SDCC 2014 Tokidoki photo
SDCC 2014 Tokidoki

SDCC 2014: Tokidoki

Cute trinkets to make you happy
Jul 27
Tokidoki drew a pretty large crowd at SDCC. People were just eating up their shirts, bags, and small figures. Fortunately I was able to get into their booth to take a look at what they were selling. The aesthetic is very cute, and they have a wide variety of merchandise. Check out the pictures after the jump! read
tokidoki's Mr. Black photo
tokidoki's Mr. Black

tokidoki's Mr. Black is back, and Mr. UK is here, too

Made to celebrate the opening of Karl Lagerfeld's London shop
Mar 31
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has opened up a new store in London, and to celebrate, tokidoki have reissued Mr. Choupette in a new matte black colorway. The limited edition is being called Mr. Black on tokidoki's blog post,... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Welcome to the start of winter convention season
Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fai... read feature


tokidoki creates mascot for Peggy Guggenheim collection

Celebrate the introduction of Peggy Guggenheim's mascot with a limited edition statue
Sep 10
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is creating a mascot for themselves for the first time ever, and they've asked tokidoki to do it. So tokidoki did just that and created the mascot, Cappuccino. This design was based on Peggy G... read
Kat Brunnegraff Unicorno photo
Kat Brunnegraff Unicorno

Custom Delights: Kat Brunnegraff's Clouded by Crystals

It's a very pretty custom Unicorno
Aug 09
We haven't heard from Kat Brunnegraff in a while, but she's sent us word of a new piece that she's just finished up. It's a little custom tokidoki Unicorno called Clouded by Crystals, with the body of the beast painted a... read

Karl Lagerfeld and tokidoki collaborate on new line

Lagerfeld and his cute cat take over tokidoki
Jul 02
Tokidoki will once again be partnering up with famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. With this new collaboration, tokidoki will be releasing another Lagerfeld figure, this time called "Mr. Choupette". This limited edition... read

tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld: Mr. Black, St Germain Edition

The fashion icon returns in time for the first Karl Lagerfeld store
Feb 28
Karl Lagerfeld, the King of Chanel, is opening the first Karl Lagerfeld concept store and he's making a wonderful return to the vinyl world. tokidoki has previously made a Karl figure (that I absolutely adore), but this is th... read

Toy Fair 2013: tokidoki

Everyone's favorite cactus pup is now a plush, plus there's new phone accessories
Feb 14
At the tokidoki Toy Fair booth, we got to see a few old friends and a couple of new ones. The newest of those happens to be the new Phonezies accessories for smartphones. Each is based on a tokidoki character and plugs into y... read

Tokidoki rolls out new toys just in time for the holidays

Tokidoki's Unicorno Series 2 and mini Donutella plushies are perfect
Dec 05
I was a fan of the first Unicorno series of figures by Tokidoki, so I'm glad to say that the second set looks just as good -- actually, perhaps even better. Series 2 will see the addition of a rocking Unicorno (fun!) as well ... read

NYCC 2012: tokidoki

Silver and grey are the colors of the day
Oct 13
The NYCC booth for tokidoki, tucked down in a corner of The Block, may not have been as big as at past shows, but it did feature a few new surprises. For starters, we got a glimpse at the DIY Stellina, first mentioned to us a... read

Get ready for 2013 with tokidoki's new calendars!

Aug 07
Fans of the ridiculously cute tokidoki designs will be happy to hear that they can carry them around all of next year, thanks to the 2013 calendars revealed today at the tokidoki blog. You have the option of a mobile, spiral-... read

One of the busiest booths at San Diego Comic Con was tokidoki's, as it was filled with folks checking out their T-shirts and collectibles almost every time I walked past. Then again, it was like that last year when I went as ... read feature


The italian company, tokidoki, will be joining other designer toymakers at next week's Comic Con and, to celebrate the occasion, they are featuring a countdown on their blog and FaceBook page that is unveiling news and e... read feature


tokidoki's Truffle the cactus bunny now in stock

Apr 04
Truffle the cactus bunny, tokidoki's new vinyl figure, came out just in time for Easter. Well, sort of. If you haven't placed your order online already and don't live near a tokidoki retailer, then this little bunny just migh... read

Toy Fair 2012 had its share of glamorous cuteness at tokidoki's booth. The Italian brand is known its Japanese kawaii culture-inspired designs. Both new and classic goodies were out in full force at the event. Starting o... read feature


7-Eleven Hong Kong gets Hello Kitty x tokidoki TVC

Dec 08
I can outright say I am so jealous I don't live in Hong Kong right now! At 7-Eleven in Hong Kong they're having a Hello Kitty x tokidoki Wonderland from December 7th through the beginning of 2012. There are 22 keychain figur... read

New tokidoki plushes are candy-coated cuteness

Dec 06
Tokidoki, the Italian purveyor of sugary pop cuteness, has just released their next batch of toys based on the brand's characters. The characters in question are Donutella the donut girl, Kaiju the monster, and Stellina the U... read

NYCC 2011: tokidoki

Oct 18
So what's new at tokidoki's New York Comic Con booth? Well, not a whole lot, besides it being packed for a good chunk of the show, according to our NYCC crew. There's some new caps from tokidoki on the fashion side that look ... read

Tokidoki Barbie is a real thing you can now buy

Oct 11
Do not adjust your screens: you are indeed seeing a tokidoki Barbie. Launched Saturday at tokidoki's Santa Monica store, the new Barbie is, of course, dressed in tokidoki apparel, carrying a tokidoki bag and has tokidoki-insp... read

Tokidoki has all your adorable superhero needs covered with this new phonecharm set

Aug 18
Waaay back in March, we brought you news of the new Marvel x Tokidoki collaboration: a set of phone charms based on 20 Marvel characters. Well, now you, too, can have a chibi Wolverine hanging from your phone because they're ... read

Today, we have something extremely special to make your Friday better, Tomopop readers. FREE UNICORNS. That's right. You can't get better than that. Thanks to our friends at tokidoki, we have ten prize packs to give away toda... read feature


Enjoy this gallery of tokidoki's upcoming Unicornos figures

Mar 31
As you might have read previously on Tomopop, tokidoki's releasing a new blind-boxed line of figures, the Unicornos. But now, we've got individual shots of the entire crew — Bellina, Dolce, Fumo, Metallo, Mooka, Peperin... read

Marvel, Tokidoki collaborate on an adorable zipper pull series

Mar 21
Talk about cute: Marvel and Tokidoki are continuing their collaborative partnership with the forthcoming release of a set of 30 blind-boxed zipper pulls called Frenzies. The little zipper pulls feature a number of classic Mar... read

Lethally adorable: tokidoki's Unicornos mini-figures line

Jan 28
When I think of tokidoki, the first descriptor that comes to mind is "masters of cute". And I think that is a pretty reasonable thing to think of them, because they've become a pretty big thing. It must be a challen... read

NYCC 2010: Tokidoki booth overview

Oct 15
Tokidoki, everyone's favorite designer of chibi animals, people, and now characters from Marvel and Capcom, was in the full Comic Con spirit at their booth at New York Comic Con. Featuring shirts with Tokidoki's iconic charac... read

SDCC 2010: Glimpses of tokidoki's Royal Pride figures

Jul 23
I've followed tokidoki for a long time, and I can vouch that they have grown from a little company with a really distinctive flair for great design into a vast, evergrowing empire. I'm so happy for their success, and it was n... read

A look at the next Touhou Project Nendoroid Petit exclusive set

Jun 24
You like Nendoroid figures? You like them petite? What about Touhou Project? Awesome. What about exclusives? Wait! No! Come back~!!Mika-tan updated her blog with a preview of the follow up to the first Touhou P... read

Tokidoki x Marvel clothing line comes to stores February 25

Feb 12
Back in September, Rio brought us the news of the awesome collaboration between Tokidoki and Marvel. A complete clothing line with caps, hoodies, and of course plenty of shirts. The awaited date has finally arrived,... read

tokidoki x Marvel is the cutest apparel combination to ever hit stores

Sep 03
This week you pretty much couldn't go anywhere without people whining, complaining, or at least talking about the Marvel and Disney merger, but there's one thing for sure - You can't whine about this Marvel and tokidoki cross... read

Tokidoki bringing their clothing to the toy buying, game playing consumer on Xbox Live

Aug 07
It seems in only a few short years, Tokidoki has exploded to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. I remember last year at SDCC that girls were screaming when Simone made it to the booth to sign, as if the Beatles had just walked ... read

New dreamy tokidoki pillows and more, at Japan LA

Mar 21
Thanks to Jamie over at Japan LA, we've been informed that they've recently started to carry a sizable number of new items that are sure to catch the eye. What jumped out at me was a set of new tokidoki pillow cases, though I... read

tokidoki Frenzies zipper pull collection open for preoder now

Mar 05
If the price of a tokidoki bag makes you shudder (and trust me, they often elicit that reaction from me when I'm buying them), this new zipper pull series may be the perfect way for you to add a little bit of tokidoki in your... read

New tokidoki plushes are deathly cute

Jan 27
While I've only known about tokidoki for a short while, I've been a big fan of almost everything they design. Anything colorful really catches my eye, and anyone that's followed tokidoki for any length of time knows that they... read

tokidoki takes on My Little Pony

Sep 21
I know the average vinyl or PVC collector wouldn't be caught dead with a My Little Pony -- or at least, wouldn't have been caught dead before now. However, rabid tokidoki collectors may have to swallow their pride if they wan... read

White tigers have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember. (Sorry dolphins, I love you second best!) So when I saw that tokidoki was going to release the Onisuka tiger, I lost my mind with excitement. Thankfully... read feature


As per my last review, you can see I'm quite a fan of pirates and all things landlubber. This year's SDCC exclusive over at the ToyQube booth definitely fit my fancy, as not only was it pirate related, but it was decked out i... read feature


Fujitsu encourages the craze with exclusive Tokidoki laptop

Aug 21
Mark my words: by the end of the year, we will see Tokidoki food products. Simone Legno's tremendously popular brand ascends further and further towards the heavens with each passing day (in fact, if it keeps going that way, ... read

Tokidoki's OnitsukaTigers: the cutest thing to happen to one of my favorite animals ever

Aug 18
These are the best thing I have seen in a great while. White Tigers are one of my favorite animals of all time and I definitely need these. Tokidoki makes anything cute, of course -- it could be something completely morbid bu... read

Tokidoki's Simone Legno speaks about his adorable empire

Jul 28
Seeing Tokidoki's booth at this year's San Diego Comic-Con truly drove home the realization that Tokidoki is no longer an underground brand. Creator Simone Legno has made the jump from indie success to mainstream giant, and i... read

STRANGEco announces SDCC Tokidoki and Vivisect Playset Exclusives

Jul 09
STRANGEco's booth (#4629) at San Diego Comic Con this year is aiming straight for my personal weak point: Tokidoki. I hadn't made up my mind about the 8' Dunny or Tokyoplastic geisha exclusives, believe it or not -- I can on ... read

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