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C2E2 2016 Chibi Essence photo
C2E2 2016 Chibi Essence

C2E2 2016: Chibi Essence

Polystone bobble heads and alpacas
Mar 22
// Tianxiao Ma
One of my favorite things about cons is finding stuff that's off the beaten path of my fandom, and that's where Chibi Essence comes in. I'm not very engaged in the indie/designer toy scene, but every once in a while I'll stum...
Sony Journey statue photo
Sony Journey statue

Take a pilgrimmage with this Journey statue

Polystone figure also includes art print
Jul 22
// Tianxiao Ma
Thatgamecompany's Journey was a big hit, paving the way for more thoughtful, Zen-like games to enter the mainstream. The fact that it got a PS4 re-release speaks to its lasting impact. But if living the experience digitally i...
Hellboy photo

Mondo to release two statues of the very first Hellboy

From ink and paper to 3D
Jun 11
// Kristina Pino
Not one, but two gorgeous statues of Mike Mignola's Hellboy have gone up for pre-order at Mondo's store. They're not expected to be released until the last quarter of this year, but they're probably going to be worth the wait...
Kinetiquettes Oni Akuma photo
Kinetiquettes Oni Akuma

Embrace the Dark Hadou with Oni Akuma

Pricey but awesome figure from Kinetiquettes
Apr 02
// Tianxiao Ma
Street Fighter is a funny franchise, isn't it? Its roots are humble enough, but like the Fast and Furious series, each subsequent installment gets more and more insane. It has gone from a relatively small game about, wel...

Batwoman photo

Tweeterhead shines their signal on classic Batwoman statue

See the origins of Huntress, here!
Mar 18
// Oansun
Lost in history thanks to DC's unceremonious reboot in the 1960's, high-end statue maker Tweeterhead revisits the now forgotten member of the Bat-family. While Barbara Gordon's popularity on the television series translated t...
First 4 Figures photo
First 4 Figures

Ganondorf headlines new series of Wind Waker statues

Hyrule better watch out
Jan 21
// Rachael Chambers
Wind Waker is, visually, one of best Legend of Zelda games out there. Bringing the game's iconic style to polystone resin grandeur, First 4 Figures has presented Ganondorf to kick off the lineup. Standing at 15 inches tall, G...
Batman photo

'70s Batman standing watch upon your wall, courtesy of Pop Culture Shock!

He's hanging out, waiting for fish with Joker faces.
Jan 14
// Oansun
Pop Culture Shock toys presents another unique looking statue for the static toy collector. This is their web-exclusive Batman Bronze Age wall statue (1:7 scale). So yes, you can hang this puppy on your wall if you were worri...
resin photo

Noodles the Panda will slurp his way into your heart

Ramen included.
Jan 06
// Rachael Chambers
What's cuter than a panda bear? One obsessed with ramen, of course! Created by Firestarter Design, Noodles the Panda looks incredibly pleased with his situation and his ability to balance his favorite food on top of his head....
Beach Queens Premium photo
Beach Queens Premium

Wave goes totally insane with Beach Queens Premium

Small girls, big prices
May 16
// Martin Siggers
While I think Wave's Beach Queens line is (usually) fine, I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for news about them. That might be why I missed that a pair of Galilei Donna Beach Queens announced last month kicked off...
PCS Ryu times three photo
Three variants of their 1/4-scale statue coming in 2015
Pop Culture Shock's polystone Ryu is coming next year in not one, but three different versions. All three are planned for the first quarter of 2015, are 1/4-scale to fit with their other Street Fighter figures, are up fo...

Leatherface photo

Hollywood Collectibles is offering a terrifying Leatherface statue

Who knew an apron could be scary?
Apr 10
// Vanessa Cubillo
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a movie that never fails to scare me. The original and the remake have both caused me to lose many hours of sleep. Of course, if you’re someone who doesn’t get nightmares thinking a...
Street Fighter photo
Street Fighter

Chun Li fights Vega in upcoming PCS Street Fighter statue

Yes, it's apparently a popular match-up
Jan 23
// Scarecroodle
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' upcoming Street Fighter Chun Li vs Vega diorama goes up for pre-order on January 27 (but for us, it will be Tuesday... errr, Monday). The 1/10 scale polystone statue will be available in two ve...
PvZ statues  photo
PvZ statues

Gaming Heads' Plants vs. Zombies statues are worth it

Grab some high quality PvZ merch
Oct 14
// Kristina Pino
I am happy to report that there are now high quality Plants vs. Zombies statues available for pre-order from Gaming Heads! They're slated to be released sometime during the first quarter of 2014, and they all look great. The ...
Diablo III statue photo
Diablo III statue

Sideshow's Diablo III statue features an infernal glow

How evil!
Sep 08
// Scarecroodle
Sideshow Collectibles' Diablo statue (Diablo III) glows with the power of evil. This 20-inch tall polystone statue features a light-up function in its upper torso and head. Evil has rarely looked so cool. While the standard s...
Bowen Designs photo
Bowen Designs

Bowen wants to be Frank(enstein) with you

Tomopop editor makes another embarrassingly bad pun. Considers going to rehab
Sep 06
// Scarecroodle
Bowen Designs' Frankenstein (or Frankenstein's Monster) statue is currently available for pre-order. The 16-inch tall super zombie (yeah, I'm calling him a zombie) sports some grisly sculpting and stands atop a debris-adorned...
PCS He-Man statue photo
PCS He-Man statue

Pop Culture Shock has the power with their He-Man statue

Pre-orders begin Sept. 16 and yes, there's a version coming with Orko
Sep 05
// Brian Szabelski
Pop Culture Shock is putting that Masters of the Universe license to work, as the latest statue to come from the studio is a 1/4-scale one of He-Man. Standing 29 inches tall and sculpted from polystone, He-Man has his Power S...

Treasure Festa in Ariake 9: Amie-Grand

That Asuka figure is still beautiful
May 05
// Tianxiao Ma
Amie-Grand had some nice figures at Treasure Festa with my personal favorite being Asuka. I like the concept, with her chilling on a really cool NERV-themed base. You can also see a polystone 1/6-scale Chuubou Sonken from Ikk...

Gaming Heads unleashes an incredible Dragonborn

The Skyrim's the limit with this one
Mar 12
// Martin Siggers
It's difficult to find a gamer who didn't fall in love with the mountains and valleys of Skyrim. And if you've wanted a real life memento from those days in the virtual world, then boy, do Gaming Heads have you covered with t...

Amie-Grand looks down on Evangelion's Asuka in a good way

Another figure of Asuka from Rebuild of Evangelion with a new spin on the pose.
Nov 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
Asuka Langley Shikinami from Rebuild of Evangelion; love her or hate her, you at least have to admire some of the figures released of her. I know I'm drawn in by Amie-Grand's latest 1/6-scale figure of this fiery red head sin...

[NSFW] Miyazawa Model Exhibition: NSFW figure roundup

Art Spirits, Daiki Kougyou, Milestone, and more
Nov 07
// Tianxiao Ma
It's that time again: NSFW stuff for the late night! The Miyazawa Model Exhibition had a handful of NSFW figures so I thought I'd do a roundup of them. The lone NSFW entry from Art Spirits is Haruko Amaya from the manga Make-...

[NSFW] Milk Pot has a polystone Karisa up for pre-order

Who the hell is Karisa?
Oct 25
// Tianxiao Ma
We are all up in the NSFW pre-orders today. This one is for Karisa from the hentai manga High School Planet Prowler. It's a 1/6-scale polystone figure from Milk Pot. I know what you're thinking. "A polystone figure for an obs...

A new Jubei bounces into pre-order

Historicity is debatable
Oct 05
// Tianxiao Ma
Hyakka Ryouran may have finished its anime run, but you know what will always be around? People who like boobs and butts. Jubei has been a popular character for this reason, and now Q-Six has announced a polystone figure of h...

Pop Culture Shock's Sagat is rocking the tights

Aug 06
// Tianxiao Ma
If you play Street Fighter with my buddies, there is only one sound that drowns out the noise of the game's music: "TIGER... TIGER... TIGER... TIGER..." Indeed I'm no stranger to Sagat's high/low fireballing ways. Pop Culture...

Quantum Mechanix release a Codex statue for pre-order

Aug 05
// Kristina Pino
Fans of Felicia Day and/or her fun web series The Guild may recognize her alter-ego Codex being released in 1/6-scale polystone format by Quantum Mechanix this coming December. She's limited to only 500 pieces and her price i...

Blow up the land with First 4 Figures' Worms 2 diorama

Jul 04
// Andres Cerrato
It figures that on a day where we celebrate the U.S. of A's independence from the Crown by blowing up a portion of our land, we talk about a diorama of game that does the same. I can honestly say I have fond memories of Worms...

Cruella DeVil and Genie busts get pre-orders on Sideshow

Mar 29
// Kristina Pino
Two neat-o, nicely detailed busts by Grand Jester studios just went up for pre-order on Sideshow that push all the right buttons for me to pretty much decide my DO WANT for this month. The evil jerk Cruella DeVil (101 Dalmati...

You are not worthy to gaze upon this Tiger Mask

Jan 26
// Tianxiao Ma
When Brian posted about Kaitendoh's rendition of this magnificent specimen of a man, the promo shots wisely did not get too close and intimate. The simple fact is, we are not capable of absorbing that amount of manliness. Moe...

Kaitendoh brings us the true power of Tiger Mask

Jan 23
// Brian Szabelski
Previously on Tomopop, I talked about how much I loved Tiger Mask. Today, I get to talk about that again, with Kaitendoh's new 1/6-scale polystone statue of Tiger Mask himself, sculpted by Shinichi Tagai! The definition on th...

Space Ace was a game that perhaps never got as much love as its Don Bluth Studios predecessor, Dragon's Lair (well, there's also the whole laserdisc thing), but that doesn't mean it's been forgotten. In fact, Electric Tiki is...


Sideshow's newest Marvel Comiquette is Magik

Jan 14
// Brian Szabelski
The latest addition to Sideshow Collectibles' Marvel Comiquette line is none other than Magik (a.k.a. Illyana Rasputina, sister of Colossus). She's 14 inches tall and made from polystone, and sculpted in great detail by Matt ...

Sideshow Collectibles have kicked off 2012 with a few new statues, and the most eye-catching of those might be their polystone statue of Dead Space's Isaac Clarke. At 16 inches tall and 11 lbs., the Brian Fay-sculpted Isaac h...


Chill out with Sideshow's Iceman Comiquette

Nov 28
// Brian Szabelski
Sideshow Collectibles has revealed their newest Marvel Comiquette statue, featuring the one and only Iceman. The polystone statue stands 18" tall and in perhaps the coolest feature, is semi-translucent, it seems. Well, t...

Amie-Grand's Asuka looks like she had a rough day

Nov 18
// Jonathan Tubbs
Amie-Grand is all about the polystone statues. It's their thing. Well, that and Ikkitousen. But from time to time they'll produce something from a different title. ...though that title is normally Evangelion. And that's what ...

Sideshow wants to excite you Cryptozoologists out there with proof of Bigfoot

Oct 27
// Chris Pranger
I may not believe in a lot of those fantastical creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster or Lindsey Lohan, but I'll admit, I have an affinity toward Bigfoot. I mean, we share a lot of the same qualities, what with us both bei...

Pop Culture Shock's newest Street Fighter statue is Chun Li

Sep 12
// Brian Szabelski
The fine folks at Pop Culture Shock Toys have pretty much made me cry over the past few years. Their Street Fighter statues, in particular, because I've wanted the Cammy and M. Bison ones and have never been able to afford th...

The Punisher may or may not deliver justice to Sideshow Collectibles, probably not

Aug 06
// Chris Pranger
I think I've finally figured it out. Yup, it's very clear. I have no idea how toy collecting works anymore, because for some reason I don't know how to collect like I once did. Sure, I admire from afar all the time, but I mus...

Converting Dr. Horrble's Penny into a cartoony maquette was a wise decision

Jul 12
// Chris Pranger
One of my favorite styles of toy-making is to take a realistic property and transform it into something more stylized and cartoony. I also frequently forget that I really like these reinterpretations, like Clerks. Remember wh...

The Steward of Gondor lives on in Sideshow's Boromir statue

Jul 11
// Chris Pranger
The forces of Sauron are in for hell as the Fellowship is slowly coming together with Gandolf a few months ago and Gimli before him. Now, Sideshow Collectibles is continuing things with a fantastic Boromir statue, true to the...

Bowen Design has a statue of Jocasta, as if you know who that is

Jul 05
// Chris Pranger
Who or what is a Jocasta? If you know, congrats, you're in a very select minority. I vaguely know who she is, or at least I think I do. If my memory serves me correctly, she was briefly in Marvel Zombies and in one of the Mig...

Bowen Design's Old Man Logan reminds me why Wolverine is the coolest

Jul 02
// Chris Pranger
Those of you out there that haven't read Marvel's spectacular Old Man Logan graphic novel, please raise your hand. Now place money into your outstretched hand, walk to your local comic shop, and correct your mistake. If you n...

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