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Horror photo
Do ghosts get vacuumed up with a pop?
Guillermo del Toro's upcoming horror film Crimson Peak isn't going to hit theaters until October 16, but horror collectibles fans won't have to wait that long for the film's merchandise as Funko plans to release three Po...

Masters of the Universe photo
Because that new MOTU movie is totally still coming out
The new Masters of the Universe film (title pending) is going to come out at some point (maybe!), but in the mean-time we may or may not have a concept image of the new Battle Cat. Apparently somebody connected to the film ha...

NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya photo
NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya

NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya drops some bombs at their panel

Mass Effect Bishoujo Tali, among others
Oct 10
// Tianxiao Ma
Andres is on the ground at NYCC (having the time of his life, I'm sure) and was able to get a part of the sweet action at Kotobukiya's panel. Usually at US events, Kotobukiya's emphasis is more on properties that western coll...
Book of Life photo
Or deaden down a living room?
Funko has released images for its Book of Life Pop! and Legacy figures. While the Pop! figures (which includes both versions of Manolo, Maria, Xibalba, and La Muerte) are cute, it's the Legacy figures which steal the show. Th...

Rocky photo

NECA shows first look at 8-bit classic video game Rocky

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight!
Jun 06
// Vanessa Cubillo
Yesterday on Twitter, NECA showed off a picture of their next figure in their 8-bit classic video game line. So far, they’ve released Jason, Freddy Kruegar, Predator, and RoboCop. So now their newest figure added to th...
Batman photo

Internet conned by custom Batman figure masquerading as Ben Affleck Bat-suit

Another tell was that it looked far better than the Nolan-verse batsuit
Apr 15
// Scarecroodle
Bleeding Cool and others were apparently taken in by what was purportedly a leaked image of Ben Affleck's bat-suit from the upcoming Man of Steel sequel which will feature a Batman/Superman team-up. While a false rumor usuall...
LEGO movie posters photo
LEGO movie posters

LEGO mini figs star in Oscar nominee movie posters

Artist gives movie posters a LEGO-inspired makeover
Feb 22
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
You'll never be able to run out and buy a LEGO set for movies like Her or 12 Years a Slave, but thanks to artist Old Red Jalopy you can get an idea of what such a thing might look like. Movie posters for the nine Oscar B...
Funko photo

Lando Calrissian isn't a system, he's a vinyl bobblehead

See, if I run this as two stories I get to use two Star Wars-related puns
Oct 04
// Scarecroodle
Those of you who recently fell into our trap (and if you did, how did you escape?!) may have noticed that three of the Funko's POP! Star Wars bobblehead pre-order listings featured illustrations rather than product images. Fu...
#Trap photo

Don't click on this story, IT'S A TRAP!

I told you not to go in there!
Sep 26
// Scarecroodle
Admiral Ackbar notes that the following story is most definitely a trap and should not, I repeat, NOT, be clicked.
Disney busts photo
Disney busts

Enesco's Grand Jester busts capture Disney magic

Sep 20
// Scarecroodle
A slew of Grand Jester Disney busts are currently available for pre-order, including Beast (Beauty and the Beast) with a cool magic rose base, Maleficent as a dragon (Sleeping Beauty), Scrooge McDuck, Merida (Brave), and more...

Brandon Griffith creates LEGO art for Edgar Wright show

For the event, Griffith created portraits from the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy
Aug 22
// Vanessa Cubillo
Gallery1988 is currently showing an exhibit that features art dedicated to Edgar Wright's work. Edgar Wright is a writer and director who's known for working on such films as Shaun of the Dead, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the ...

A round-up of exclusive toys coming to Disney's D23 Expo

Aug 01 // Natalie Kipper
Before we dive into the exclusives that are available for purchase at the event, I also want to touch on several of the various toy-related activities at different Pavilions within the expo. One I am particularly looking forward to takes place over at the Disney Consumer Products Pavilion and it's called "What Makes a Puppet a Muppet?" Judging from the website's description, it looks like attendees will get the chance to make their very own Muppet plush as well as take part in other "puppet-making experiences." I would assume these activities cost money but no price has been listed. Disney Interactive will also have a Pavilion as well a host a panel on the last day of the convention (Sunday, August 11) in which the first 5,000 attendees will receive a never-before-seen Disney Infinity figure.  You can see more about D23 Expo's Pavilions and panels over at the event's official page. Now, onto the exclusive merchandise! First up, we see the D23 Expo Sorcerer Logo vinylmations, available in clear, blue, and yellow. Designed by Caley Hicks, this series is limited to 2,000 pieces. Each 3-inch figure will cost US$16.95. This Black and White Minnie vinylmation will fit right in with the Steamboat Willie Redux displays over at the Disney Consumer Products Pavilion. She was designed by Eric Caszatt and will cost US$16.95. This figure is limited to 2,000 pieces. The set, featuring Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox, is probably my favorite of the con-exclusive vinylmations. This one is limited to 1,000 pieces and will retail for US$29.95. The pair was designed by Ron Cohee. Thomas Scott's Angel and Devil Donald Duck set is limited to 2,000 pieces. The naughty and nice pair will cost US$29.95. The Beauty and the Beast vinylmation set, designed by Caley Hicks, depicts Belle and the Beast from the snowball fight scene. This pair is limited to 1,500 pieces and will cost US$29.95. This next set from the mind of Ron Cohee depicts two of the monsters from the recent Monsters University movie, one from the EEK sorority and another from HSS. The pair are limited to 1,500 and will cost US$29.95. This vinylmation set, designed by Thomas Scott, pays homage to the Silly Symphony in which a fairy grants a mouse's wish to fly (yes, that is a mouse; not a bat). The set is limited to 1,000 pieces and will retail for US$29.95. If the vinylmations weren't enough to make your wallet beg for mercy, Duffy will also make an appearance at this year's D23 Expo as a 12 inch plush, dressed up just for the event. We have also heard news of a Buzz Lightyear Small Fry action figure, based on the Pixar short film, but no official images have been released. So, any Tomopeople heading to the Expo this year? It looks to be a blast! [via Disney Parks Blog, Disney Parks Merchandise]
D23 Expo exclusives photo
Check out what kinds of collectibles can be found!
Disney's D23 Expo starts Friday, August 9, and information regarding exclusive merchandise is beginning to come forward. While there will be things like Dooney & Burke bags and Sephora's Little Mermaid makeup line, let's be honest here: We are in it for the toys. And with that in mind, here is a look at the collectible toy goodness to be found at this year's D23 Expo!

Ouch photo

Disney Villains Designer dolls get a major price cut

Nearly 50 percent off is quite a mark down
May 14
// Natalie Kipper
If you were on the fence about buying the Disney Villains Designer dolls when they were first released way back in September and October of 2012, this may very well be your lucky day. Four of the designs (Ursula, Mother Gothe...
plush pattern photo
plush pattern

How to make your dragon (plush)

Sew your own Toothless, thanks to this handy guide by nooby-banana
May 13
// Natalie Kipper
I may never have seen Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon or know much about their character, Toothless, but I certainly appreciate a good, handmade plush. Nooby-banana over at deviantART not only skillfully crafted her...

Celebrate May the 4th with this R2-A6 MIMOBOT

Limited to only 1,000!
May 04
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
If you're any kind of nerd then I'm sure you're well aware already what today is, otherwise I'm revoking your nerd card. It's May the 4th and Mimoco is celebrating Star Wars day in style with their new R2-A6 astromech droid m...

Counter656's latest video pits S.H.F. Trunks vs. Piccolo

Jan 27
// Andres Cerrato
Counter656 is no stranger to Tomopop. His stop motion films have had our attention for some time, even winning the grand prize in our Gunpla contest. His latest films have gone the route of Dragonball Z, pitting S.H. Figuarts...
Features handmade critters from Amanda Spayd
A while back, you probably remember hearing that Amanda Spayd's critters would be the stars of a stop-motion animation film called The Maker. Well, great news: you can now watch the entire 5:30 award-winning short film onlin...


A closer look at DST's Universal Monsters series 3

Jul 30
// Scarecroodle
As seen at SDCC, the third wave of Diamond Select Toys' Universal Monsters line will include the Phantom of the Opera, the Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth), and the Invisible Man. Both the Phantom and the Metaluna Mutant w...

Tomopop Review: NECA's Lightning Gremlin

Jul 25 // Scarecroodle
Toy Name: Lightning Gremlin (Gremlins line)Toy Maker: NECARetail/List Price: US$11.99Available at: Toys "R" Us The Lightning Gremlin features the same sort of packaging seen with other figures in the Gremlins line(s). The face on the insert is curious in that it features a darker portion for eyes and mouth as well as additional lines in the head. The image reflects neither the film nor the figure, instead appearing to be an illustration. It does, however, remind me that the film version was depicted as just having an empty space for his eyes and mouth, something they chose to not do with this figure. I imagine that may tie into stability issues or ease of production. The back of the card features selections from the normal line. The figures to the left have already been released while the ones on the right will be coming out in the near future. It's worth pointing out that the packaging differs from the rest of the line in one significant aspect as the clamshell packaging is incredibly thin. This is quite possibly the thinnest toy packaging I've ever seen and resembles the girth afforded to comics (when packaged in a clamshell). There's a certain amount of novelty to the figure just for its container. The Lightning Gremlin can be removed from his stand, which would allow you to tape him on a window or something similar as an alternate display method. You could possibly also display him sticking out of an electric socket (something I myself wasn't daring enough to risk) although his arm position would require him to be at a fairly sharp angle. The stand itself seems designed to split apart into two pieces. I have yet to ascertain any possible reason for this function, although I suspect it has something to do with the shallow pegholes on the Lightning Gremlin. The stand is held together by pegs/pegholes. The stand by itself looks lousy because you can make out the patterning on the other side due to the transparent plastic. This effect is less noticeable at overhead angles and when the figure is in place. I had originally assumed that the figure was made by layering sheets of thin plastic. However, it seems that the plastic is just contoured instead. The upraised portions vary in depth, with the outermost layer generally being a bit more shallow which gives the figure a more uneven feel that keeps in theme with the figure's jagged, uneven look (he is lightning, after all). The difference in depth for the upraised portion seem to give color to the figure, as the thickness makes those areas a darker blue. If you look closely at the hands you'll notice some of those mysterious pegholes. The hole itself is on the opposite side of the figure but remains visible courtesy of the transparent plastic. Speaking of, you can choose to just flip the figure around should you prefer the reversed orientation. While the contours display differently (sinking in rather than going out), the effect isn't noticeable from a distance although it may look weird close up (almost giving it a radically different appearance which I personally dislike). The look and quality of the plastic is reminiscent of cheap protractors that I owned and used while in school. Between this and a lack of paint I would imagine that the costs associated with this figure must be relatively low as a result, which makes his price point a little baffling. Something like US$8.99 seems more reasonable. Despite the Lightning Gremlin's general appearance, he actually does scale reasonably well with NECA's other Gremlins figures (unfortunately I couldn't find my George Gremlin, but the Mohawk from the previous line is roughly the same height). Of course, you probably wouldn't leave him with your other figures anyway. They would need shade to protect them from melting and/or paint fade while the Lightning Gremlin looks his best with a light source like a window behind him. From the side, the Lightning Gremlin can look like something of a leaner. However, even if he were to lean slightly, the effect wouldn't really be visible from the front. The side-view is a little disappointing since something juvenile in myself (and others) would really love to turn the figure sideways and just have him be nearly invisible. I mean, how fun would that be? Of course, the other display option that really ramps up the fun factor is to just shine a bright light through the figure and check out his shadow on the wall. The figure's limited opaqueness gives a nice, textured (often color) shadow. My light source was inches away from my figure which, in turn, was no more than a foot from the wall for these photos. This effect will vary depending on the power of your light source and the distances concerned. Interesting, the the shadow almost has a sort of skin texture some of the time. I'm not sure if this was due to minute imperfections within the plastic, some kind or smudging, or an intentional design choice. You can experiment for all sorts of cool effects. This example makes use of a (ultra-violet?) light-up ring from one of that came with a 3.75-inch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides figure. All things considered, it's more than fair to call the Lightning Gremlin something of a rip-off. The figure (well, statue really) uses very little material, it's composed of a cheap-feeling plastic, and there's no paint meaning that figures (statues) must have relatively low production costs. At the same time, I guess it is a fringe item (meaning a smaller production run) and there would be additional development costs given that it uses a completely new, non-reusable sculpt. Plus US$11.99 really is a trifling sum and, as a one-of-a-kind, the value certainly is there. For Gremlins fans, this should be an automatic must-own. The Lightning Gremlin (still not sure why it isn't just called the Electric Gremlin) is a fan-favorite and was one of the few Gremlins to be featured as a boss in the original games (along with Mohawk and the Bat Gremlin). While the figure is limited in terms of posing options, you get an array of neat display options depending on the lighting. The Lightning Gremlin may be without a doubt one of the coolest figures in NECA's new Gremlins line; a line that I hope will continue for quite some time or at least long enough to actually release the Spider-Mohawk.

While probably the most implausible Gremlin design in Gremlins 2, the Lightning Gremlin (or Electric Gremlin) is easily among the most memorable. Basically he's a normal Gremlin turned into living electricity through the powe...


Ra's Al Ghul is immortal enough to get a TDKR figure

Jul 21
// Scarecroodle
Some say that Ra's Al Ghul is immortal. Given that he's getting a figure in Mattel's The Dark Knight Rises Movie Master line after dying two movies ago, I'm inclined to believe it. There was a lot of talk about Ra's Al Ghul p...

Legion attacks again!

Jul 21
// Scarecroodle
Photos of a Legion collectible have popped up on the Arts Spirits blog. Currently we aren't sure if it's going to be a kit or figure but the design looks really cool either way and it seems to feature removable parts. Legion ...

Tomopop Exclusive: A new friend from ParaNorman Part 2

Jul 17 // Rio McCarthy
I last left you with this image as we were about to take Mr. Blackton's coffin out of the crate. After a lengthy excavation process we're ready to finally take a peek at our new friend! There he is! Mr. Blackton is lying there just as he arrived. I can't imagine it being that comfy since he's apparently pushed his pillow aside in his movement! Let's get you back and settled again properly. Though, what's this tag on your toe? It reads: "Funeral Director's Remarks: Here lies Thaddeus Blackton: husband, accuser, farmer and not-quite-dead person. He is made out of the finest Puritan silicone flesh, metal wire skeleton and delicately painted skin. Handle him with care and respect; zombies are not toys for careless children or hungry pets. Mr. Blackton is most comfortable resting in peace in his coffin. Before rising from the dead, his home for the last 300 years was a cool, dark cemetery in the town of Blithe Hollow, so his decomposition will hasten under direct sunlight or near a fiery hearth. As he decays further, his skin may become moist or sticky and leave eternal marks on anything he touches. This is normal for zombies and should not be cause for embarrassment or distress." The back of the toe tag reads: "To ward off accusations of witchcraft or unscrupulous bloggery, we beseech you to mention this zombie gift when using digital media to discuss ParaNorman." What's this? Oh! He happens to be holding a note as well! Let's see what this has to say, shall we? It reads: "Dear Rio, If you're reading this (and the evidence suggests you are), then you're succeeded in exhuming one of the undead stars of our new film, ParaNorman. And while some my find the gift of a painstakingly handcrafted zombie doll with poseable limbs buried in dirt to be a little 'weird,' we suspect it's right up your alley. This is because we have a hunch you were once, like our hero Norman, what some people like to call a 'weird kid.' And weird kids have a way of becoming really interesting grown-ups. Maybe they develop a deep, almost-crazy love for all kinds of toys, from Pokemon figurines to poseable Lokis to pretty much every kind of MLP toy known to exist. Maybe they share their deep, almost-crazy love for toys with the world and help us all remember the joy that a simple object of play can bring to kids and adults alike. And, who knows, maybe they bring a few toys of their own into the world. Which is all to say that we think you're a shining example of why weird wins. And in the end, that's that the movies we make (Coraline was our first) - - are all about: weird kids trying to find their place in the world. You'll notice that your newly unearthed friend is sharing his grave with a selection of actual one-of-a-kind props from ParaNorman that we've chosen for you. So when you see the film, you'll see something that's yours in it. We think this is fitting, because there's a lot of you - and us, and weird kids past, present and future - in Norman's story. The movie will be in theaters August 17. But in the meantime we hope you will visit to meet some of the weird and wonderful artists and craftspeople who have brought ParaNorman to life. And we'd be suitably thrilled if you added your voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #weirdwins anywhere you share your zombie. In any case, the former Thaddeus Blackton is very pleased to make your acquaintance. As are we. Sincerely, The ParaNorman Team" You may be wondering what that amazing letter was written on. Well, it's one of the freaking awesome ParaNorman posters that have been seen around! The art style is incredible and right up my alley. I'm also not going to lie; the fact that they have clearly read my articles and know what I do made me squeal like an insane fangirl. I wouldn't be surprised if they could hear me all the way in Oregon! I'm honored! Though I feel badly for them having to see my craziness over the Hot Toys' Loki figure. Oh right! The ParaNorman Team mentioned that there were other one-of-a-kind gifts buried in with Mr. Blackton! We better get those unearthed. We have the first one here, which was wrapped in a burlap sack with twine. Inside was a handmade fire hydrant! I hope there aren't any little dogs nearby that get any ideas.. I found another small burlap sack buried down within the dirt as well! Inside were a couple letters and a tiny photo! They must have been held by the characters, because they're definitely small enough to fit into their hands. Here you can see all of the goods I found buried with Thaddeus. The glass bottle from the beginning, the fire hydrant, the shovel, two envelopes, a lucky photo and a rock. I don't think the rock has anything to do with this, but I found it in there and I'm keeping it regardless! Now, back to Thaddeus Blackton himself! The first thing I immediately noticed was the ornate detailing on his coffin lid. Now that I've gotten cleaned off by blasting it with compressed air, you can see each and every handmade detail. The lid did actually have a couple small nails holding it shut too, so the putty knife came into play again to gently get it popped open. The back of the coffin does actually have the ParaNorman logo carved into it. It also has that mine is #12 of 49, just in case it gets separated from its larger crate, which I appreciate. Taking a closer look at Mr. Blackton himself, you can see all of the fine details even in just his face. Each and every tooth was carefully molded, as well as his eyes and skin markings. The paint is incredible, especially around the eyes where it really brings him to life. Er.. re-life? Undeath? Whatever one would call that in zombie lingo. Panning down you can see that all of his clothes are intricately detailed as well. You can see just where the types of fabrics that are to be shown change, as their textures and patterns change just as if they were made of actual textiles. As a reminder, this entire thing is made of silicone with a wire skeleton, so it's incredible to me that it looks this perfect in person. I've never been able to see such a thing up close and personal like this. Aww.. Apparently poor Thaddeus lost one of his socks and shoes before he was buried, or maybe when you turn into a zombie your feet change size. I'm not sure, but maybe the movie will answer this one for us. Maybe it's a mystery to everyone!  Turning him over, you can see that the detail doesn't stop on the back. You can see all of the folds in his clothing, the colors in his hair, and even the changing in color of his skin in certain places. Look at the weathering and the cracking of his leather belt! I'm in fangirl overload with the incredible detail he has! Now I mentioned the wire skeleton again, because yes, the zombie can move! I can guarantee you had he been grabbing at me like this when I opened the coffin up, I would have cried. I would have cried like such a sissy little girl. I did want to take a closer look at his hands, just to point out how much detail is around everything. You can see the individual brush strokes made to show the bending joints of his fingers. His nails are painted black, and you can see the white veins and age spots on his skin. Even though his other hand and arm are much skinnier than the previous, you can still see the same amount of crazy detail this thing has. He is a bit sticky though, as mentioned in the funeral director's remarks. One last detail shot shows how the details even went all the way to the bottom of his socks and shoes, er.. shoe. The bottom of his pants have a tie on them, and shows the depth of them properly. They even handpainted the stitching of his shoes. I had recently picked up the book, ParaNorman, because I wanted to hopefully get it read before I saw the movie. Then again, maybe I'll wait because I don't want to ruin anything for myself! I'll be ready to read it after I see it in theaters. Wow, I was having a bad hair day. Then again, I could look much worse considering I'd just gone grave digging! Bad hair or not, this is the face of one happy weird girl who will cherish this gift for as long as she lives! A huge thank you to the ParaNorman Team for sending this my way, and I urge you all to go see ParaNorman when he hits theaters on August 17th, 2012. Any company who goes to this much trouble to put out these amazing promotional items deserves your patronage at their film. I know it's going to be great, and I've been looking forward to it for months! You can take a look at the gallery for a few more pictures I didn't use in the write up. Weird kids (and adults!) unite, and let's show everyone that weird wins!

Welcome back for our second part of our adventure in meeting a new friend from ParaNorman. We previously looked at the unearthing of Mr. Blackton from his burial crate, and now we'll be able to look at both he, and the items that accompanied him inside said crate. Hit the jump to take that journey with me once more and see where there was to find inside from LAIKA!

Tomopop Exclusive: A new friend from ParaNorman Part 1

Jul 17 // Rio McCarthy
When a crate showed up at my door being stamped as though it was from the Blithe Hollow Cemetery I nearly died myself! Not only from excitement, but also the fact that I'm totally afraid of cemeteries and things that are dead. Which.. is usually weird, because the dead things can't really hurt you. Regardless, be prepared for all the excitement incoming! This handmade crate is definitely marked as fragile for a reason, as this box of mine happens to be #12 of only 49. This time we've got the LAIKA logo marked on the crate as well, which is probably good. If I got a cemetery box from anyone else I think I'd be too afraid to open it! I especially love the attention to detail with even the tiniest bit of promotion. The postmark date stamped on the crate is for August 17th, 2012, which is when ParaNorman hits theaters. Be sure to mark your calendars, because I know I'll be standing there excited to see it when it comes out! Since it's not everyday that crates arrive at my door, I didn't have a crowbar or anything to open it up, so I got resourceful! I did, however, have a big putty knife, so I used that to get the leverage I needed. That did the trick, so let's see what's inside! Oh.. my.. gosh.. Just imagine the look on my face, the immense squealing, and the squirming that happened when I realized I was going to have to dig out my new friend. Keep in mind I'm terrified of cemeteries. Terrified! There are reasons why I refused to let anyone take my picture while I was doing the dirty work! It was such a hilarious mix of excitement and freaking out while I dug through this. Now that the lid was finally off you can see exactly what was waiting for me. This looks so real! I can't get over how real the grassy moss and everything looks. I mean, it is.. but not. You know what I mean? Anyway, we have a tiny shovel and something seems to be shining near it. Here's a closer look at the shovel, and you can see something that looks like glass sticking out from the mossy ground. Here it is! It's a super tiny glass bottle! It's been handmade and painted with a bit of green paint so that it looks aged and stained. It's so cool! After removing the moss off the top we're left with a sandy dirt mystery. It looks like we have quite the adventure ahead of us! While digging with my tiny shovel I finally hit something that felt like it needed to be excavated. Though it was going to take quite a while if I were only using the shovel. So, I upgraded to a larger tool! With my trowel in hand I was able to start seeing the whole top of whatever I was to dig out, and.. it started to look a bit like a coffin.. "Surely not.." I thought, but yes, surely so! Though I'm sure he would prefer me not to call him Shirley. When I got dug down far enough I could slide the paper a bit to see that there was definitely something made of wood, with fancy carvings on it. Look at that! It appears it was Mr. Blackton's coffin, and it was still stuck pretty far down in there. I did my best to dig on further down and get it cleaned off a little in the process. By the time I finally got it out, you could see all of the intricate designs on it. He had died in 1712, so he probably wasn't going to look (or smell!) too fresh you wouldn't think. Though we'll have to wait until part 2 to see just what he looks like! I couldn't give it all away just yet, now could I? Join me shortly for part 2 where we'll take a closer look at all of the items found inside the Blithe Hollow Cemetery crate. If you can't wait that long, be sure to head over to to get a peek at what else might have shown up around the Internet.

For those of you who may be long time readers, you may remember my magical journey into the world of Coraline from back in 2008. It was one of the most remarkable experiences I've had while writing for the site, and it's some...


An unexpected The Hobbit movie line

Jul 11
// Scarecroodle
Okay, maybe the figure line itself wasn't unexpected given that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is expected to be a Summer blockbuster and the previous Tolkien films, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, had a pretty large toy li...

Obsession breeds awesome with this Terminator bust

May 18
// Tianxiao Ma
There are some really dedicated Terminator fans out there, such as the guy running T-Studio. It's a one-man project documenting the construction of a T-800 endoskeleton bust. But it doesn't stop there: this bust is animatroni...

Hot Toys drops my jaws with a 1/6-scale Batmobile

Feb 24
// Tianxiao Ma
I think Hot Toys must have a brain scanner because they've become incredibly good at announcing things that make me want to throw my wallet at them. Take for example this 1/6-scale Batmobile, which just so happens to be the v...

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