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11:15 PM on 03.04.2015

Alleged image of MOTU movie Battle Cat making its rounds on internet

The new Masters of the Universe film (title pending) is going to come out at some point (maybe!), but in the mean-time we may or may not have a concept image of the new Battle Cat. Apparently somebody connected to the film ha...


1:15 AM on 10.10.2014

NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya drops some bombs at their panel

Andres is on the ground at NYCC (having the time of his life, I'm sure) and was able to get a part of the sweet action at Kotobukiya's panel. Usually at US events, Kotobukiya's emphasis is more on properties that western coll...

Tianxiao Ma

Funko's Book of Life Pop! and Legacy figures are sure to liven up a dead room photo
Funko's Book of Life Pop! and Legacy figures are sure to liven up a dead room
by Scarecroodle

Funko has released images for its Book of Life Pop! and Legacy figures. While the Pop! figures (which includes both versions of Manolo, Maria, Xibalba, and La Muerte) are cute, it's the Legacy figures which steal the show.

The Legacy Manolo seems to have the character's likeness down right to the joints. The Legacy Xibalba also looks great, although it's hard to estimate accuracy to his on-screen counterpart who moves around a lot and seems to shift sizes. Finally, there's the Legacy Maria who looks good but isn't as cool as the other two (although her Pop! is certainly neat).

Funko's Book of Life figures are slated for an October release, which means you could have them on your shelves by the time you see the film on October 17th.

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10:00 PM on 06.06.2014

NECA shows first look at 8-bit classic video game Rocky

Yesterday on Twitter, NECA showed off a picture of their next figure in their 8-bit classic video game line. So far, they’ve released Jason, Freddy Kruegar, Predator, and RoboCop. So now their newest figure added to th...

Vanessa Cubillo

6:00 PM on 04.15.2014

Internet conned by custom Batman figure masquerading as Ben Affleck Bat-suit

Bleeding Cool and others were apparently taken in by what was purportedly a leaked image of Ben Affleck's bat-suit from the upcoming Man of Steel sequel which will feature a Batman/Superman team-up. While a false rumor usuall...


11:00 PM on 02.22.2014

LEGO mini figs star in Oscar nominee movie posters

You'll never be able to run out and buy a LEGO set for movies like Her or 12 Years a Slave, but thanks to artist Old Red Jalopy you can get an idea of what such a thing might look like. Movie posters for the nine Oscar B...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

8:00 AM on 10.04.2013

Lando Calrissian isn't a system, he's a vinyl bobblehead

Those of you who recently fell into our trap (and if you did, how did you escape?!) may have noticed that three of the Funko's POP! Star Wars bobblehead pre-order listings featured illustrations rather than product images. Fu...


5:00 PM on 09.26.2013

Don't click on this story, IT'S A TRAP!

Admiral Ackbar notes that the following story is most definitely a trap and should not, I repeat, NOT, be clicked.


9:00 AM on 09.20.2013

Enesco's Grand Jester busts capture Disney magic

A slew of Grand Jester Disney busts are currently available for pre-order, including Beast (Beauty and the Beast) with a cool magic rose base, Maleficent as a dragon (Sleeping Beauty), Scrooge McDuck, Merida (Brave), and more...


10:00 AM on 08.22.2013

Brandon Griffith creates LEGO art for Edgar Wright show

Gallery1988 is currently showing an exhibit that features art dedicated to Edgar Wright's work. Edgar Wright is a writer and director who's known for working on such films as Shaun of the Dead, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the ...

Vanessa Cubillo

A round-up of exclusive toys coming to Disney's D23 Expo  photo
A round-up of exclusive toys coming to Disney's D23 Expo
by Natalie Kipper

Disney's D23 Expo starts Friday, August 9, and information regarding exclusive merchandise is beginning to come forward. While there will be things like Dooney & Burke bags and Sephora's Little Mermaid makeup line, let's be honest here: We are in it for the toys. And with that in mind, here is a look at the collectible toy goodness to be found at this year's D23 Expo!

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3:00 PM on 05.14.2013

Disney Villains Designer dolls get a major price cut

If you were on the fence about buying the Disney Villains Designer dolls when they were first released way back in September and October of 2012, this may very well be your lucky day. Four of the designs (Ursula, Mother Gothe...

Natalie Kipper