Spider-Man photo

Under the Radar: ArtFX+ Carnage looks INSANE!

Last month, Kotobukiya unveiled and opened pre-orders for an absolutely insane-looking ArtFX+ Carnage guaranteed to drive fans crazy. This stunning 1/10 scale figure stands over 7-inches tall and captures the villain's look in fearsome deta...

Shiflett Bros. photo

SDCC 2016: Shiflett Bros.

The Shiflett Brothers have made a name for themselves with their fantastical, steampunk-y sculptures. What first struck me about them was the level of detail in each sculpt. But over the years their designs have gotten more elaborate and am...

Prime 1 Studio photo

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter: Prime 1 Studio

Known for their giant sized and exceptionally expensive Transformers movie statues, Prime 1 Studio appeared at Wonder Festival 2016 Winter bigger than ever. Oh, sure, they're still pumping out Transformers statues at a surprising rate, but ...

Prime 1 Studio photo

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Prime 1 Studio

No matter what you think of Michael Bay's treatment of the Transformers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you have to admit that Prime 1 Studio knows how to make a killer statue. I'm guessing they use actual CGI renders from the movies t...

DC Comics photo

Will DC Icons Firestorm heat up a cold day?

Here's some news that might warm up your day: DC Collectibles unveiled its DC Comics Icons Firestorm during a recent "Ask DC Collectibles" feature. Firestorm, depicted here as doing something fiery, is slated for a Fall 2015 release. While ...

F4F Beat photo

First 4 Figures puts Beat from Jet Set Radio up for pre-order

First 4 Figures has pulled another memory of my childhood from out of its magical hat! Beat from Jet Set Radio is the newest figure to reach their collection, and is up for pre-order through their website shop. Beat obviously is shown grind...

Kirby photo

First 4 Figures starts their Kirby line with Sword Kirby

First 4 Figures is extending their license with Nintendo by adding a Kirby line. Yes, that pink, cute, ball of fighting fury will be getting his own line of high quality statues. The first one from this series will be Sword Kirby. As the ...

Gaming Heads Nightingale photo

Steal a look at Gaming Heads' new Skyrim Nightingale statue

I can still easily remember the night of November 10, 2011. Waiting in line for my copy of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on that frigid night really set the mood for a game set in the snow covered north. That's not to say I wasn't looking for...

Tsume Edo Tensei Itachi photo

This Edo Tensei Itachi Uchiha statue is no genjutsu

Itachi is a character that knows how to play with your emotions. You spend such a large chunk of the Naruto story line loathing the guy, then you feel sympathetic towards him when he dies because of all the terrible things he's been forced ...

DC Collectibles photo

Darkseid throws down against Superman in latest DCC solicits

DC Collecibles' latest batch of solicits (pre-orders open) features a slew of heavy hitters, although none heavier than an incredible statue of Darkseid fighting Superman over a fire pit (presumably on Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips). Ot...

DC Comics photo

DCC to use Concept A for upcoming DC Bombshell Mera

The results are in: the winning Mera design is Concept A. DC Collectibles announced that Concept A beat C by a scant 34 votes but, in the immortal words of Vin Diesel, "It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning." Co...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Now more than ever

Last November we launched Tomopop LinkUP as a rapid fire way to catch up with some of the great news that fell under the radar in the previous week. The immediate plan was to compile these news tips into a single post, but the long term goa...

DC Comics photo

Salute your favorite DC Bombshells Mera design

DC Collectibles wants you! ...to vote for your favorite DC Comics Bombshell Mera concept illustration. While the company doesn't specify that the winning design will be made, one would imagine it may go into the final consideration. There a...

Legend of Zelda photo

Toy Fair 2014: Dark Horse - Legend of Zelda statues

At SDCC this year, Dark Horse announced that they would be making figures from Legend of Zelda. If I remember correctly, they had the figures there but they weren’t allowing people to take pictures. Well, it looks like they&rsqu...

He-Man photo

Icon Heroes' Snake Mountain is gigantic and glorious

Icon Heroes might have more love for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise than Mattel. After all, the company was first to give fans a new Castle Grayskull and have one-upped that by creating a gargantuan, gorgeous Snake Mountai...

Star Wars photo

Gentile Giant makes Darth Vader a real father-figure

Darth Vader probably wouldn't normally be considered the ideal parent. I mean, he doesn't exactly have a good track record with kids; his own included. But in the slice of the Star Wars universe created by Jeffrey Brown he might deserve a '...

The Hobbit photo

Thranduil is seriously judging you

In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the 13 dwarves and single hobbit are held captive by the elves of Mirkwood. There, we meet Thranduil, king of the elves and the father of Legolas. He's also kind of a jerk, as this figure made by Weta...

Gaming Heads Lara Croft photo

Gaming Heads' next line of statues is Tomb Raider

The folks at Gaming Heads have another new line of collectibles, and this time, they're from the Tomb Raider franchise. Specifically, their newest of the new is Lara Croft as she appeared in the recent Tomb Raider "reboot". The ne...

Review: Lady Death II photo

Tomopop Review: DST's Femme Fatales Lady Death II

Lady Death. If you don't recognize the name, you may at least recognize the face (and the rest of her). Despite lacking supporting media, and being held by lesser-known publishers, Lady Death is a surprisingly well-known (or well-recognized...

Review: Steampunk Lexi photo

Tomopop Review: DST's Femme Fatales Steam Punk Lexi

If science fiction, fantasy, and other popular media have taught us anything it's that our reality is boring; or, at the very least, boring when compared to the alternatives. One of the more enduring alternatives is steampunk, a retro "futu...

F4F Tanooki Mario photo

First 4 Figures announces Tanooki Mario statue

Quick, which Mario power-up is the best one? Bzzt, time's up, and the answer is Tanooki Suit Mario, of course (if you answered Hammer Bros. and/or Frog Suit Mario, you were close). First 4 Figures must feel the same way I do, because they'r...

Gentle Giant August stuff photo

Gentle Giant reveals their August announcements

Gentle Giant has sent out news on a bunch of upcoming releases, all up for pre-order now and set for 2nd quarter 2014 releases: An awesome looking statue of Yoda on Hoth (and a partner to the very beautiful Padme on Hoth statue), based on ...

SDCC Blizzard photo

SDCC 2013: Blizzard

Where do we begin? Blizzard is all over the place when it comes to collectibles these days! Sideshow Collectibles is a wonderful place to start. They had Arthas, Diablo and Deathwing (sculpted by Brian Fay) on display, and we got to see a s...

SDCC: CS Moore Studio photo

SDCC 2013: CS Moore Studio

CS Moore Studio came to SDCC with more than just a Mondo-chi exclusive, Walking Dead collectibles and their usual line-up of ladies. Debuting at the show was the sculpt for the upcoming Little Minxies Aphrodite IX figure, along wi...

DCE Summer Sale photo

DC Entertainment Summer sale includes Cover Girls & busts

DC Entertainment is currently having a Summer clearance sale which includes items from DC Collectibles' DC Cover Girls line, New 52 busts, pre-N52 busts, Ame-Comi, and more. The discounts seem to range 20% to 50%, with many of the busts and...


Family Guy's Stewie roams NYC for Under the Stars event

Citizens of New York City have reported sightings of a menacing looking baby on the loose. Yes, popping up all around the city have been sculpted statues of Stewie from Family Guy. As part of a promotional campaign by PIX 11 for their "Fam...


Big news comes in threes for Pop Culture Shock

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is sending off April in a big way with some major news! PCSC has announced that they've recruited the talents of Ken Lily as head of product development. Ken has been a fixture in the toy industry for many yea...


New movie Megatron statue is here to break the bank

New company Prime 1 Studio is working under approval of Takara Tomy to produce a massive new cold-cast statue of Megatron for their new Museum Master Line series based on his appearance in the second live action Transformers&...


Darth Vader Mythos statue is the stuff of legends

OK. We all know Darth Vader and we all know how cool of a villain he is so let's just cut to the chase. This might just be the only Darth Vader statue you'll ever need. On its own it's made to represent Darth Vader returning to Mustafar whe...


Diamond doesn't hold back on new Ghibli merch

I don't believe Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki need any sort of introduction here. There's probably very few of you out there who haven't seen or at the very least heard of one of their many animated masterpieces. As anime studios go they...


Gaming Heads unleashes an incredible Dragonborn

It's difficult to find a gamer who didn't fall in love with the mountains and valleys of Skyrim. And if you've wanted a real life memento from those days in the virtual world, then boy, do Gaming Heads have you covered with their incredible...


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