One of my (many) favorite things about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the fact that the creator, Araki Hirohiko, allows for multiple color schemes for different characters. This is the second color scheme for Noriaki Kakyoin, and features much more subdued colors. Let's take a look at this cherry lovin' lad shall we? Hit the jump to see how Kakyoin's figure turned out!  read feature

Shining Blade

Flare has a new Roselinde Freyja, complete with giant triangle

That blade isn't SO shining
Feb 27
Someone's going out for a night on the town; and taking that enormous weapon with her. From Shining Blade (one of the more recent entries in Sega's decades long Shining franchise), the priestess with the leastless fun: R... read
Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) will probably always rank as one of my favorite top anime series of all time. For four seasons I laughed and cried with this series like few others. I was pretty sad when the fin... read feature

Sakura Saber

Don't wait until the spring to view Sakura Saber

Just don't let it fall!
Oct 11
Fate/stay night's Saber has had many faces, but none as Japanese as Sakura Saber. If you're not familiar with Good Smile Company's latest take on Saber (first announced nearly a year ago!) don't feel bad, she comes from a rat... read

NYCC 2014: Good Smile Company

It's Turtle time!
Oct 10
We got the teaser just the other day, now we get to see the whole thing! It's fairly rare for Good Smile Company to tackle properties from the west (though that seems to be changing every event), but with recent efforts to gi... read

Pre-order Yotsuba and Danbo in space!

I long for that cardboard box and little girl
Sep 29
The greatest thing to come out of Wonder Festival Winter was Sentinel’s take on Danboard. They took this charming cardboard robot and threw him up in space. That sounds kind of cruel, but no they made him a spaceship! ... read
One day I came across this odd manga called No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guy’s Fault I’m Not Popular. Not only was the title something that reminded me of early Panic at the Disco song titles, the m... read feature


Sentinel's Danboard figures are ready to blast off!

See them at Wonder Festival Summer
Jul 01
For me, the coolest thing to come out of Wonder Festival Winter was Sentinel’s Danboard. I mean, come on! It’s Danbo in space! So now we have a preview of three of these Danbo figures. None of these are from the ... read

These Danbo figures look good enough to eat

Please don't really eat them
May 13
Why is Danbo such a popular figure? I couldn’t wait to get one! Of course, I am a fan of the manga, Yotsubato, but Danbo is hardly a main character there. So, really it’s just a figure of a cardboard box, and th... read
Captain America

figma Captain America and Ninja Slayer share a preview

I know times are tight, but even I think this is a little cheap
Apr 23
A preview gallery has appeared for both (as in one gallery for two unrelated characters) Max Factory's upcoming figma Captain America and Ninja Slayer. Pre-orders are expected to open tonight/tomorrow. Unfortunately the photos themselves are dark and blurry, but we should see better images of both figures when pre-orders open shortly. read
Tonari no Seki-kun

Kill some time with this Seki-kun desk set

Just don't let Yokoi catch you playing with it in class
Apr 09
Nobody knows how to kill time in class like Seki does in Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time. Be it having one sided Shogi wars, making stamps out of erasers, or playing with a  family of robots he can somehow... read

Aniplex's 'very business casual' suited Saber now available for pre-order

Suit up... or suit down?
Mar 22
The American comic strip Dilbert has recurring bits about business casual going too far. This would certainly seem to be the case with Aniplex's 1/6-scale Fate/Zero suited (or barely suited) Saber, if she had ever worked in a... read
Wonder Festival figma

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Giant figma roundup

Giant as in lots of cool stuff, not over sized figma
Feb 09
I'm sure it comes to no one's surprise that there were a lot of new figma on display at Wonder Festival. But could you really predict just how varied the offerings this time around would be? They really dug out some unexpecte... read

Tomopop LinkUP: Robot Carnival

Jan 09 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
You might have noticed last week things got a little bit quiet around these parts. Thanks to the New Year being a much bigger deal in the east than in the west, news coming out of Japan was pretty light. You might even call i... read feature

Hello and welcome to the first Tomopop LinkUP of the new year! We're only two days into 2014 and there's already a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Hard to believe, but over at My Figure Collection they've already g... read feature


Gunpla Builder's World Cup announces champions

Japan and Hong Kong take top honors
Dec 25
The Gunpla Builder's World Cup held its finals at Gundam Front Tokyo on December 22 and the contest has named its winners. First place in the Open championship went to Japan's Shunpei Yamauchi and his take on the MG... read
The official figma blog updated with a new preview of the upcoming Sae figure from Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb. The figure itself I'm sure is a fine figure, but I'm still rather disgusted by Max Factory charging ¥4,0... read feature

Earlier this year Bandai released Golden Darkness (or Yami if you prefer) from To Love-Ru in the S.H.Figuarts line and hasn't wasted too much time in adding a second figure. She'll soon be joined by Momo Belia Deviluke with a... read feature

Bandai has done a lot to improve their Figuarts ZERO line in the last couple of years. Back when I reviewed a trio of ZEROs in 2011, they were fairly simple looking figures of dudes in standard poses with the exception of Mar... read feature

Another Japanese figure show means another crop of figma being put on display by Max Factory. While nothing shown at Miyazawa Model Expo Autumn 2013 was entirely new we are getting an updated look at some figures that we... read feature

In the summer of 2012 exclusive Japanese retailers carried a special line of products featuring My Melody and Kuromi crossed-over with Puella Magi Madoka Magica. At the time they promised there could be more if the serie... read feature

One Piece crystal glasses

One Piece crystal glasses are a very valuable treasure

A complete set of 10 will probably cost you more than two mortgage payments
Nov 07
The fine crystal masters at Baccarat are getting set to let loose official One Piece crystal drinking glasses onto the Japanese public. These glasses feature all nine crew members and Ace with a unique coat-of-arms for e... read
JJBA Caesar Zeppeli

JJBA's Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Super Action pre-order

If you like your silver fox Caesar, this is for you!
Nov 07
Who's ready for a bubble bath? Well, maybe not a bath, but this man can bring the bubbles, that's for sure. For all you JoJo's fans out there, we have Caesar Zeppeli in his Part II Hirohiko Araki specified color. He looks pre... read

Take it easy with this Danbo cushion from Yotsubato!

Now cardboard is comfortable
Oct 27
From Yotsubato! other than Yotsuba herself, the most popular character from that manga is Danbo. Danbo, the cute cardboard robot, is now available in a more cuddlier form. Previously, I’ve mostly seen Danbo as Plamos a... read
One Piece

Straw Hats sail again with new Punk Hazard series

New Anime Chara Heroes set is in "Shambles"
Oct 17
Plex is back with a new set of One Piece mini figures based on the crew's adventures on Punk Hazard. The Anime Chara Heros One Piece Chapter of Punk Hazard Vol.1 series features the entire crew, villains, and marines as ... read
2014 is going to be a busy year for the Kantai Collection social card game. After a knockout 2013 the game about war ships anthropomorphized into moe characters is already hitting the new year running with plans for a new ani... read feature

Gunpla Poll

Japanese fans choose the top 50 Master Grade Gunpla

Premium Bandai poll may or may not have anything to do with Gunpla
Sep 21
Results are in from a series of polls conducted by Premium Bandai in Japan this year in honor of the release of the Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2 ver 3.0 kit. The "Best of My Master Grade" poll was done in four phases from... read

Doraemon is ready to come stay at your home

That's one expensive house guest!
Sep 05
Everyone knows Doraemon, right? The big, blue, time-traveling robot cat is a veritable national treasure in Japan and a cultural icon. Even if you don't know who or what Doraemon is there's a good chance you at least recogniz... read
Sailor Mars Figuarts

[Update!] S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mars up for pre-order!

Fire yourself up to wait for pages to load!
Sep 04
[Update #2: She is now available at Big Bad Toy Store at the link below!] (Thanks Phoenix Gamma!) [Update: She is now available at HobbyLink Japan at the link below!] Here she is! One of my top favorite Sailor Scouts is final... read
Ryo Sugamo type II

Orca Toys' Ryo Sugamo type II available for pre-order

Tomopop editor adds another manga to his queue
Sep 02
Orca Toys' Ryo Sugamo type II is currently available for pre-order. Ryo Sugamo hails from the manga Tokage no Ou (which translates to something like King of Lizard or Lizard King?). The fact that I've never heard of the manga... read
Plex Sasuke

Plex D.P.C.F. Sasuke gets painted

Wouldn't know he was in battle
Aug 24
Plex's latest addition to their Naruto series of Door Painting Collection Figures line has finally been painted. Featuring the same quality details and paint apps as the previous Naruto and Sakura figures, Sasuke is looking g... read
How would you like Gintoki and his cohorts to join you for some refreshing tea time? Well, now they can, thanks to MegaHouse's delightful Gintama "Tea friends series - Would you like to rest a little?" figure set. The box set... read feature

While the second season of Kuroko no Basket is still ways away from its October premiere, Kotobukiya is easing the wait with a second set of its one coin series aptly named 2Q. The first set of minis, (which is due out this m... read feature

Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama fans are you ready to chant 'Hyōtei, Hyōtei, Hyōtei,' along with me? Pre-orders have officially begun for the captain of Hyōtei Academy tennis club, Atobe Keigo as the "all rounder... read feature

Chara-Ani Mikoto Misaka

Skirts off and pre-orders on for new Mikoto Misaka figure

Don't get caught with your pants down, she's up for order now!
Jun 25
Chara-ani is back again with a second figure from the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series, this time featuring title character Mikoto Misaka in a rather compromised position. The first figure was a rather unabashed ve... read
figma Gon and Killua

One last Gon and Killua gallery before the hunt beings

figma Hunter X Hunter pair due out June 22 in Japan
Jun 20
The wait is almost over! The first two figures in the figma Hunter X Hunter series will be here on June 22 in Japan (Friday for those of us in the west). Gon was only revealed back in late January while Killua got a teaser ab... read
When Kotobukiya first announced that Jonouchi Katsuya would be to be joining Yami Yugi (reviewed) and Seto Kaiba (reviewed) in the ArtFX J line, I was pretty ecstatic. As a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, I felt the line was a ... read feature

Aladdin from MegaHouse

Under the Radar: Magi's Aladdin from MegaHouse

Because you need something new to look at while waiting for the anime to return
Jun 11
Megahobby Expo 2013 Spring was big. How big? Big enough that even two weeks later we're still finding things to talk about! Thanks to a new gallery from over at Moeyo we just got some quality pictures of Aladdin fro... read
figma Kurapika

Hunter X Hunter Kurapika figma appears unannounced

Third Hunter X Hunter figma's pre-orders begin
May 23
It's not often we see high-profile figures appear for pre-order, but every now and then one shows up for pre-order completely unannounced. Case in point: Hunter X Hunter's Kurapika figma. Despite a lot of recent conventions a... read

One last look at Hidamari Sketch's figma Yuno

Lackluster figure due out in a few more days
May 22
You know it's a problem when the usually photo-happy figma blog struggles to find interesting ways to show off one of their figures. But that seems to be the case with their soon-to-be-released Yuno figma from Hidamari S... read

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