swords, but crossbows are a nice departure from the typical gun. The sword isn't bad on its own either. More impressive is that it's not too heavy for it to be held up above the shoulder. Check out this shot to see what I mean. As you saw up above, there's a lot of detail with Zeronos. In his hand are the cards that enable his transformation into a Kamen Rider. They come at a price, however, as with each use of a card, people begin to lose their memories of him. Once they're all used up, he fades out of existence. That's not at all traumatizing for a kids' show! If you did notice though, this side of the card is gold, which facilitates his transformation into Vega Form. Unfortunately, that's not featured with this figure, and most likely one that will appear on the Tamashii Web Shop as an exclusive. What Vega Form does have is his Imajin partner, Deneb. Deneb was actually one of the first SHF releases and you can see how far the releases have come since then. For those wondering, Zeronos is currently in the process of giving Deneb the bulldog. It's that kind of a friendship. Going further back, here is the SHF compared with the original Souchaku Henshin. As you can tell, the armor on the SHF is much slimmer and the green is made to be a lot more vibrant. The biggest difference is that the SHF features no die-cast. The arms, calves and feet are all die-cast on the Souchaku Henshin. As figures have become more expensive, the SHF line has gradually done away with die-cast. It's a shame, especially for the old ankle joints.  All in all, the new SHF is a much improved figure. It provides a much better proportions and articulation, the silver is now screen accurate, and the weapons are actually able to be held. If you want to try, you can somewhat make the SHF Zeronos into Vega Form. Just note the head from the old figure is a much larger ball-joint, the armor has nowhere to snap onto and is just comically-oversized for it. You can do it, but it doesn't mean that you should. I asked at the beginning if the S.H. Figuarts Zeronos Altair Form was worth the wait. Yes, you should've figured that by now I would give my favorite Kamen Rider from my favorite figure line a glowing review. There wasn't too much that they could have screwed up, and thankfully they didn't. While I would still love the original SHF ankle joints, those will sadly never come back without price increases. For the price paid, SHF Zeronos is a figure I can easily recommend for anyone that's a fan of Kamen Rider Den-O. [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this sample for review!]
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