NSFW: Take out your stress on a lone squishy boob

Apr 01
I had a boyfriend once who went to Japan and brought back one of these. We agreed it was the weirdest thing ever, partially because it was tan, and partially because it was just one boob. I guess it's meant to simulate the fe... read

Kreatworks Alien sculptures are going to blow your mind

Mar 29
If you are an Alien fan, I'm sure you're already frothing at the mouth just looking at this sculpture. Rightfully, you should be, because it's amazing. I mean, who sits around their house making stuff like this? It makes me f... read

Serve it up at your house parties with the TARDIS

Nov 17
Things like this always make me smile and wish I didn't write a lot of my posts in the mornings while at work. I can't exactly yell at my screen about how awesome something is while I'm in the office, ya know? In any case, th... read

Who is Krisoft?

Nov 16
I've noticed that when looking at any type of collectible art that's very different, or that other people label as "kind of strange", that's my cue to look at the same thing and find it wonderful. I've often champio... read

[UPDATED] Beautiful creatures turned into art out of scraps and hub caps

Nov 13
Ptolemy Erlington of Hubcap Creatures spends all of his time at his studio creating beautiful sculptures out of scraps. The header image and all of those in the gallery are all sculptures that have been created out of hub cap... read

Now you can play with Bender for 60% off, and more things on sale

Nov 10
As a part of some pre-black Friday savings that Entertainment Earth has going on, stuff like this die-cast Futurama series one box set are on sale. So, for only US$9.90 you have a play set with Leela, Fry, Bender and the prof... read

Now you can own the Canon 5D Mark II in USB form

Sep 06
The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is one of those cameras that photogeeks like me dream about. The body alone will cost you a hefty $2500, and most of us don't quite have that much to shell out in pocket cash. What's to be done? Gaze ... read

Need a 1/6 scale model camera for your toys? Photojojo delivers

Aug 31
Think of the tons of 1/6 scale figures and toys we've covered over the years. Not specific enough? Okay, then picture Hot Toys' line of action figures. Now imagine how much more awesome they would be holding a detailed replic... read

Takara Tomy's Clockman wants to be your friend

Aug 13
How cute is he? I mean, everyone needs a friend first thing in the morning. No one wants to get up, right? Well, Clockman might be just the friend you need (although it is worth noting if you get tired of him, you technically... read

Blamo's Billy 2.0 is oozing with style

Jun 21
We haven't heard much from Blamo Toys since we stopped by their booth during this year's Wondercon, but usually when a toy company goes a bit silent, it's only because they're hard at work on a new project. And sure enough, t... read

This bronze Katamari Damacy statue has the weight of the world on its shoulders!

Jun 01
Of all the videogames that are out there, none are as instantly charming as Katamari Damacy. Even my mom enjoyed it when I showed her what this game was. Everybody can have fun with this wonderful game franchise! This Katamar... read

Good Grief! Peanuts' Lucy gets an awesome reimagining

May 31
I absolutely adore Peanuts. I have a little figure of Charlie Brown (reviewed) and his Christmas tree from the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and it's just one of those collectibles that I get nostalgic about every time I l... read

FERG's Stainless Sqube may be the coolest paperweight of all time

May 25
In the mood to buy an exclusive limited edition collectible today, but don't really know where to look? Search no further. Jamungo's got something very hot and different for you. The newest piece from FERG is a beautiful cubi... read

mr clement celebrates Petit Lapin's tenth birthday with a new exhibit

Apr 21
If you are lucky enough to be in Paris in the first place, well I already envy you, but you can crank up your coolness factor just a little bit higher by checking out a very special event that's coming up in a few days. To ce... read

Fat Batman is the best Batman ever!

Apr 09
This Batman, known as Fat Batman, is my new favorite Batman ever. We all know the joke hero from the Fat Man parody of Batman. Now there is an actual Fat Batman. If only this was mass produced, I would buy tons as a gifts to ... read

Huck Gee's bronze Skullhead is ridiculously sexy

Mar 23
I don't love everything Huck Gee makes, but when I do love something, man do I ever love it hard. A perfect example is this collaboration piece with Fully Visual, a FORTY POUND solid bronze Skullhead. How wicked is that? I've... read

Mario and Peach + Michaelangelo? Yeah, I couldn't make this up if I tried

Mar 18
Mixing major gaming culture icons with famous sculptures such as Michelangelo's Pieta? That's basically total brilliance right there. And it's exactly what artist Kordiana Lewadowskiego did with this creation. Made of polysty... read

Yoshitomo Nara's Gummi Girl is deliciously scary looking

Mar 15
Nosing around the interweb today, I was fortunate enough to stumble across these in a Super Punch toy roundup. Based on the memorable art of Yoshitomo Nara, these strange collectibles are meant to hold candy, but they could r... read

Take-G's beautiful wooden creations echo a time gone by

Mar 04
I absolutely adore wooden toys. There aren't that many of them out there, but there's something about them that captures my attention every time. Our friend Spanky Stokes spotted these beautiful wooden creations by a Japanese... read

Kozik's Ludwig Van mini-busts made more affordable

Mar 02
Any fan of Frank Kozik's work will surely remember the Ludwig Van busts, which were $3,000 each and released in a limited edition of twenty. Sure, it was the kind of piece you could brag about if you got one, but few people w... read

Petit Common lapin teaser has my interest piqued

Jan 14
Interesting fact about Lapin -- it was first written about on the day that Tomopop launched, January 30th, 2008. As you can imagine, I have pretty fond feelings about the figure, as it not only reminds me of when my collectin... read

Josh Finkle's Extinct Toys are a beautiful homage to species lost

Dec 28
I was browsing over at NOTCOT today when I spotted these mysterious little wooden silhouettes and found that I had to take a closer look. Created by artist Josh Finkle, each of these figures are dedicated to an animal that re... read

Dustin Wallace's innovative metal crafts will surely amaze you

Dec 28
Of all the types of mediums people use to create things, I think metal is by far in my top three favorites. The main reason is because I love the look of it, but there's also something about creating out of metal that I reall... read

This Kozik Gold Mao is straight baller

Nov 23
Someone always laughs hard when I use the word baller (fondly inherited from Dale North of Destructoid/Japanator fame), but sometimes it really is the only appropriate word to describe something. In the case of these Frank Ko... read

Start your holiday shopping with Mr. Clement's goodies

Nov 11
Perhaps you, like me, are thinking the holidays are around the corner and you need to start thinking about gifts for your friends. Your toy collecting friends. It's always a challenge to buy a collectible for another person -... read

Ping Pong balls with personality? Artist Patrik Bundeli makes it happen

Aug 24
I usually try to limit the news we post here on Tomopop to toys and things I can link you to should you want to add them to your collection, but every once in a while something so cool looking comes along that even if you can... read

Arwassa introduces The Butterfly Hunter Girl

Aug 19
Every once in a while, something truly unusual comes along amidst all the big boobied PVC releases and Designer Vinyl clones, and this certainly classifies. Spotted over on Spanky Stokes today, the lovely little thing is call... read

Petit Astrolapin Black team- A opens for preorders

Aug 18
I've been a fan of mr clement's Petit Lapin since I first saw him all the way back in January of last year, and I'm always excited to hear a new announcement about the line. Today mr clement finally showed off pictures of the... read

The force is with you: Symbiote Studios announces Saber bookends

Jul 02
We've had the pleasure of reviewing several of Symbiote Studios' collectibles, including the Sam & Max statue and the Jessica Chobot Autumn Beauty statue. When we got a look at the newest project they've been working on, ... read

Who is Guy Robot?

Jun 25
One glance at the works of Guy Robot, and one thing is for sure -- what you are seeing is a real conversation piece, especially for people who love to collect interesting objects. Even better, each one of these handmade robot... read

Show and Tell: Hatsune Miku VOCALOID Lullaby music box

Jun 12
If you follow all things Vocaloid, especially those Hatsune Miku-related (as you know many of us around here do), you've surely already seen the music boxes. Two were released in Japan last year as part of the Sega Prize seri... read

Lucky Star's Nyamo USB flash drive is the cutest thing ever

Jun 08
Forget about wanting the Konata USB flash drive that we posted about back in March. Now I may be a sucker for cats but no one can resist this adorable face of Nyamo from Lucky Star. For those who don't know, Nyamo is the self... read

Ark of the Covenant Now Holds Money, Not Commandments

May 06
Pretty much everyone loves Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull DOESN'T COUNT).  The first in the trilogy was Raiders of the Lost Ark, arguably the best in the series.  As the Nazis scoured through Egypt in their attempt to... read

Mr. Destructoid, the collectible? You bet

May 05
What is it you're looking at here, exactly? Well, it's the first sneak peek at the very first Mr. Destructoid collectible! Sculpted by Trevor Zammit, who has worked with the like sof Scare Factory, Mezco Toyz, Palisades Toys,... read

Smile! Kotobukiya's Kamen Rider Decade Blackbird, Fly Camera!

May 04
I have to say that I'm a bit antiquated when it comes to photography.  I've always found myself partial to pictures taken with 35mm film.  The pictures just always felt so much more genuine to me.  When a 35mm ... read

New dreamy tokidoki pillows and more, at Japan LA

Mar 21
Thanks to Jamie over at Japan LA, we've been informed that they've recently started to carry a sizable number of new items that are sure to catch the eye. What jumped out at me was a set of new tokidoki pillow cases, though I... read

Otaku USB Drive heaven: Ranka, Konata, and Rei

Mar 05
Buffalo comes through again with the best USB flash drives ever. They are the same manufacturer company of the Gundam one that was previously posted. I know we try to hold back on posting USBs because Japan makes so many awes... read

Dear mr.clement, I love you and Astrolapin too

Mar 03
I love mr.clement, and have felt that way ever since I discovered Petit Lapin way back around the time Tomopop was born. The black version sits on my toy shelf, scarf happily cast to one side, and I often find myself thinking... read

Cutesy Poo Toys presents the Ice Kimos

Feb 23
You may find the name Cutesypoo Toys rings a bell, and if you do, you're right: we've posted about their adorable creations before. Apparently not satisfied with creating the most adorable egg tart of all time, they are unvei... read

Symbiote Studios announces the Sam & Max statue

Jan 28
[As originally posted on Destructoid] I've kept an eye on Symbiote Studios ever since they took the commendable step of transforming Dr. Tran into a collectible I could actually buy and decorate my desk with, and it seems tha... read

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