This custom Link action figure does the Triforce proud

Sep 14
I believe that today is going to be a good day. Actually, I know this to be a fact. Why is that? Because someone took upon themselves the task of creating an action figure of Link that looks as good as we'd all like. And cust... read

Squishable's narwhal mini is swimmin' through the ocean to you!

Apr 26
Squishable is a company I really like; their big squishy animals and monsters of all types are incredibly cuddly. My first Squishable, the shark, I got at their booth at Otakon a few years ago and love to this day. Now, a T-R... read

NSFW: Take a plunge into the deep end with Bad Dragon's Tentacle

Apr 01
Tentacles emerging from the deep, slithering everywhere, dripping goo... yeah, you know you want one. Don't lie. Sadly, dismembered tentacles are not readily available for purchase. Well... they are, they're just, you know, a... read

NSFW: Make Miku really sing with the Future Loid Mikuty sex toy!

Apr 01
For those of you out there who have an attraction towards singers, you're in luck as Japanese company Onahole has gone and done the unthinkable - they've gotten into the Holy Grail and made replicas of Hatsune Miku's "insides... read

Toy Fair 2011: Pokemon Booth Overview

Feb 19
Pokemon was my gateway drug to nerdom. It got me into gaming, collecting toys, forums, and introduced me to a whole community of fellow nerds. So when we walked by the Pokemon booth at Toy Fair, I practically squealed with jo... read

Toy Fair 2011: Kotobukiya's Starcraft II Bottlecaps

Feb 19
Kotobukiya showed off quite a few products at Toy Fair, but one of the smallest and most easily overlooked were the new Starcraft II bottlecaps. Hidden amongst some papers on one of the tables at the booth, these tiny, yet hi... read

Andrew Bell shows off some sneak peeks of Android Series 2

Feb 03
Andrew Bell's Android design for Google's cell phone platform is one adorable mascot, and the vinyl renditions of him are quite the fan favorite. As a result, it's no surprise to see that a second series of the Android Mini C... read

Neatoshop places great scientists at the tip of your fingers

Feb 03
I may have a degree in English, but I can't help myself sometimes when it comes to science. Damnit, science rules! Neatoshop knows what I'm talking about, hence why we've got a handful of amazingly adorable finger puppets of ... read

DC's Blackest Night figures shine true

Jan 27
I have a terrible secret to admit: I don't know much about DC Comic's Blackest Night. I'm ashamed of this, especially because I believe myself to be current with everything in the world of comics. Blame this on how much I hat... read

Tonner's leather clad Kermit and Miss Piggy spice things up, available for pre-order!

Jan 11
When growing up, there are a few things you know to be true. The Earth is round, the sky is blue, and Kermit and Miss Piggy are destined for each other. Miss Piggy is sooooo into Kermit and the guy barely takes a hint. He nev... read

Tonner Doll Company to release Marvel figures

Dec 16
High-quality doll giant Tonner Doll Company recently scored a license that'll make just about any comic geek swoon: Marvel. Ooh, chills. Anyone else? If you need convincing that Tonner can do amazing things with a good licens... read

Serve it up at your house parties with the TARDIS

Nov 17
Things like this always make me smile and wish I didn't write a lot of my posts in the mornings while at work. I can't exactly yell at my screen about how awesome something is while I'm in the office, ya know? In any case, th... read

Seal your cookies with the Dark Force, slice off the hands of intruders

Nov 11
So if you've ever wondered what it is Darth Vader likes to do for his part-time, he protects cookies from unwelcome hands. Luke's hand was just a warm-up, this is the real deal folks! The real deal. You'll have to think twice... read

ATTENTION DUELISTS: Kotobukiya announces Yu-Gi-Oh One Coin Series 2

Nov 07
Oh man, Kotobukiya, you are killing it with all this Yu-Gi-Oh merchandise! The first One Coin Yu-Gi-Oh set isn't going to be released until March, but it must be pretty damn popular because already a second set has been annou... read

Bandai produces some nerdgasmic Pokemon kits

Nov 04
If there's one insanely popular franchise that doesn't get a lot of love on Tomopop, it's Pokemon. A while ago I would have said Yu-Gi-Oh claimed that title, but after the trading figures and Dark Magician Girl (HHHHHHHHNGGGG... read

Kotobukiya's Dark Magician Girl is OMGAMAZINGAAAAAAAH!

Nov 04
I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS MOMENT. We showed you the unpainted version of Dark Magician Girl a few days ago, and now you can order her! She is currently up at AmiAmi and Hobby Search. So what are you waiting for, go... read

Kotobukiya's Dark Magician Girl is utterly amazing

Oct 30
I have been waiting a long time for the unveiling of this figure. Well, I have been waiting since she was first announced at Summer Wonder Fest, but considering how excited I was for her it felt like a lot longer! And now tha... read

Medicom is bringing Da Funk back to the Punk with their Daft Punk Tron: Legacy figures

Oct 26
With Tron: Legacy just a few short months away, Medicom has put out a few new Daft Punk tie-in figures with the movie, all of which are OMFG AWESOME! We first showed you these back at SDCC, and now the 100% Kubrick set and Re... read

Star Wars alarm clock lamps, cute and functional

Oct 22
So you needed another Star Wars collectible for your shrine to nerdom? Check out these Darth Vader and Boba Fett super deformed mp3 playing lamps. Yes, two things in one! Each item functions as an alarm clock primar... read

Buy this custom Galactus now or it will eat your face, also, planet

Oct 01
I'm starting to hate Encline Designs now. Hate in the way that he constantly brings out amazing custom toys, of really high quality with some amazing imagination behind them. I hate him like I hate air. There's just so much o... read

Custom Delights: Nakanari's Spiki Rhino Ranger

Sep 27
The custom Jouwe show at Toy Art Gallery is quickly approaching and tons of awesome customs have been flooding in. We've shown you many of them so far, and now we have pictures of another custom: Nakanari's Spiki Rhino Ranger... read

Under the Radar: Timelord's Spinning TARDIS...and it levitates

Sep 22
You read that right - it levitates. While this item isn't totally new, I'm sharing the love to all my friends on Tomopop who would (as I) spend hours and hours spinning this Doctor Who TARDIS. The item is only about three inc... read

Bowen Designs Tigra, Iron Man, and Yellowjacket are now up for online pre-order

Sep 12
Hey guys, Remember all that time back when I told you about some awesome Bowen statues you can get through comic shops and Diamond? Well now you can also order them through Sideshow Collectibles! Well for those of you who hav... read

Tomopop Birthday Club: Jason's haul

Sep 04
Last weekend, a package arrived for me. Since I'm more or less broke all the time these days, it didn't take much guessing to figure out that this was my long-awaited birthday haul. This most of my time is spent working, it took me a couple of days to unbox, but I got it all on camera so you can see my anticipation turn into excitement, then glee, in real time!The video is after the jump!  read

Motorbot's They Live figures will force you to obey

Sep 02
Have you ever seen the 1988 cinematic masterpiece, They Live ? if not, go watch it now. It's the only movie I can think of that contains not only magic sunglasses and mind control, but also the incomparable Rowdy Roddy Piper.... read

Good Smile Company's Red Eyes Black Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon up for order

Aug 23
Another day, another figure up for order, or, well, in today's case, two giant monstrosities of win: Red Eyes Black Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon. It's a tad odd to see Yu-Gi-Oh figures now all of a sudden, but I'm not re... read

This Fallout 3 replica plasma rifle is going to melt your face with awesome

Aug 23
It's not often that I run across something on the glory of the interwebs that you look at and just immediately know it's quite possibly the epitome of ridiculous awesome? Because that is exactly what this is. I'm not even a f... read

Figma Metis now up for order along with the Aegis re-release!

Aug 18
We saw test images of this lovely lady... er, robot a few days back, and now she is up for order! I don't think much needs to be said aside from GOGOGO! She is up on HobbySearch for 2429 yen and of course comes with Koromaru ... read

Covergirls of the DC Universe gets armored with Wonder Woman

Aug 17
If there is one thing I love more than almost anything else, it's Wonder Woman. I think we've pretty much established this by now, I'm totally gay for Wonder Woman. You know what else I love though? Adam Hughes drawing Wonder... read

Battlestar Galactica model kit makes me squee with nerd joy

Aug 03
You guys, I am geeking out hardcore. I mean, look at this thing. It is awe-inspiringly fantastic. Not only is it a model kit of Battlestar Galactica, but it is awesome looking and huge. Measuring in at 14" long, this is ... read

We've got pics of new Trans- OH MY GOD! IS THAT A NEW JAZZ!?

Aug 03
What we have here, ladies and gentleman, is an orgy of awesome nostalgia! You want a new mold Jazz? We're getting it. You want a new mold Perceptor? We've got that coming too. New molds of Scourge? Check. Tracks? Check. Thund... read

SDCC 2010: Sideshow Collectibles' Terminator Figures

Jul 27
Sideshow Collectibles' booth had a metric crapton of figures on display for a lack of better words, but a few that really stuck out were their Terminator figures. Featuring 1/6th scale figures, busts, a few enormously large f... read

SDCC 2010: Weta Workshop's District 9 Figures

Jul 26
District 9 might have been my favorite movie of 2009, but for some odd reason there is not much merchandise from it. Films like Avatar get figures out the wazoo, but District 9 seemed left out of the crazy movie merchandising... read

SDCC 2010: Tron: Legacy Figures

Jul 26
Tron: Legacy seemed to be EVERYWHERE at San Diego Comic Con, so much so that Disney branded the convention ComicTron 2010 in their press releases. The city was riddled with posters for the movie, the panel filled up 5 hours b... read

Hey, remember when I used to do reviews of MOTUC figures? Hey, no problem, I barely do either, since I haven't been able to snag a new release figure in almost five months. It's okay though. As much as I love Moss Man, Trap J... read feature

Remote controlled Tron Legacy Lightcycles will climb walls

Jun 22
Wired online posted some cool new Tron Legacy tie in products, but the one that really stands out is the new remote controlled Lightcycle. Why are these awesome? Well, one, they're Lightcycles, which is awesome enough on its ... read

No evil shall escape the sight of the new DCUC Green Lantern 5-Pack

Jun 06
You know, the economy might be in shambles, but Mattel sure knows how to squeeze a dollar out of a nerd's pocket. I mean, Matty could have easily spread out the character selection in their new Walmart-exclusive DCUC Green La... read

Wondercon 2010: Welcome to Wondercon!

Apr 06
Welcome welcome one and all to Wondercon, the homecoming dance to San Diego's Nerd Prom. From cosplay to comics, this show had it all, whether you wanted toys, movies, games, or whatever else that tickled your nerd fancy. So stick around and keep checking back regularly throughout the week for news, interviews, and updates from what was a great weekend for toy fans in the bay area! read

Kyle Roberts creates Wall-E Meets Michael Jackson and more!

Apr 02
Kyle Roberts is an independent filmmaker who is getting his start in stop motion. He has created one of my new favorite videos using the Hot Toys Michael Jackson Thriller figure and Wall-E. After using over 1,200 pictures and... read

Ashley Wood reveals three new, retail only Dropcloths

Mar 25
Wait, Ashley Wood designs toys? How did I not know this! He's one of my favorite artists in comics and he makes toys!Wait, hold on a second, I need to compose myself from the massive geek out.All things considered I think I'm... read

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