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Custom Dunny photo
Custom Dunny

Josh Mayhem shows off his steam-powered Batgirl

Steam-powered ass-kicking lady, yeah!
May 20
// Kristina Pino
Josh Mayhem passed along some shots of a recent commission that's being sent off to a private collector dubbed The Steampunk Batgirl. She started out as a 3-inch Dunny, and now look at her! All upgraded and looking as cute as...

Tomopop Review: DST's Femme Fatales Steam Punk Lexi

Dec 02 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: Femme Fatales Steampunk LexiFigure Maker: Diamond Select ToysRetail: US$45Available at: Diamond Select Toys | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store Steampunk Lexi comes in the standard Femme Fatales packaging which features windows on the front, sides, and top as well as a background design with lots of cutesy feminine skull and crossbones. She's held in place inside the box by a form-fitting plastic blister and behind her is a red backdrop with a mixed design that includes more skulls surrounding a logo. The back of the box fills up the blank space more effectively, with large logos, a product image, and a character biography. It makes the front of the package almost feel plain by comparison. Lexi is sultrily posed atop a gear base, steam pistol (or some sort of a pistol) in hand. She's wearing a black jacket over a burgundy-colored bodice (which I believe is the term for the top), and skirt. The belt, which is sloped sideways, seems to be there to support the large pouch on her hip (rather than hold up her skirt or anything). There's a set of additional pouches along her waist (more visible in later photos) which has almost a utility belt feel to it. Finally, she's wearing burgundy thigh highs (the same color as the bodice) and tall boots. It makes for a somewhat sly, seductive pose. You'll immediately notice a lot of detail on the statue between the straps on her bodice, creases in the jacket and skirt, notches in the belt, and pouches. You'll also notice a shapeliness to her figure which shows through the bodice. There seem to be three different types of paint in play on the statue. The clothing features a glossier finish, the skin tone and hair are relatively flat (ie, not glossy), and the metallic tones used on the guns have a strong sheen despite not appearing glossy. I can understand the glossy tone on the jacket because it appears to be some sort of leather and the same could be true of the bodice, but I would assume that the skirt is more of a fabric so I'm not sure why it's really glossy as well. Given the minor creases (or cut indentations) and just general thickness of the skirt (and assuming that both were deliberate design choices rather than constraints), I'm left to assume that it might be leather or some similar (in-universe) material as well. Maybe that's why it has the silver buttons? Otherwise the glossy sheen on the bodice and skirt are primarily visible under stronger lighting conditions. The gun sports a rather interesting design in that it's somewhat blocky except for the barrel and cylinder. The metal mix is also interesting for incorporating that gold element. It's really stylish and I'm curious if it's just a revolver of some sort with the rest being cosmetic, or whether it's some high-low tech that does something special. The goggles are apparently some special design with the credit going to Wertham and Higglebottom, Ltd. It's interesting because it's just that one, specific aspect of the design (everything else is credited to Sam Greenwell) so it must be significant in some way. The goggles themselves strike me as being typical steampunk, fitting well (but not standing out) among the typical confides of the universe. It would have been neat if there was an alternate head that featured Lexi wearing the goggles but alternate parts aren't something that's done within the Femme Fatales line and, if we are to only have one head, this one lets us appreciate her eyes. You've probably also noticed the necklace which has a vaguely Native American look to it. Perhaps it's even a hint to Lexi's own ethnic origins? Lexi's hair has a nice flow to it with the detail being even nicer from behind. It features a mix of browns that complements the beautiful sculpting nicely. Of course, what you're more likely to notice on the reverse side is that she's holding a second gun (which reminds me of the Noisy Cricket from the Men in Black films) behind her back. This gun has a more distinctive sci fi flair to it and looks more like a ray gun or disingrator than a conventional firearm. It's pretty cool. I neglected to mention it earlier, but the jacket has some grayish highlights along the creases which bring out the detail somewhat. The level of detail on this statue is one of its strongest assets. Lexi's boots feature a lot of laces and straps, in addition to some gears tossed on for good measure. The gears on her boots are a really cool touch, but within the context of the rest of the outfit, they almost seem out of place. However, they do blend very nicely with her gear base. The base features a cool metallic wash that looks a bit nicer than the guns, in addition to sporting ornamental nicks and dings. The gears themselves are hollow and seem designed to peg together during production. The bottom of the gears sports the copyright information. I find it hard to summarize my thoughts on the Femme Fatales Steampunk Lexi, although not due to a question of whether I like it (which, for the record, I do). It's a really cool design which shines from several angles, but it's difficult to peg down what makes it great. She's definitely rocking a pretty cool pose that has a classy, flirty vibe to it. A lot of the sculpting (such as the face and hair) is very solid. The weapons are neat, but I find myself appreciating her outfit even more. Holding the statue in my hands right now, I can't think of any really significant complaints. Steampunk Lexi is just an all-around good collectible. Steampunk Lexi is a solid addition to Diamond Select Toys' Femme Fatales line and should fit in well amid the pirates, superheroines, and so on (it's a really neat line). Stay tuned for some additional Femme Fatales statue reviews. [Thanks to Diamond Select Toys for sending over this review sample]
Review: Steampunk Lexi photo
A simple girl from a simpler time
If science fiction, fantasy, and other popular media have taught us anything it's that our reality is boring; or, at the very least, boring when compared to the alternatives. One of the more enduring alternatives is steampunk...


Kodykoala Toys creates custom steampunk Link figure

Now it's not so dangerous to go alone
Aug 27
// Vanessa Cubillo
Custom toy designer, Donald Kennedy of Kodykoala Toys has given Link quite an upgrade. Kennedy has created a custom steampunk Link action figure available in his Etsy store. His first Legend of Zelda custom, Link is made dri...

Pack Rat Studios gives Galactus & MODOK a steampunk touch

Watch out for these steampunk villains
Aug 05
// Vanessa Cubillo
After creating a steampunk Dr. Octopus, Pack Rack Studios is back with more Marvel steampunk creations. This time they set their sights higher and have customized a steampunk Galactus and MODOK. The custom Galactus is 16 inch...

Custom Delights photo
Custom Delights

Custom Delights: Ume Toys' Peabody

Mickey goes steampunk
Jul 11
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys' Rich Page hasn't just been busy making new characters; he's had to get ready for the upcoming Cardiff Toy & Tattoo Convention, which means custom toys. His latest is a custom steampunk Mickey Mouse figure called...

Behold this epic LEGO steampunk castle

Created by three talented builders, this castle has many details
Jul 03
// Vanessa Cubillo
Just when I think I've seen all that you can do with LEGO bricks, something like this comes along. Here is an entire castle built and assembled from over 20,000 pieces. Called Steam Castle Falls, this was shown as a diorama ...

Darren Clegg creates custom Steampunk Stewie

A one of a kind custom, Steampunk Stewie is available for purchase
Jul 01
// Vanessa Cubillo
We better watch out! Looks like Stewie has found himself a new weapon of destruction. Artist, Darren Clegg, has created this custom work he titled "Steampunk Stewie and his Mechanical Cephalopod…of Doom". Clegg used K...

Obscure brings his steampunk show pieces online

From Steampunk LA, Obscure's custom works vary from Hello Kitty to C3PO
Jun 25
// Vanessa Cubillo
On June 21 at the Vex Arts Center was a great steampunk event called Steampunk LA. Over 50 art pieces were shown at this event, and one of those featured artists was Matt Perez, also known as Obscure. Now he has taken pieces...

Check out steampunk Dr. Octopus from Pack Rack Studios

Spiderman will never get away from him now!
Jun 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Look out, Spidey! Doctor Octopus is attacking again, this time with his new steampunk gear. From Pack Rat Studios, this Doctor Octopus figure has been customized by giving his tentacle arms the steampunk treatment. Using a M...
The next release in their Master Builder Academy series, LEGO gets inventing
Brace yourself, LEGO is going steampunk! From the new issue of LEGO Club Magazine, they show a preview of their new LEGO Master Builder Academy-Invention Designer Level 4. For those new to the Master Builder Academy ser...


Steampunk Star Wars creations: Even better than it sounds

Check out these steampunk creations from Broken Journalist and Gozdom.
Apr 26
// Vanessa Cubillo
There's nothing I love more than when something already awesome gets the steampunk treatment. Today's steampunk finds both come from the world of Star Wars. First up is this amazingly detailed AT-AT Walker made by Flickr use...

The Brass Knight is here to fight in an old timey fashion

Customized by Jin Saotome, this Batman figure can be yours for the right bid.
Apr 09
// Vanessa Cubillo
Jin Saotome makes custom action figures from toy lines like Marvel Legends, DC Universe, GI Joe, etc. His latest custom comes from his DC Steampunk line, a custom 6-inch steampunk Batman he calls the Brass Knight. Just che...

SDCC 2012: Steam Crow

Jul 19
// Brian Szabelski
You probably remember Steam Crow from when we brought you news about Snappy the Camera. Steam Crow  was at San Diego Comic Con, and a bunch of new Snappys in different colors were there to celebrate! Having now seen Snap...

SDCC 2012: Shiflett Brothers

Jul 18
// Scarecroodle
A teddy bear clutching a skull. Heart and Spade-embossed boots. Imp and skull knee-pads. These elements and more comprise the Shiflett Brothers' Chloe: Aviator for Hire resin kit, just one of the many items on display at thei...

Jin Saotome's Custom Steampunk Iron Man is incredible!

Mar 20
// Rio McCarthy
Just... Wow... I can't manage much more than that... Just wow... Ok, sorry, now that I've snapped back out of fangirl mode I can say without a doubt Jin Saotome has blown my mind once again. Continuing his line of Marvel Lege...

Mecha Hello Kitty freaks me out

Sep 12
// Pedro Cortes
I'm definitely not a big fan of Sanrio characters, but I do like custom work and unique takes on commonly seen designs. So when I saw Matt Anderson's Mecha Hello Kitty, I was simultaneously impressed and somewhat creeped out....

Steampunk Dunny by Bruscolino ArtToys looks pretty sweet

Aug 31
// Pedro Cortes
I don't typically post a lot of vinyl stuff, but this custom made me perk up like a prairie dog in the middle of the savannah. Worked on by Bruscolino ArtToys, this three inch vinyl Dunny has been transformed into a steampunk...

Weta shows off Dr Gordbert's latest weapons of steampunk destruction

May 06
// Pedro Cortes
Like many folks out there, I enjoy clever steampunk designs when I find them. Lucky for me, Weta's line of Dr. Gordbort-branded laser guns bring that awesome aesthetic every time with excellent production values. This time ar...

Pack Rat Studios' custom steampunk Iron Man is something awesome

Apr 18
// Andres Cerrato
I generally lose my mind when it comes to anything Iron Man, so this custom created by Pack Rat Studios really does something to my mental state. We've all seen steampunk before and it does get overdone. However, when you hav...

Steampunk Dorothy is a classy lady

Mar 25
// Crystal White
The site, Guild of Harmony, has a lot of awesome artists, and a ton of sweet custom pieces. One particular artist by the name of Sebastian was asked to create a new piece for AUSCON 2011, held in Brisbane, Australia. The idea...

Who is Tom Hardwidge?

Mar 10
// Brigitte Coovert
So who is Tom Hardwidge anyway? Well lovers of steampunk and entomology take note, for Tom Hardwidge is the creator of Arthrobots (robot arthropods)! He has been constructing these amazing metal insects by hand since 2010 out...

Show and Tell: Troy Stith's Eyzor

Feb 04 // Brian Szabelski
Eyzor's story begins in June 2009. It was then that I'd posted about the original Eyzor, the little steampunk guardian who'd been neglected. And neglected would be the story of poor Eyzor's life; Troy put him up in his shop and he didn't have a buyer for ... well, until I bought him in October 2010. But buying him was just the beginning, because soon after, I got a message: Thanks so much for ordering Eyzor, I figured after so long he would be a permanent fixture in my store. He was the first custom that I did and the funny thing about it is that I was going to take him down and revamp him in my new style and re-release him as '2.0'. If you're interested in something like that I'll do it for the same price, but I'll have to clear out the show pieces I have going on right now first. Of course you don't have to do this, but I wanted to offer it since it was something I was debating about doing with him anyway. I understand if you don't want to wait though. Let me know and I'll gladly get started on it as soon as these show customs are out the door.  Honestly, at first, I didn't know what to say. First off, this was Troy's first piece ever, and it was gonna be mine. And I liked the little guy as is, but I also figured it was worth letting Troy work his magic on. And so, I went ahead with the revamping process. In between, Troy got bogged down with a lot of work for shows that you've probably seen posted on Tomopop, and this is where the patience thing I talked about in my A Collector's Take series comes into play. Sometimes an artist gets busy and you've got to wait, but any good artist eventually pulls through on a project. In this case, the wait was totally worth it. Troy redid Eyzor in his more recent style, keeping the basics of the piece while adding some weathering and nature to the piece. When I ended up seeing it in person, I spent a good half an hour looking over all the little details. Eyzor has a single eye, and by eye, I mean steam blaster to eviscerate those trying to do wrong. The sculpting of the eye is fantastic: I love how it looks like a little sun and how each gear is individually crafted to look unique, with the flat brass nozzle right in the middle. And take a look at the moss and the weathering ... just superb. The belly of Eyzor holds his generator, probably worn and rusted from years of sitting there. The crank appears to be unable to move, despite my best efforts. However, it is rather gorgeous to look at, isn't it? Just the shape of the generator, all those little bands of rivets ... even the moss growing up Eyzor's leg looks splendid. Eyzor has no arms, but he does have a halo-like tube that runs from one shoulder to the other. This probably carries the steam that powered him, but as you can tell, it's a bit dry right now. But just as impressive is the base Eyzor comes on. Made of wood, it's been given a grass texture that looks amazing both from far away and close up. There are even trees and little rocks scattered about, giving Eyzor immense scale. It's all of the detail to the base that's really the best part of Eyzor and what sets him and Troy's other recent customs apart from everything else out there right now.  Even the little trees have such crisp detail. No part's been left untouched on this Munny. Even the little nub of a tail on the butt has been turned into a giant bolt. Compared to the size of the trees, they must have used a huge wrench to tighten it! I think to say I'm happy with this custom is an understatement. It's gorgeous, and I'm incredibly glad it's a part of my collection.

A while ago, Troy Stith posted on his blog that Eyzor, a custom Munny he had done a long time ago, had found a new home. However, unlike his other customs, he wasn't taking finished pictures of it, instead supplying work-in-p...


Steampunk Lego robot makes me want to drop a 20 on some blocks

Nov 16
// Pedro Cortes
Never doubt how awesome a set of blocks can be. A fellow by the name of Rod Gillies has created a steampunk robot from the wonder-blocks known as Legos. Gillies also has a habit of making old-timey weapons and posting them on...

Rosette School of Dolls releases steampunk fullsets and basic sets

Nov 02
// Jennifer Johnston
If you like the art style of CLAMP and/or faerie art, you should head over to Rosette School of Dolls, a ball jointed doll company with a series of lanky girls in Victorian clothes.  The girls are 47.5 cm tall, which is ...

Mastermind Creations reveals Knight Morpher Annihilator, a black repaint? Nobody is surprised

Oct 31
// Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed
Seriously? Yawn.At this point, I get it. Black repaints are cool, but do we need one for every version of Optimus Prime? The Knight Morpher Commander which was basically the steampunk version of Prime seen in the Hearts of St...

Tomopop Review: Raje Toys x Doktor A's G.N.O.M.E

Oct 19 // Tomopop Staff
G.N.O.M.E, or Gyroscopic Non-Ornamental Mechanized Excavator, is a rather large figure. I was expecting him to be maybe 5", when the actual figure is about 8" tall! Like the Tenebrae, he is a hefty little fellow, so be delicate when handling your gardening assistant! G.N.O.M.E very much resembles a steampunk garden gnome because... well, that's what he is! The little rivets and metal fastenings combined with the fully, almost fluffy looking beard is both enchanting and a bit unnerving. I've read enough books about robot rebellions to know what these things are capable of! Maybe the "cute, tiny old man" thing is to throw us off from his real motive.  G.N.O.M.E is one of the few figures I own who is just as interesting from the back as he is from the front. You can see more of the rivets and smaller details, and his little "backpack" with a dial is both eerie and adorable. The eeriness might come from my slight fear of garden gnomes, but then again, isn't everyone at least a little bit scared of these little guys? G.N.O.M.E's hat is quite adorable and well-detailed. The little rivets and knobs are perfectly sculpted and spaced, so that there are no odd-looking gaps.The deep maroon matches perfectly with the rusty bronze. The overall color pallet of this figure is very nice and subtle, with the white beard and startling green eyes adding a refreshing pop of color and brightness.  However, G.N.O.M.E's hat is hiding a (nefarious?) surprise! His brain is a drill! I love how rusty all of his parts look, like he's seen quite a bit of "use." The drill itself is rather sharp around the edges, so be careful not to jam your finger on the end too hard! Or maybe that's what he wants us to do.  G.N.O.M.E's backpack is magnificently done, both in terms of sculpting and paint. All the little details like the dial and exhaust pipe really bring this piece to life! I can easily imagine him walking around the room and exploring when I fall asleep. Of course I have to devote part of the review to his epic beard! I mean, that thing practically reaches to his toes! It is sculpted in one solid chunk, which adds a nice sense of density to it. The mustache is another nice touch. It's like a cross between Santa and a nefarious, mustache-twirling villain!  G.N.O.M.E might be best viewed from the side, where you can see all of the detailed rivets and his epic beard. The small curve of his exhaust pipe complements the rigid lines of his hat and balances the figure nicely.  The bright green of G.N.O.M.E's eyes is almost identical to fresh cut grass, which is fitting considering that he is a lawn gnome. I am amazed at how much the paint looks like real metal.  G.N.O.M.E is a fantastic figure, and well worth adding to your collection. You can pick one up at the Raje Toys online store for £39.95 and he is due out at the end of the month! Raje Toys has done a fantastic job on their first few figures, and I cannot wait to see what they have planned! Thanks as always to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures! Thankfully it was easy to find a place to shoot the G.N.O.M.E, since he belongs in a garden! [Thanks to Raje Toys for the review sample]

Doktor A has always been one of my favorite vinyl artists, so when I heard that he was doing a new piece with Raje Toys I got really excited. And after getting my hands on the amazing Tenebrae, my excitement pretty much skyro...

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