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4:49 PM on 02.07.2009

NYCC 09: Organic Hobby and Revoltech: Day 2

Day 2 of the New York Comic Con is here, and that's a sad thing. Not so much because the convention is half over, but because we returned to Organic Hobby's booth today and found that the "good stuff" we'd expected ...

Topher Cantler


Xbox Live Gold 55% Off at Paypal's Spring Gaming Sale

The 5th week of PayPal's Spring Gaming Sale is here! :

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5:15 PM on 02.06.2009

NYCC 09: Organic Hobby and Revoltech: Day 1

While many vendors' booths are notably smaller than last year's, one definite exception is Organic Hobby. The North American Revoltech distributor's spread is probably three times the size it was last year, and the figures ar...

Topher Cantler

6:04 PM on 12.08.2008

Organic Hobby presents Jimmy from Gang King: King of Swanky

You might be chuckling at that name, Gang King: King of Swanky, but I wouldn't let Jimmy here catch wind of you doing so. He looks likely to kick all of our sorry asses if crossed. Still, Jimmy is indeed the main character fr...

Topher Cantler

9:12 PM on 12.02.2008

Special delivery from Organic in the form of Shigofumi's Fumika

Now here is a figure I never thought I'd see. Ever. Centered around a "shinigami mailman," Shigofumi is sort of the anime equivalent of the kind of American show like Pushing Daisies--a really amazing piece of art t...

Emily Smalara

9:00 PM on 11.05.2008

High School of the Dead figures are coming, which means the zombies are soon to follow

High School of the Dead is one of those series that many of us over at Japanator just love. I mean, it's a combination of zombies, tits, pantie shots, and American horror film references. Plus, it has high schoolers wielding ...