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Don't be fooled, this is an amazing custom Gundum kit

One of the most exciting things about this hobby is seeing others thinking outside the box. Sure, anyone can slap paint on a model kit, and some do an amazing job at it, but then you get pieces like this that are just too epic for words. Al...

Tonari no Seki-kun photo

Kill some time with this Seki-kun desk set

Nobody knows how to kill time in class like Seki does in Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time. Be it having one sided Shogi wars, making stamps out of erasers, or playing with a  family of robots he can somehow be as elaborat...

GBWC photo

Gunpla Builder's World Cup announces champions

The Gunpla Builder's World Cup held its finals at Gundam Front Tokyo on December 22 and the contest has named its winners. First place in the Open championship went to Japan's Shunpei Yamauchi and his take on the MG 1/100 RX-93 &n...

GBWC photo

Japan chooses 10-year-old girl for GBWC Junior Division

Japan has picked their representatives for the Gunpla Builder's World Cup Junior Division and it's not what you would normally expect from a Gunpla builder. 10-year-old Mei, a fourth grader, took the win in Japan's 14-and-under Junior Divis...

GBWC photo

Gunpla Builders World Cup chooses NA representative

Bluefin Distribution has announced their pick for the North American regional finals that will be heading to Japan in December to compete against builders from around the world. The winner is Kevin Yi Zhang of Connecticut, USA who...

Optimus Prime FJ photo

Optimus Prime FJ is two very innovative things

I love being right. Excuse me while I stroke my ego for just one moment. Last week a Japanese store started taking orders on a mysterious figure called 'Optimus Prime FJ'. Everyone quickly pointed out that the upcoming self-transformin...


ACen 2013: Gunpla Builders World Cup

The Gunpla Builders World Cup, descrbed by Bandai as "a global championship of Gunpla building", had a selection of their earlier North American entries on display at the Bandai booth at Anime Central 2013 this past weekend. The contest kic...


This Black Tuna model lets you play with your food

This model here is for all the foodies and fish lovers! The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest fish market in the world, one that many tourists set out to visit. Now they've made an incredibly detailed museum model of a tuna fish....

Desk and chair photo

Tomopop Review: Cobbanii's 1/12 wooden desk and chair

Plastic is over rated. No, really, it's good at a lot of things, but no matter what you do with it it's still plastic. Sure, it can be sculpted and detailed using every trick known to make it look like wood, but you don't get the feel, the ...


Diamond Select Toys launches a pair of Star Trek ships

The Art Asylum Blog has tipped us off to a pair of upcoming models from Diamond Select Toys featuring two ships from Star Trek. And if it's Star Trek, I have to put it up here. Although Art Asylum's production of Trek ships is on hiatus, po...


Pegasus Hobbies' Kothoga will remind you to not do drugs

Ah, the Kothoga monster, a horrible victim of drug abuse and star of the 1997 sci-fi/horror box office flop known as The Relic. Given that the film's box office numbers were around half its budget, you'd hardly expect to be getting another ...


Pikachu Wing Version is ready to fire its lasers!

This has officially made my day. I mean, what more could you want than the mash up of Pokemon and Gundam? The Pikachu Wing Version, or Gundamchu, as I've affectionately dubbed him, is the cutest thing to take to space and destroy. This cust...


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