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11:24 PM on 03.02.2015

Tamashii Buddies: Friendship on Titan

Tamashii Buddies are expanding faster than we can keep track, adding anime sensation Attack on Titan characters to the roster. Having only made figures of 20+ year old series, Tamashii needed to inject a little bit of th...


Prepare for a cuddle-vasion? Toxika Squid Plush now attacking wallets photo
Prepare for a cuddle-vasion? Toxika Squid Plush now attacking wallets
by Scarecroodle

inki-Drop's Toxika Squid Plush is currently available for pre-order.

This adorable squid plush is listed as being green because the character is venomous, not because she's a zombie (although, with those x'ed out eyes, I have my doubts!). The plush seems to borrow elements from the previous Gummy Ika (reviewed), although the tentacles are far more cuter on this version (and are also somewhat reminiscent of a cuttlefish's) and she apparently has a lot of (even cuter?!) companions (see gallery).

Toxica stands 5-inches tall and is 4.5-inches wide (from tentacle to tentacle). She's also presumably cuddly. Not as cuddly as a cuttlefish, but still cuddly.

You can pre-order inki-Drop's Toxika for US$25. Those who pre-order before 3/20 (when pre-orders close) will receive free shipping (to anywhere in the continental US) and a free die-cut sticker (which is displayed next to the plush). Be sure to check out the images in the gallery.

[ Pre-order at inki-Drop ]

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3:00 AM on 02.25.2015

Embrace Japan's newest demon is up for pre-order

I've been super pumped for this pre-order, and the time has finally come! This is the second iteration of Embrace Japan's Diabolus Inclinatus, an original character design by Sousi Hirose. Unlike the first figure, this "Desde...

Tianxiao Ma

2:00 AM on 02.25.2015

Vertex's Yukari is ready to join your Dark Hour shenanigans

I don't know what it is about Yukari, but I really like her as a character. I was delighted to see that Vertex will be making a figure to go along with the Persona 3 movies coming out in theaters. The Spring of Birth was...

Tianxiao Ma

MOTU Club 200x officially opens photo
MOTU Club 200x officially opens
by Scarecroodle

Matty Collector recently announced plans (and showed off the first figures) for its Club 200x. The company has since revealed the remaining selection in its six figure line-up as well as opening subscriptions.

While the prototypes aren't available, we now know that the remaining three figures will QUEEN Grayskull (aka Veena, the "original"/prequel Sorceress), King Chooblah (a yeti), and Prahvus (big scary demon guy). All things considered, it seems like a pretty decent line-up... then again, I've never actually seen this version and am judging purely on aesthetics.

Subscriptions are open right now. If you buy a sub, the six figures will run you US$26 each. (vs US$28 for people buying day of the sale) AND you can bundle them 3 months at a time for shipping. On the downside, you're also paying US$26 for an exclusive accessory pack (featuring alternate 200x-inspired heads for previously released characters; this is the additional membership fee) so at least some of those potential savings are killed. 

Personally, it's a bit of a toss-up. I really like the designs on Callix and Ceratus then suspect that I'll also like at least two of the other three figures (since all three character designs are cool). Since I don't care about the heads (and don't expect many people will, which reduces any aftermarket value they might have had) and I can live without Evil Seed, that's US$52 of unnecessary cost (or technically US$42, since it's saving US$2 on each of the remaining five figures) measured against the somewhat unknown potential shipping savings (although it could be in the ballpark of US$30) if I did like & buy the remaining five individually.


For those interested in the whole club, it'll run you US$182 before shipping and taxes. Enrollment is open until March 23rd.

[ Subscribe at Matty Collector ]

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Think Pink Batman photo
Think Pink Batman
by Scarecroodle

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived: Pre-orders third of Entertainment Earth's exclusive Funko Pop! Rainbow Batman figures. You might know it better as... the Pink Batman!

The most ludicrous of the "rainbow" Batman disguises, the pink Batman comes to us from a campier time in comics before guys like Frank Miller came along and started to turn the franchise gritty-dark. The hilarious impetuous for these costumes was Batman's attempt to draw attention away from Robin's injured arm, which could have exposed his secret identity if people noticed that Dick Grayson (the young ward of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne) also had an injured arm. After all, who can look away from a pink Batman?

The pink "rainbow" Batman (which will no doubt be the best-selling of the lot for the sheer oddity of a pink Batman) can be pre-ordered for US$13 and is slated for a May release.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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Helllooooo Nurse! Bombshells Harley Quinn up for pre-order photo
Helllooooo Nurse! Bombshells Harley Quinn up for pre-order
by Scarecroodle

DC Collectibles' Bombshells Joker and Harley Quinn statue is currently available for pre-order. The statue depicts Harley Quinn in a nurse's outfit with the Joker in her arms.

While Batman is usually the one to make the Joker swoon (often after a punch to the jaw) and Harley Quinn usually falls for the Joker, this time it's Harley Quinn working her magic. It's a cute scene which is probably meant to be reminiscent of a rather iconic WWII photo featuring a navy sailor returning from war who kissed his nurse sweetheart in Times Square. You know, except reversed.

This is Harley Quinn's second appearance Bombshells line. Her first appearance saw her sporting an aviator's outfit; the nurse's outfit is more fitting since not only has the character worn nurses' outfits in the past (most memorably in Batman: Arkham Asylum), but she was also a psychiatrist prior to falling for the Joker. It also works in the sense that Harley Quinn is more aggressive in her feelings towards Joker (who, in turn, only has eyes for Batman).

The DC Bombshells Harley Quinn & Joker can be pre-ordered for around US$250. Look for it in December.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

[[UPDATE: Entertainment Earth had previously incorrectly listed the pre-order as being US$100, which it's since corrected.]]

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Boba Fett might be more intimidating without all the glitter photo
Boba Fett might be more intimidating without all the glitter
by Scarecroodle

One of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy... now with a glittery deco! Funko today unveiled its Hikari Premium "Glitter" Boba Fett, which has since gone up for pre-order.

Boba Fett has been introduced to the line a few weeks after Greedo brought Star Wars into the Hikari universe (or vice versa). Given that this is the premiere of the mold, it would have been nice if Funko had gone with a stronger deco to show off the figure's finer points. As it is, I'm not digging the design but I'm not sure if that just comes down to the deco. I'm sure that the design will look cooler in either metallic or with a "Mystic Powers" deco.

Funko's Hikari Premium Boba Fett will run you US$80 and is slated for a June release. As always, you have a chance of winning one through a contest.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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8:00 AM on 02.04.2015

NECA Batman Returns Penguin up for pre-order

The Penguin is pretty gross, ya'll. He's slightly more appealing in 1/4 scale, but NECA has put enough detail into the 15" figure to make me keep my distance. In the likeness of Danny DeVito's 1992 Batman Returns performance,...

Rachael Chambers

7:00 AM on 02.04.2015

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus coming back at ya

In case you missed it the first time, Bandai will be restocking their S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus figure. The pvc figure stands at 140 mm (aprox. 5 1/2 inches) and is fully poseable. The Guardian of Love comes with 3 different...

Soul Tsukino

2:44 AM on 02.04.2015

Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker Re-Release

If you weren't able to snag Nendo Link when he was first released in Fall of 2014, there's good news! The Wind Waker adventurer will be re-released in June of this year with pre-orders already underway. Good Smile Company's v...

Rachael Chambers

9:00 AM on 02.03.2015

Take to the track with figma Hatsune Miku 2014 EV Mirai ver.

Oh, what's this? It's rare for us to have a Hatsune Miku figma dropped on us without first seeing it at an event. The first and last time we heard official mention of the new figma Racing Miku 2014 EV Mirai ver. was back at W...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker