The most brilliant (or terrifying) Harry Potter baby dolls for sale on eBay

Jul 21
Some of these, and I'll have to use the same terms as io9's Meredith Woerner, are simply "nightmare fuel." The Voldemort baby doll (header) in particular is just terrifying. I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night with th... read

NSFW: Let this Octopus take a dip into you under the sea

Apr 01
Don't worry, the tentacles are pretty small, so you're not getting into crazy territory, here. Just taking a little jog on the wild side, without saying you're having tentacle sex. I wasn't really kidding about the "under the... read

Bob Conge is once again making my nightmares reality

Feb 22
Bob Conge! My arch nemesis and greatest ally at the very same time, the man responsible for about 90% of my current phobias, Bob Conge is back again with some new creations to show off. And as usual, they are a rare breed of ... read

McFarlane Toys makes The Walking Dead into tangible items

Feb 12
McFarlane Toys, that wacky place where Spawn and Halo toys come from, is introducing two new lines of action figures this fall based on one of the greatest properties ever, The Walking Dead. Zombies are totally played out the... read

Sideshow's terrifying life size Venom bust now has an arrival date!

Feb 11
Sideshow's newest Marvel creation is both absolutely terrifying and amazingly well done. This life size bust of Spider-Man's nemesis, Venom was created by artist Steve Wang and the Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development... read

Paper + Plastik's Symptoms figurines bring humor to illness

Jan 31
Paper + Plastik Records has come out with their Symptoms figures, each a humorous take on various illnesses and generally unpleasant symptoms. There are seven symptoms available: Hot Flashes, Depression, Headache, Dry Skin, I... read

Daniel Goffin brings Bob Conge's NIGHT GAMERS to terrifying life

Jan 19
Bob Conge! Oh Bob Conge! How my life constantly intersects with the man and his site's work! Fate has seen fit to bring us together again, though for another artist's amazingly horrifying rendition of something Conge has crea... read

Patricia Wallers' plushes strut the fine line of genius, dark-humored insanity

Sep 06
We take a break from your usual squeezable, happy, adorable Tomopop plush toy programming to bring you something frighteningly awesome. Enter German-based artist Patricia Waller's crocheted collection. It's like going throug... read

Under the Radar: NECA T-800 Endoskeleton 18 inch figure

Aug 07
Y'all know me. I loves me some robots. Transforming robots, space-farin' robots, even human killin' robots! And this here? This is the most human-killinest robot ever. Behold the NECA 18 inch T-800 Endoskeleton from the Termi... read

Transformers Hailstorm and repaints put us through the emotional spectrum

Jul 12
File under awesome: new pictures of Generations Hailstorm in both his vehicle mode and his beast of a robot mode. In robot mode, those missiles will be friction-launched from their rack, giving this toy a really nice play gim... read

Collecting figures is not unlike being in a dark wood at midnight. You have the light of your ambition and desires to light your way, but there are a ton of foot falls and tree roots that can snag your feet and pull you down ... read feature


BRAAAAAAAAAINS! Resident Evil Archives wave 2 to be rereleased this May!

Apr 04
It seems that NECA has been on a rereleasing binge as of late. They have reissued all of their horror movie lines for Gremlins and Beetlejuice and have rereleased the first wave of their 2006 Resident Evil line. Well, they ha... read

The Frozen Dead: Nazi meets zombie in the epitome of evil

Dec 03
When there is no more room in the special tenth circle of hell reserved for the Third Reich, dead nazis will walk the earth. The Zombee Toy Company has hit the toy scene with a pair of exquisitely detailed 12" figures. B... read

The board game Risk to become a film, expected to be 16 hours long

Nov 05
Every year the tired cliché is uttered: "Hollywood has run out of ideas". Every year, Hollywood proves us wrong by tapping further and further into the realm of implausibility. Yesterday, Sony Pictures Entert... read

Ghoulish customs from PlaSeeBo Customs are just in time for Halloween

Oct 12
When the fine folks of PlaSeeBo Customs were invited to design works to display at the upcoming Halloween Massacre Show in Tokyo, lead artist Bob Conge answered the call. Bob put together these two "creepy customs" ... read

Here comes a horde of Z.O.M.B.I.E.s in terrifying new colors

Oct 05
October Toys released a ravenous mob of the undead unto consumers earlier this year. The first series of Z.O.M.B.I.E.s (Zillions Of Mutated Bodies Infecting Everyone) contained five different ghoulish characters packaged toge... read

New Exorcist figure proves that demon possession can be a head-spinning good time

Sep 29
The devil is not a very nice person. Take the case of young Regan MacNeil, for instance. That mean ol' entity took over her body and made the once adorable girl get real ugly. Then he made her say and do some terrible things.... read

The Punisher got bit by a radioactive pectoral in Sideshow's latest Marvel sculpt

Sep 22
Does anybody else remember when The Punisher looked more human than Hulk? Back in my day the Punisher was just a simple Bruce Wayne rip-off who would stalk crriminals and pop a cap in they ass, because it was much more sensib... read

If you're one of the three Tomopop readers that doesn't automatically skip a post the second you see my avatar, then you might have picked up on the fact that I am an enormous fan of anything horror-related. Especially around... read feature


Pre-orders for Chernabog, Fantasia's frightening villain, end tonight

Sep 14
The film Fantasia holds an extra special place in my heart. Walt Disney's masterpiece of classical music fused with animation has been one of my greatest stress-relievers for almost 18 years. If I am ever feeling like my worl... read

I'm coming to get you, Barbara

Sep 04
I just knew when I started working for Tomopop that it was only a matter of time before my wallet was ripped open and emptied, leaving me unable to do anything but watch. I didn't even make it a week. Four days was all it too... read

Kind of creepy; issa MORIKO, Child of the Forest

Jul 19
I'm actually at Hitorogoshi's house watching Topher decimate Hito's housemate at Puzzle Fighter. It's quite a spectacle, and has been distracting me from actually getting any work done, so bear with me here. This is the lates... read

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