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Godzilla sofubi photo
Godzilla sofubi

Classic Godzilla comes roaring in from Medicom Toy

Go Go Godzilla!
May 27
// Soul Tsukino
Medicom Toy is bringing the terror of Tokyo and the King of Kaiju to your shelves with classic Godzilla. The figure has four points of articulation and is designed after the classic Godzilla from Toho films. Pre-orders are op...
Mintyfresh ToyCon UK photo
Mintyfresh ToyCon UK

Mintyfresh unveils two of its ToyCon UK exclusives

Feautring works from Restore, Yoskay Yamamoto
Apr 07
// Brian Szabelski
Mintyfresh was planning to bring a few exclusives to ToyCon UK, but logistics issues have pushed the release for some of them back. At least two will be at the event, both priced at £80 (approx. €110 and US$12...
Star Wars photo
Probably won't be as an expensive as a real diamond Clone Trooper, but it still won't be cheap
Pop!s won't be the only exclusives that Funko will be bringing to Star Wars Celebration 2015, as the company also intends to sell FOUR Premium Hikari at the event: "Star" Clone Trooper, "Icey" Storm Trooper (not to be confuse...

Wananeko IndieGoGo photo
Wananeko IndieGoGo

Javier Jimenez's Wananeko meets fundraising goal; new goal unlocked

New stretch goal is for sofubi Baby Wananeko
Feb 23
// Brian Szabelski
Last year, we first wrote about Javier Jimenez's Wananeko and I definitely liked the design of the resin piece. In the inbetween, he's set up an IndieGoGo page to produce Wananeko as a sofubi piece, styled the same ...

Star Wars photo
George Lucas may edit scene to have Greedo shoot first in the remake
Funko has announced its newest Hikari mold: Greedo from Star Wars! (Also known as Episode IV: A New Hope.) The luckless bounty hunter, currently available for pre-order, will be available in an "Original" deco. Greedo is no s...

New Super7 stuff photo
New Super7 stuff

Supe7 lines up new Micros, Zombie Fighter

Don't try and eat the Micros, though; not actually peanut butter
Jan 27
// Brian Szabelski
The fine folks at Super7 are readying up some new releases, one of whici is a new colorway of their kaiju Micros! This time around, Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire are cast in a peanut butter brown hue and will be on the Super7 st...
designer photo

Mucklebones will eat your soul

Or at least damage it a little
Dec 29
// Rachael Chambers
Alright, so maybe there won't be any soul stealing, but this little guy is so creepy cute it doesn't really matter. Customized from a Pocket Slideshow 'Sproot' toy (originally designed by Chris Ryniak), this sofubi has been c...
vinyl photo

Alien gets soft and squishy

Fourth soft vinyl figure debuts
Dec 27
// Soul Tsukino
Super 7 and Secretbase announced the release of the fourth vinyl figure of the Alien Xenomorph on December 23 at 12 (noon) Pacific Time. The figure is cast in glow in the dark vinyl for just that extra bit of Alien goodn...
Horror photo
Or on this word, I never saw This Island Earth
Funko unveiled its Hikari Metaluna Mutant (of This Island Earth fame, which you may have seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000) on Halloween (what, no Hikari Dracula?). Limited to a good-sized 1,500 pieces, the Metaluna Mutant...

Super7 Nut Chan photo
Super7 Nut Chan

Super7 serves up P.P. Pudding's Nut Chan for Halloween

New colorway comes stateside on Oct. 30
Oct 22
// Brian Szabelski
Just in time for Halloween, Super7 is bringing along a special treat: an orange-and-black colorway of P.P. Pudding's Nut Chan. The little sofubi robot from Japan is 3 inches tall and cast in translucent plastic, giving him a ...
Astro Boy photo
Tomopop editor not familiar enough with series to make a good pun, having only really seen the more recent film
If you were surprised by Funko's previous choices for its Hikari line, get ready for another curveball: Funko is adding Astro Boy to its sofubi series. Astro Boy (star of, well, Astro Boy) will be available in a "Classic Meta...

Hikari photo
Not so pretty in pink?
Funko has unveiled not one, not two, but THREE new Hikari designs. While all three use existing molds (Gillman, Frankenstein, and Skeletor), this might be the first triple reveal since before SDCC. Mythos Frankenstein is Hika...

Ghostbusters photo
Roasted for about a minute too long
Funko has debuted its latest Hikari mold, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters), with a "Burnt" deco reminiscent of the character's fate in the first film... and many of the video games. The mold itself is a mix of cut...

New Konatsu figures photo
New Konatsu figures

New Konatsu figures arrive at Q Pop

Includes Kyubiros, which debuted in May
Aug 25
// Brian Szabelski
Q Pop has a few new Konatsu pieces up in their shop, with one standing out above the others. Of course, there are some new Negora and Migora figures, featuring a calico pattern to them, available. Calico Negora is US$35 and t...
Hikari photo
Relatively large
,Funko has unveiled its two newest Hikari sofubi figures, a 10-inch Hikari Premium "Blaze" Spider-Man and a normal-sized "Mythos" Skeletor. "Blaze" Spider-Man, based (loosely?) on the character's appearance in The Amazing Spi...

TAG Blood Thirst photo
TAG Blood Thirst

Brent Nolasco, TAG give Blood Thirst a new coat of paint

Night Stalker edition marks first painted variant; releasing Friday
Aug 14
// Brian Szabelski
Brent Nolasco is known for his out-of-this-world creatures, so it's no surprise that his collab with Toy Art Gallery — Blood Thirst — looks a little out of this world. The newest version of it, the Night Stalker v...
Masters of the Universe photo
Tomopop editor struggles to spell Havoc with a 'c' instead a 'k' like the X-Men/X-Factor character
Funko has unveiled its second Hikari Skeletor colorway, "Havoc Skeletor", which consists of a strange mix of metallic color, glitter, and translucence in a deco vaguely reminiscent of the character's actual colors. While nowh...

SDCC 2014: Lulubell photo
SDCC 2014: Lulubell

SDCC 2014: Lulubell Toys

A menagerie of sofubi (and some resin, too)
Aug 04
// Brian Szabelski
Lulubell Toys' SDCC booth was filled with its usual menagerie of sofubi and resin figures from Japan and other parts of the world, ranging from Grody Shogun's latest work to Reflect's well-sculpted Neo Japan figure. There was...
SDCC 2014: Bwana Spoons photo
SDCC 2014: Bwana Spoons

SDCC 2014: Bwana Spoons

Introducing the Suns of Brodarr
Jul 31
// Brian Szabelski
Bwana Spoons' booth at SDCC 2014 featured many of his sofubi designs, but the newest of the bunch — Suns of Brodarr — might be the most interesting. The line features three brothers — Jeff, Lonny and Drizzle...
SDCC 2014: Gargamel photo
SDCC 2014: Gargamel

SDCC 2014: Gargamel

It came from Japan
Jul 30
// Brian Szabelski
Gargamel returned to San Diego for SDCC 2014, bringing with them the army of kaiju and sofubi we've become accustomed to. There were plenty of one-offs of their various larger pieces, but the show also saw a new set of Nazoga...
Kaiyodo Mega Sofubi photo
Kaiyodo Mega Sofubi

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kaiyodo's Mega Sofubi Advance

Amazing-est Alien ever?
Jul 28
// Kristina Pino
Did I just completely miss this whole arm of Kaiyodo's corpus? I'm always awed and amazed (sometimes not in the best way) by super-huge toys. In this case, I definitely got a good impression, though. As I turned the corner, I...
Modified Wool photo
Modified Wool

Take a gander at some Modified Wool in July

New exhibition opening at RayGun Comics' new shop July 26
Jun 23
// Brian Szabelski
Do you like little dinos in lots of different colors? Live in the UK? Then you're in luck, because the Modified Wool exhibition is coming to town! Thirty artists will be taking part, and the platform of choice for the custom ...
Konatsu exhibition photo
Konatsu exhibition

Konatsu's first U.S. exhibition opens June 28

Coming to Q Pop shop with custom Negoras, new releases, more
Jun 09
// Brian Szabelski
Q Pop is bringing Konatsu's work to the U.S. for her first stateside exhibition on June 28, which means that those of you who like her Negoras and happen to live in southern California will get a chance to meet her. And I'm r...
Batman photo

Funko's Hikari Friday offers twice the fun with twice the Batman

Or Batmen?
Jun 06
// Scarecroodle
Can't get enough of Batman? Funko apparently can't, as the company has unveiled another two Hikari Batman colorways. While it's harder to get excited the more often we see these molds, at least some of the decos -- like the P...
TMNT photo

Hikari Friday #5 features... more Turtles!

May 30
// Scarecroodle
Funko's Hikari sofubi line has continue with another two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This time around it's a Metallic Leonardo and a "Glittery Silver TMNT", an unmarked Turtle (ie, no initial on his belt) with (Raph's) red ...
Kibunadon photo

Kibunadon rises from the depths to invade the U.S.

New kaiju from Teresa Chiba and Max Toy Co.
May 30
// Brian Szabelski
So we've had cat kaiju, and dog kaiju ... how about some fish kaiju? That's what's new from Max Toy Co., as they've put together the mighty Kibunadon, based off of Teresa Chiba's character. Teresa won the Kaiju Gals Design-a-...
Batman photo

Funko's new Hikari unveil is another Batman

Hikari Friday Round 4 is Hikari Batman Round 2
May 23
// Scarecroodle
Those who liked the design but not the funky colors of Funko's Hikari Metallic Batman are in luck because the company has decided to produce what it calls a "Silver Glitter Clear Batman Hikari Sofubi Figure" which features mo...
Rainbow Mister Meltys photo
Rainbow Mister Meltys

Buff Monster serves up some Kickstarter-exclusive Mister Meltys

Translucent rainbow sofubi available as part of Melty Misfits Series 2 campaign
May 12
// Brian Szabelski
Buff Monster recently decided to head to Kickstarter for his Melty Misfits Series 2 trading cards, hoping to raise US$10,000 to cover printing and other production costs. Needless to say, he's gotten to that goal and more. Wh...
Hikari photo

Wicked-looking metallic Batman is second entry in Funko's Hikari line

May 09
// Scarecroodle
Funko continues its sofubi Hikari line with NVS Batman and, as with the metallic Leonardo (TMNT), is offering fans a chance to win the first figure in the series. While the Leonardo looked really cool, this is obviously Batma...
Hikari photo

Funko journeys into Sofubi with its Hikari line, will be hosting weekly contests

Metal beats wood but loses to fire
May 02
// Scarecroodle
American collectibles company Funko is going Japanese with an all-new Sofubi Vinyl Figure line. The Hikari line will feature limited edition figures (ranging from 500 to 5,000-piece runs), each of which will include a certifi...
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

Biggish gallery appears for FuRyu's biggish Colossal Titan

Not quite 'colossal' but still reasonably big
Mar 29
// Scarecroodle
At 21-cm tall, FuRyu's Colossal Titan is big enough to tower over your Attack on Titan figma... even if he doesn't exactly scale well. The recently released soft vinyl figure has received a decent-sized photo gallery that sho...
Konatsu colorways photo
Konatsu colorways

Konatsu's kaiju creatures are back with new colorways

More Negora and Shibara for your hoarding pleasure
Mar 19
// Brian Szabelski
Konatsu's Negora and Shibara sofubi figures have been favorites for some time now; I think it's just seeing pets transformed into gigantic kaiju that makes me smile a bit. But as with all sofubi, a collector's work is never d...
Empty Colossal Titan photo
It's when you double up the titans that things get fun
Few things are funnier to me than seeing horrific villains doing casual things. That's why I got a kick out of Akiba Hobby's preview gallery for Empty's Colossal Titan. He's not menacing humanity, breaking down walls, or inco...

Hyper Sofubi Ultraman photo
Hyper Sofubi Ultraman

Kaiyodo's Hyper Sofubi Ultraman is a big, big deal

Giant soft vinyl figure might be a little bit more in scale with your other Tokusatsu figures
Mar 06
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
You ever look at your shelf and think there's something a little off about your Kamen Rider being the same height as your Ultraman? Kaiyodo's new Hyper Sofubi Ultraman is just the thing to correct that little annoyance. Made ...
Spring Green Rose Vampire photo
Spring Green Rose Vampire

Think spring with the newest Pocket Rose Vampire

Super7's next release could make some green with envy
Feb 24
// Brian Szabelski
Super7's next Rose Vampire takes root this week, and all plant puns aside, the S7 crew are teasing us with a Spring Green Pocket Rose Vampire. As you can guess, he'll be a green machine, cast in glittery green soft vinyl with...
MPH Wing Fang Club photo
MPH Wing Fang Club

myplasticheart's Wing Fang Club returns for 2014

Your chance to get a bunch of new Juniors
Feb 11
// Brian Szabelski
We interrupt your regularly scheduled WonFes Winter coverage to bring you a bit of news from the designer world: myplasticheart has re-opened subscriptions for the Wing Fang Club, their annual subscription club for the Junior...
WonFes: Indie Toys photo
WonFes: Indie Toys

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: The Japanese Indie Scene

Loads of one-day licenses and creative tidbits
Feb 10
// Brian Szabelski
Andy from Kaiju Korner made the long, snowy trek out to Wonder Festival 2014 Winter, and he's now posted a round-up of some of the many indie toy makers who had wares for display this time around. As a heads-up, the new big t...
Superman photo

A very Bizarro Sofubi (and Superman) on the way

It's a bizarro, bizarro world
Feb 03
// Scarecroodle
Things are looking a little more Bizarro (or Bizarro?) with the upcoming DC Heroes: Superman and Bizarro Sofubi Figures, set to appear in the pages of the February issue of Diamond Comics' PREVIEWS. The 9.75-inch tall figures...
Kookie No Good photo
Kookie No Good

De Korner, Scott Tolleson bring us Kookie No Good

A Chinese New Year surprise ... just don't break him opwn
Jan 30
// Brian Szabelski
Scott Tolleson's new work with De Korner is a pouty little bowtie-weatring fortune cookie named Kookie No Good. What is he no good at? Well, might just be fortune telling for all we know, but the little guy (he's a 3.5-inch-t...
Mister Melty photo
Mister Melty

Two new Mister Meltys on the way from Buff Monster

Pink, blank zombie version arrive Thursday
Jan 29
// Brian Szabelski
New works from Buff Monster? Why yes: he has two new versions of his Mister Melty coming. One is a pink colorway, based on the original sculpt; the other is a zombie version. The Zombie Melty is unpainted blank white viny, fe...

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