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Sorry, Mario ... but I think your princess is in another castle. Kodykoala has completed a new custom vinyl figure featuring a zombified Peach and what's left of poor Mario. The 7- to 8-inch piece has Peach on a spooky l... read feature

Kodykoala makes me rethink zombies yet again with a Game Boy of all things

Oct 22
Zombies are so dead, if you'll pardon the obvious pun. I said as much at the beginning of the month with Kodykoala's revisitation of his Zombie Luigi, and darn it did I believe that'd be the end of the zombie hordes. Well it'... read

ThinkGeek's Exclusive Zombie Monkey plush wants your brains, bananas

Oct 08
It's that time of year when zombies are in vogue and ThinkGeek's got an exclusive plush that really takes the cake, err, bananas. Their new Zombie Monkey plush is not just eerily adorable but bears the grotesque charm one wou... read

Kodykoala wants to revisit the zombie motif with another Zombie Luigi

Oct 03
It is impossible to escape both zombies and apparently Kodykoala as they will track you down and, presumably, eat your brain (citation needed). Coming fresh off launching a dedicated store for his custom pieces, Mr. KK is off... read

The Scarecrow from Oz is getting a dark update, but he needs your help

Jul 29
So then, we find ourselves gathered here on the precipice, looking out upon yet another custom action figure that I could very well want in my hands. But wait! There's a catch! This one doesn't exist yet! Start-up company Sho... read

Take a peek at Circus Posterus' SDCC exclusives

Jul 04
Circus Posterus seems to pull out all the stops when it comes to San Diego Comic Con, and this year is no exception. They will be offering a whopping 5 exclusive pieces, all of them handpainted resin. First up are two new min... read

New Little Apple Dolls at London MCM Expo

May 19
I started collecting Little Apple Dolls back in 2008, the year Tomopop launched. Ah, sweet memories! These pale girls with a look right out of j-horror classics such as The Ring captured my heart immediately, and I've kept an... read

Check out this Rose Vampire custom by Motobot

May 05
This new custom is a Rose Vampire by Motorbot, and I'm totally loving this concept! This custom has the body of a rose's stem and the head of a rose's petals, but don't let that fool you into thinking this flower is sweet! Ro... read

18" Frankenstein figure by Diamond Select is scary stuff!

Apr 19
Diamond Select has revealed its latest addition, with a wonderfully scary and accurate 18" tall Frankenstein! This big guy is based off of the classic movies, and looks more frightening than ever and features over twenty-six ... read

So cute and so evil, My First Cthulhu ready to pre-order

Mar 21
What better way to expose your child to Lovecraftian horrors than with My First Cthulhu? Cthulhu's plush incarnation looks totally adorable and just begs for you to stare into his eyes and spiral downward into madness! Oh, an... read

Super scary Batman Vampire mini statue ready to pre-order!

Mar 16
Check out this nightmare fuel Batman Vampire mini statue. This thing is the Batman born of horrible hallucinations and some of Scarecrow's poison, I bet. Actually, this Batman statue is based on the undead Batman from titles ... read

Brandt Peters x Ferg's Trouble Boys No. 23 shows up at the scene

Mar 02
Next Monday, March 7th, if you like the work of artists such as Brandt Peters and Ferg, you can add a little bit of gangster to your vinyl collection. The latest in the Jamungo series is called Big Sleep (No. 23) an... read

Kit Lane takes us to her Strangeland at Gallery Hanahou

Feb 28
Our coverage of Gallery Hanahou's Needle Felting Extravaganza, opening March 3, 2011, continues with the felt sculptures of Kit Lane. The pieces that she has revealed for her "Strangeland" mini show have got me very excited. ... read

Bob Conge is once again making my nightmares reality

Feb 22
Bob Conge! My arch nemesis and greatest ally at the very same time, the man responsible for about 90% of my current phobias, Bob Conge is back again with some new creations to show off. And as usual, they are a rare breed of ... read

Check out this Rubiks Cube brain by Moist!

Feb 18
Wow, this thing is just downright creepy. Artist Moist, a.k.a. Jason Freeny, has created a kind of disturbing custom Rubiks Cube. It seems he embedded a traditional version of the Rubiks Cube into a brain sculpt, resulting in... read

Sideshow opens pre-orders for Indiana Jones Chalice of Kali

Feb 17
Remember when we showed you a teaser for the Chalice of Kali prop from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that Sideshow Collectibles had in the works? Well, now they've premiered photos of the full collectible, as well as a... read

Umineko's Beatrice appears in doll form, will still kill you

Feb 16
I've never found dolls to be of particular interest. Perhaps it's the natural "RAWR male hate girl toy RAWR" mechanism in my brain, but I've rarely found myself looking at a doll with any particular capitalistic lust. A few y... read

Jay222 tries his hand at creating NIGHT GAMERS

Feb 15
Our good buddies at Plaseebo have been terrifying me pretty regularly with all manner of strange and awesome custom vinyls, most noteworthy the various takes on the NIGHT GAMERS, probably one of the strangest things I've ever... read

Hine Mizushima's Unnatural History Museum Comes to Gallery Hanahou

Feb 15
Hine Mizushima has posted teasers for her upcoming "The Unnatural History Museum" show on her blog and I cannot wait to see more. The show is is a part of Gallery Hanahou's Needle Felting Extravaganza which opens March 3, 201... read

Sideshow's exclusive Nosferatu statue is creepy, creepy, creepy

Feb 07
Screw Twilight and its stupid, sparkling vampires -- there was a time when vampires were actually frightening. The 1922 black and white film Nosferatu portrayed a bald, long fingered creature by the name of Count Or... read

Custom Delights: Jason Freeny brings us three new anatomical figures

Feb 04
Jason Freeny, the guy behind all these neat cutaway sculptures such as Mario and Icebat, has struck again. The last few updates on his Facebook page show us three great new cutaway figures, ... read

The Cthulu bobble-head instills madness in all who gaze upon it

Feb 03
If you or someone you know has those Lovecraftian urges, the Cthulu bobble-head is just the thing to get. Gaze upon Cthulu's maddening visage and scream in agony as their sanity dwindles in the realm of R'lyeh. But no, really... read

Abandoned Lego house evokes the untold beauty in absolute darkness

Feb 03
I know that there's a level of morbidity to it, but I am absolutely fascinated by urban decay. I find crumbling and deteriorating buildings to have an immense beauty. Just a few days ago, I bemoaned to our beloved editor-in-c... read

Dave Correia's Lil' Skeletor painting is adorably sinister

Feb 02
This illustration by Dave Correia is a simply wonderful interpretation of a classic character. Lil' Skeletor is both creepy and cute, with realistically skull-faced toddler Skeletor alongside his panther cub. I also like the ... read

Our friends at Symbiote Studios have already proven that they know what they are doing with popular vinyl lines like the Symbiotes (reviewed) and polystone statues such as Sam and Max (reviewed). When they told us they were w... read feature

Daniel Goffin brings Bob Conge's NIGHT GAMERS to terrifying life

Jan 19
Bob Conge! Oh Bob Conge! How my life constantly intersects with the man and his site's work! Fate has seen fit to bring us together again, though for another artist's amazingly horrifying rendition of something Conge has crea... read

Tonner announces the rather terrifying Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Jan 12
We are fans of Tonner Doll Company -- you may have figured that out during New York Comic Con -- due to their attention to detail and the exciting news about them gaining the license to produce Marvel... read

Bob Conge's creations are clearly stealing my very soul

Jan 11
Not too long ago I did a little write-up on a strange piece of art called the Mickeybaby Marshmallow Kaiju, a toy crafted from all of my childhood fears and nightmares compressed into a hard resin suitable for purchase. Since... read

Char's Z'Gok has become rather monstrous, now a Killer Z'Gok

Jan 11
Char's Z'Gok was one of my favorite mobile suits in Mobile Suit Gundam. This new take on it has me shaking a little bit though. Created as a part of the Gundam DX Heroes & Monster, it takes the aquatic MS to its roots, ma... read

Bob Conge's Mickeybaby Marshmallow Kaiju not the first thing to pop into my head

Jan 06
Story time guys. When I was a child, I had an unhealthy fear of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Don't ask me why, but I would stay awake at night thinking it'd smash through my window and kill me dead. Apparently Bob Conge hea... read

Kodykoala's custom Yoshi will give you the best kind of nightmares

Dec 28
Well, nothing like a little post-Christmas Zombie Yoshi to brighten your mood, eh? Kodykoala, last seen crafting an amazing Yoshi Mech, as well as a number of other custom creations (his Cutaway Mega Man statue may just be fo... read

Doktor A, among many other artists, participating in The Addams Family Art Show

Dec 23
Come January, there will be a "Group Art Show" over at the Wootini Gallery running from the seventh until the end of the month. Addams Family being the theme, it looks like the show will be filled with "morbidl... read

A Death Trooper is actually something to be scared of

Dec 21
As this decade comes to a close, it's certainly been a good one for the undead. Rising up from relative dormancy, the mythos took over everything from film, television, gaming and even literature. Beloved classics couldn't es... read

Star Wars may have had victorian era inspiration

Dec 15
At first glance, these masks look like creepy steampunk customs based on classic Star Wars icons, namely Darth Vader and C-3P0. However, the opposite is true. Instead of being inspired by the film series, they have ... read

Kathie Olivas' Two Faced Hazel turned into a terrifying zombie

Dec 09
It's been years since the supersized version of Kathie Olivas' Hazel figure from the Scavengers line was released, so long that it's been a while since the figure crossed my mind, actually. At least, until I spotted... read

State Farm Qee: Marketing fail or clever move?

Dec 08
The last thing I think of when I picture an insurance company is a corporation that would joke about serious injury, especially not one that would conjure up something like the creature pictured above. But lo and behold, this... read

Victorian aesthetics meet a bloody end

Nov 08
You've heard of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, right? How about Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters? Well these types gore-filled takes on victorian era works are exactly what artist Jessica Harrison has been up... read

Most of us do love the hell out of some anime girls, but we do admit, from time to time, it is nice to see women depicted in the collectible community in other ways. Yamato USA came to the rescue last year with thei... read feature

Keithing recreates the Luke Chueh Sad Bear just in time for Halloween

Oct 28
Halloween always gives artists a reason to come up with some of the best customs. A perfect example is Keithing's re-imagining of Luke Chueh's Sad Bear, and it is pretty magnificent if I do say s... read

Pipos releases limited dark Alice in Nightmare ball jointed dolls

Sep 09
Pipos, a ball jointed doll company renowned for its high-quality anthropomorphic critters, has just released the newest installment of their Alice in Wonderland limited series, which they have named Alice in Nightmare.  ... read

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