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9:00 AM on 01.22.2015

Alter's Asuka Jersey Version sees re-release

Who doesn't like getting a second chance on cool items? Especially ones with high praise. So maybe you read the Tomopop review, and decided to go for one and were too late. Alter has come through! Asuka gets a re-release. And...



Mistwalker's mobile-RPG Terra Battle has surpassed 1.5 million downloads worldwide

Unlock new "adventurers" from iconic Final Fantasy character designer Yoshitaka Amano and a new scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, designer of Final Fantasy XII. Also, Terra Battle received the highly anticipated online co-op mode update that allows players to work together to clear stages and adds summons to the battlefield. More Info.

7:00 AM on 03.25.2014

Kotobukiya's iconic Holo gets a fourth re-release

Kotobukiya's beautiful version of Spice & Wolf's Holo has become a trademark figure for the company. First released in 2008, she's undergone two subsequent re-releases, most recently in 2011. Now she's back for a near unp...

Martin Siggers

1:00 PM on 03.03.2014

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon is getting a re-release

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon was certainly one of the more eagerly anticipated figures of last year, causing a pretty mad pre-order scramble that you don't see too often. It was worth the hassle too as Natalie discovered in her ...

Martin Siggers

7:00 AM on 01.21.2014

Pre-orders are up for Good Smile's Shinobu re-release

As we talked about yesterday, the fact that Good Smile Company is re-releasing their lovely Shinobu Oshino from the Monogatari series is fantastic news for collectors, since it allows fans to get their hands on a figure ...

Martin Siggers

Doughnut miss Good Smile Company's Shinobu re-release photo
Doughnut miss Good Smile Company's Shinobu re-release
by Martin Siggers

It's been more than two years since we originally had a chance to pre-order Good Smile Company's rather adorable take on the Monogatari series's resident vampire loli, Shinobu Oshino. As with all things Monogatari she was a big hit and a near instant sellout, commanding high prices on the secondhand market. Fear not those of you who missed her first time out though because today it was announced she'll be re-released later this year!

Kahotan also gifts us a re-preview (is that even a thing?) using an original production run version, which confirms she's just as lovely as ever. Her huge pile of doughnuts base is highlighted, complete with references to the show's other characters, and Kahotan also points out her removable mouth doughnut and ability to sit flat on other surfaces.

There's bound to be big demand for this re-release, so I'd prime your browsers if you want in. The blog states pre-orders begin tomorrow from the Good Smile Online Store, but I'd be amazed if regular retailers aren't in the loop as well. In any case, check back and we'll have a list of links for you.

[via Kahotan's blog]

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9:00 PM on 10.29.2013

Get your hands on a naughtier side of Snow White

While Lechery used to be one of my favorite new producers, they haven't really been hitting the marks lately. Thus, I've got absolutely no problems seeing them re-releasing one of their better figures, specifically a too sexy...

Emily Smalara

8:00 PM on 10.23.2013

Enjoy a good book with Lilith at your side

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito was one of the first blatantly yuri anime I ever got into, and as little known as it is I'll definitely remember it for a long time to come. I also remember Clayz' kit of the series' library ...

Emily Smalara

2:00 PM on 10.23.2013

Build yourself a pair of demons with Elsie and Haqua

Recently I managed to find the time to see what all the fuss was about with The World God Only Knows, and I'm certainly glad I did. Burning through the first two seasons and all of the OVAs in about a week, it's only a matter...

Emily Smalara

9:00 AM on 10.03.2013

Funko reveals Disney Pop! Wreck-It Ralph figures, more

[update: I've learned that the original WIR releases were limited, but popular enough to merit a wide re-release. Along with having an opportunity to get the rest of the WIR crew for your collection more easily, you'll be abl...

Kristina Pino

6:00 AM on 10.01.2013

Kotobukiya's Taiga returns for a second last episode

I'm always thrilled when older figures get re-releases, particularly when the figures themselves are excellent. That's certainly the case here, as Kotobukiya have revealed they'll be giving collectors a second chance to grab ...

Martin Siggers

1:00 PM on 08.07.2013

Beware the power of Steins;Gate's Alpaca Man

In today's installment of "Wait, they actually made this into a resin kit?", we have a re-release from resin kit maker World Scope, featuring Alpaca Man and his boss, Alpaca Commander. The duo hail from Steins;Gate: Line...

Brian Szabelski

6:00 PM on 07.23.2013

Renew your contract with Madoka and Mami

Good Smile Company isn't ready to stop riding that Madoka Magica train yet,as they've just put two of their popular 1/8 versions of the magical girls up for re-release. Coming your way again will be adorable protagonist Madok...

Martin Siggers