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9:00 PM on 02.27.2015

Alter's Shinobu only gets cuter with gluttony

The Monogatari series went from quirky Shaft show to a powerhouse franchise, and Alter's cashing in with a Shinobu figure! I love Shinobu not just for her moe attributes, but also because she's secretly a badass. However the ...

Tianxiao Ma

Toy Fair 2015: Square Enix photo
Toy Fair 2015: Square Enix
by Scarecroodle

Wanted a better look at the upcoming VPAK Spider-Man and Thor? While Square Enix's promo images may have been a little dark, Keith was able to snap a few photos which give us a better look at the designs.

Thor looks better than I had thought while Spider-Man... well, at least he can get into some good poses! Spidey will come with some webbing accessories. However, Thor really steals the show with the sculpting, colors, and super-shiny helmet.

Other items on displayed included a Play Arts Kai Arkham Knight and Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham Knight; the headshot of Arkham Knight looks great) as well as an unpainted prototype for what I assume is a Metal Gear character.

Be sure to check out the gallery for all of the images.

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Are you ready for the Armarauders Bellerophon?  photo
Are you ready for the Armarauders Bellerophon?
by Scarecroodle

Get excited. Tomopop was recently offered the opportunity to play around with a prototype for Mecha Workshop's upcoming Armarauders Bellerophon. That review is coming up this weekend but, spoiler alert, he's totally awesome.

Look for it soon.

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Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys follow-up photo
Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys follow-up
by Scarecroodle

I recently spoke with Zach over at Diamond Select Toys to answer some questions that I'm sure many of you have been wondering about since seeing the company's spectacular Toy Fair display. In the process, I also received better images of the Femme Fatales Cassie Hack and Batgirl (classic Batman tv series) statue.

Here's what I learned:

  • The Ghostbusters Select figures will each come with a piece of a rooftop diorama. The other accessories are thus far unconfirmed. When asked, Zach also stated that "individual one-scene ghosts are not the focus of the line, not sure we'll see a lot of those."
  • DST hasn't announced plans to make Ghostbusters prop replicas.
  • The white Cthulhu vinyl bank is apparently a glow-in-the-dark item (which should be really awesome!). There are currently no release details.
  • DST will not be making any action figures or Minimates for either Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited. The company will only be making busts, statues, banks, bottle openers and cookie jars.

While I'm a little disappointed that we might not see a lot ghosts in the Ghostbusters Select line, the rooftop diorama (from the confrontation with Gozer) sounds like an awesome extra. Likewise, the idea of a glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu vinyl bank sounds great.

I'm also happy to see Cassie Hack up close. I wasn't aware of the character until recently, but the comic seems to have an interesting concept and the Femme Fantales Cassie Hack looks fantastic. Likewise, the Yvonne Craig Batgirl statue also looks cool (and she will be getting a bust as well).

Be sure to check out the gallery for full images.

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Funko to re-release classic Pop!s, starting with the oufit that launched a million cosplays: Slave Leia photo
Funko to re-release classic Pop!s, starting with the oufit that launched a million cosplays: Slave Leia
by Scarecroodle

Funko is set to re-release many of its popular older Pop!s, starting with Slave Leia (and the previously announced Jedi Luke).

The decision was said to be made in regards to the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. The re-released figures will come in new packaging (to differentiate itself from the originals). Interestingly, it looks like the packaging layout itself was re-used (including the figure number), but it's now just in a black deco (with a silver box at the bottom).

This series has been dubbed, "Star Wars Vaulted," presumably as a reference to Disney's practice of discontinuing the sale of its films to maintain their value. At any rate, it's a great opportunity if you missed one of these figures the figure time around and don't want to overpay on the aftermarket. Hopefully we'll see it with some of the other franchises in the future.

Look for Slave Leia in April.

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Prepare for a cuddle-vasion? Toxika Squid Plush now attacking wallets photo
Prepare for a cuddle-vasion? Toxika Squid Plush now attacking wallets
by Scarecroodle

inki-Drop's Toxika Squid Plush is currently available for pre-order.

This adorable squid plush is listed as being green because the character is venomous, not because she's a zombie (although, with those x'ed out eyes, I have my doubts!). The plush seems to borrow elements from the previous Gummy Ika (reviewed), although the tentacles are far more cuter on this version (and are also somewhat reminiscent of a cuttlefish's) and she apparently has a lot of (even cuter?!) companions (see gallery).

Toxica stands 5-inches tall and is 4.5-inches wide (from tentacle to tentacle). She's also presumably cuddly. Not as cuddly as a cuttlefish, but still cuddly.

You can pre-order inki-Drop's Toxika for US$25. Those who pre-order before 3/20 (when pre-orders close) will receive free shipping (to anywhere in the continental US) and a free die-cut sticker (which is displayed next to the plush). Be sure to check out the images in the gallery.

[ Pre-order at inki-Drop ]

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MOTU Club 200x officially opens photo
MOTU Club 200x officially opens
by Scarecroodle

Matty Collector recently announced plans (and showed off the first figures) for its Club 200x. The company has since revealed the remaining selection in its six figure line-up as well as opening subscriptions.

While the prototypes aren't available, we now know that the remaining three figures will QUEEN Grayskull (aka Veena, the "original"/prequel Sorceress), King Chooblah (a yeti), and Prahvus (big scary demon guy). All things considered, it seems like a pretty decent line-up... then again, I've never actually seen this version and am judging purely on aesthetics.

Subscriptions are open right now. If you buy a sub, the six figures will run you US$26 each. (vs US$28 for people buying day of the sale) AND you can bundle them 3 months at a time for shipping. On the downside, you're also paying US$26 for an exclusive accessory pack (featuring alternate 200x-inspired heads for previously released characters; this is the additional membership fee) so at least some of those potential savings are killed. 

Personally, it's a bit of a toss-up. I really like the designs on Callix and Ceratus then suspect that I'll also like at least two of the other three figures (since all three character designs are cool). Since I don't care about the heads (and don't expect many people will, which reduces any aftermarket value they might have had) and I can live without Evil Seed, that's US$52 of unnecessary cost (or technically US$42, since it's saving US$2 on each of the remaining five figures) measured against the somewhat unknown potential shipping savings (although it could be in the ballpark of US$30) if I did like & buy the remaining five individually.


For those interested in the whole club, it'll run you US$182 before shipping and taxes. Enrollment is open until March 23rd.

[ Subscribe at Matty Collector ]

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Toy Fair 2015: Funko - Press Photos (non-Pop!) photo
Toy Fair 2015: Funko - Press Photos (non-Pop!)
by Scarecroodle

Besides the massive amount of photos that were taken at Funko's Toy Fair booth, we also have the photos from Funko's press packet. Given the sheer volume of photos, I'm going to omit anything previously covered on Tomopop as well as a lot of the items that were on display at the booth.

There are Legacy Firefly figures, Blizzard and Frozen Mystery Minis, etc, but everything tends to get buried by Pop!s (especially because I'm less sure what's new with the Pop! line). As such, the Pop! line will be featured separately (however, we did have room for the Pocket Pop!s).

The selection includes a lot a Legacy Rocketeer, Inside Out Mystery Minis (and Fabrikations), some absolutely gross Garbage Pail Kids stuff (seriously, how was I into this as a kid?), and more.

My favorite out of the lot is probably the Blizzard Mystery Minis. While I'm not a huge Blizzard fan, it's an absolutely great-looking set with only two figures that I don't care about (an incredible ratio!). However, I'm also strangely excited for some of the Inside Out stuff.

Check out the photos in the gallery.

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Toy Fair 2015: Funko photo
Toy Fair 2015: Funko
by Scarecroodle

Gremlins, ponies, and sharks, oh my! Funko once again brought a cool mix of collectibles to Toy Fair, as it added even more offerings to its eclectic lines. As the old saying goes, "If it hasn't appeared in a Funko line yet, why don't you wait a month?"

Gremlins, The Fifth Element, Jaws, and more now have figures in the ReAction line. Ghostbusters and Back to the Future characters are appearing as Vinyl Idolz. The Hulk and Rainbow Dash are joining the Hikari line! Frozen Mystery Minis!

Hit the jump for all of the insanity.

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Max Factory's Aoi Sakurai derails my heart photo
Max Factory's Aoi Sakurai derails my heart
by Tianxiao Ma

I've been feeling rather uninspired by 2015's pre-order outlook so far. It looks like Max Factory will come to my rescue with Rail Wars' Aoi Sakurai.

Kahotan has a preview up of the 1/7-scale figure, and it's a cool design. The pose, detailed sculpt, and disheveled look all make for a memorable piece - certainly a contrast from the way most of Max Factory's figures are in a generic standing pose.

Aoi will be up for pre-order soon, but make sure to check out Kahotan's full preview in the meantime.

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Toy Fair 2015: Kotobukiya - DC Super Powers ArtFX+ photo
Toy Fair 2015: Kotobukiya - DC Super Powers ArtFX+
by Scarecroodle

Ever since Kotobukiya announced that it would be creating a series of ArtFX+ figures inspired by (or in tribute to) the DC Super Powers Collection I've been sitting on the edge of my seat (figuratively speaking, because I would fall off after a while). At NY Toy Fair 2015, Kotobukiya unveiled the line... and it's a total curveball!

This is a line of statues which don't look like statues. They look plastic (and not in that ratchet kind of way) thanks to a surprisingly flat paint tone and simplistic sculpt (as well as the cloth capes). The figures feature lines to give the illusion of joints so, at a glance, you'd think they were normal toys. In some cases, those marks represent limbs you could swap out with an interchangeable joint (as seen with Superman's "power punch" arm in the case).

The initial line-up is all heroes: Superman, Flash, Green Lantern (with lantern accessory!), Batman, Robin, Hawkman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman (they release in that order, starting this August). It's worth noting that these were the eight superheroes who appeared in wave 1 of Kenner's toy line and, if it's successful, I wonder if Kotobukiya will follow up with the villains from the wave.

The coolest part, however, is the apparent US$30 MSRP which makes them cheaper than the usual ArtFX+ figure (maybe they ARE made of plastic?). Pre-orders are already open for Superman. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these.

Be sure to check out the gallery.

[ Pre-order at BBTS ]

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DyDo gives Nintendo fans a reason to buy its coffee photo
DyDo gives Nintendo fans a reason to buy its coffee
by Scarecroodle

Whether you drink coffee or not, DyDo coffee will appeal to Nintendo fans with a new Super Mario Bros. minifigure promo which features NES-styled sprites of characters with warp pipe bases.

While I'm not familiar with the brand, apparently it's run similar promos in the past as well (although never seen in the US, Japanese beverage companies have done similar promotions from time to time). Personally I don't drink coffee (which might be why I have a hard time staying awake and alert), but it's the sort of thing that could convince me to buy a thing of coffee if I lived in Japan (which I then wouldn't drink).

The figures have an awesome retro appeal, although they've seemingly gained a dimension since there appears to be some depth to them. The selection includes Mario, (fire flower?) Luigi, Bowser/King Koopa, Princess Peach (or Princess Toadstool, as she was known at the time), a goomba, a koopa troopa, Toad, and Lakitu (spikies sold separately?).

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