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Batman photo

Batman Keychain strikes fear into Joker goons everywhere!

Now you can rush out to get more Diet Coke... in style.
Jan 08
// Oansun
Own a piece of Batman film history, with a steel-alloy representation of the 1989 Batmobile from Tim Burton's hit Batman. This is one of the most suped-up of all Batman's rides, loaded with enough explosives to take out as ma...

Kidrobot will be releasing a Mega Man figure line

Keychains, full figures, and mini figures
Jan 28
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kidrobot sure has been busy! It’s only January and already we know that they’re working on a TMNT line, and now we’re seeing that they will be releasing a Mega Man line. A few hours ago they’ve releas...
Contest photo
A horse is a horse, of course, of course!
Chinese New Year is almost upon us. The Year of the Black Snake will be over on January 31, and the Year of the Wooden Horse will begin. To celebrate, we’re giving away a Computer Virus Trojan plush and keychain from D...

Sailor Moon photo
Everyone wants gashapons!
It looks like the Sailor Moon Swing Set series is doing really well. They’ve just announced that there will be a series 3 filled with more Sailor Moon gashapon figures. This time the figures included are similar to Meg...

Good Smile Company photo
Good Smile Company

GSC previews a ship-load of Comiket 85 goods

I'm a little jealous
Dec 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Comic Market 85 is only a week away and Good Smile Company along with Ultra Super Pictures is showing off their wares for the show. GSC isn't skimping on the goods at the winter Comiket; they'll have things in all shapes and ...
Kotobukiya photo

Strap in for a Danboard Strap Charm preview gallery

Perfect for fans of small packages
Nov 27
// Scarecroodle
Kotobukiya has released a preview gallery for its upcoming Yotsubato! Danboard Strap Charm.  The tiny cardboard box robot stands just under 1 inch tall and comes with both a strap attachment and an iPhone audio plug. The...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Swing Set series 2 is coming soon

This time more Sailor Scouts are joining the series
Nov 05
// Vanessa Cubillo
The Sailor Moon Swing Set series was first announced back in June. These gashapon keychains were so adorable and came in a set of six. Now Bandai already is ready with series 2 and they’re just as cute! At this point, ...

Tomopop Review: Drew Oliver's Computer Virus Doll series

Sep 02 // Natalie Kipper
Item Names: Computer Virus dolls (Trojan, Malware, Virus, and Worm) and Computer Virus Digits keychains (Trojan, Malware, Virus, and Worm)Item Maker: Drew Oliver's Computer Virus DollsPrice: US$9.95 (dolls) and US$7.95 (keychains)Available at: Computer Virus Dolls First up is the Trojan plush (well, the company calls them "dolls" but, trust me, it's a plush). I don't normally wax poetic about a plush's tag but this series really goes all-out. For starters, the fabric tush-tags of this series' plushes are written is binary. And then there is the rather intense hangtag. On the outside it looks like a broken computer and, when you open the flap, there is a pop-up label with the name of the plush designed to look like a pop-up window on a computer screen.  Yeah, a lot of thought went into this.   The Trojan's body is made up entirely of ones and zeroes (binary code), as are all the other character designs in this line. As we continue on, you will notice that all of the ones made of a shiny, metallic fabric. These and the contrasting dark zeroes represent the charged and uncharged bits of a computer chip. Like I said before, plenty of thought went into the design. Given that all the of these creatures are designed using ones and zeroes, things tend to get a little on the creative side. I thought the Trojan was quite clever, with its use of a zero as shield and a one as a sword (or spear, perhaps?). It looks a tad awkward when you face the plush head on but from a side view, it works out rather well. Before we move on, a word about the fabrics chosen for these plushes. The pleather-like material used on the zero portions of the body seems to be prone to puckering at the seams. I haven't noticed this anywhere on the metallic bits, but  in different places on several of the plushes, stuffing is coming out of the black fabric's seams. It is more noticeable as the white fluff appears against a dark fabric. It isn't enough of a break to damage the integrity of the plush but it is annoying as a collector. Trojan's affected area is on top of its "head." I interpreted Malware's use of binary as an angry or frowning face. The red safety eyes add to the angry feeling. I suppose it could be some sort of bull with the ones as horns rather than slanting eyebrows. It feels like some sort of a Rorschach test. On the Malware plush, the seam flaw appears on the inside of the "zeroes" as well as the back seam near the tush-tag. The Worm is my favorite of this line. There is something about its simple and somewhat comical design that makes me chuckle. I love the plush's face, with its voracious, gaping mouth. For some reason it brings to mind a bizarre form of a Muppet.  Okay, now we get to the Virus plush and, I have to tell you, I have absolutely no clue what this design is supposed to represent. The best I can come up with is some kind of bird but that makes no sense as far as I can see. Virus' seam issue is perhaps the worst. The problem seams are larger, appearing not in spots but in whole sections, and look like they are more damaged. So, we've covered the plush/doll portion of the series. Now, let's talk about the keychains. They are made of a rubbery material and measure around 2 and a half to 3 inches at their longest side, depending on the character. Here is the Trojan keychain. Out of the four characters,  I think this one looks the the best as a keychain.  However, there are one some flaw. The sparkles in the "ones" of its body stop at the backside, leaving what looks like a black stripe. This problem appears in all of the keychain characters, actually. I imagine it comes from how the figure bits are molded. Next is Malware. The flaw I just mentioned was least noticeable on this guy. I also appreciated how smooth this one felt in my hand. Then there is the Worm keychain. I must confess that I was more than a little disappointed with the Worm keychain. The face part is not three-dimensional but flat on the backside. There was also a big line that wrapped around the sides of the body. Finally, there is the Virus keychain. This one's "black stripe" issue was just as obvious as the Trojan's. I did, however, like the little pointed "nose" created by the body. I can see potential in The Computer Virus Doll series and I definitely think the plushes are a good start (although they do need to get that seam issue straightened out pronto). The stuffed characters exude the same charm that Drew Oliver is known for. From I have seen with this batch, I am less charmed by the keychains. It could just be that the designs didn't translate well into rubber or whatever material they used. So, my final word: a mixed bag with good designs but some hiccups in follow-through. [A big thank-you to Computer Virus Dolls for providing us with these samples!]
Tomopop Review photo
Trojans, Malware, and more are ready to invade you collection
Drew Oliver's creations already orbited on the quirkier side of the toy world, with GIANTmicrobes' main products being ingeniously recreated plush and vinyl germs and viruses. Their next line of products is perfectly in keepi...


One Piece PC glasses and charms are easy on the eyes

Japanese eyewear company releasing One Piece-themed glasses designed for PC use
Aug 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
There's no limit in Japan as to what they can put a logo on and get people to buy. Whether it's cup noodle Gundam kits or Evangelion razors people will buy pretty much anything emblazoned with their favorite characters on it....

Sailor Moon Gashapon keychains are on their way

Six keychains featuring these cute Sailor Moon characters
Jun 30
// Vanessa Cubillo
While we wait for Bandai to release every Sailor Scout in their S.H. Figuarts line, there is still plenty of Sailor Moon stuff coming out. The latest Sailor Moon products seen are 20th anniversary Gashapon Keychains. These c...
Persona 4 Keychains photo
Persona 4 Keychains

Reveal your true self with these Persona 4 keychains

Eight varieties, plus two secret bonuses
Mar 14
// Martin Siggers
If you're looking to express your love for demon-slaying high school adventure wherever you go, then you could do a lot worse than this charming selection of metal keychains featuring some of the lead characters and titular m...
Battle it out with your favorite Street Fighter characters!
Kidrobot is releasing two new series of toys for Street Fighter fans. Starting March 28 in stores and online, you'll be able to find 2-packs of vinyl figures and enamel keychains featuring some of your favorite Street Fighte...


Transformers, train girls, more come to Dengeki Festival

Oct 20
// Jonathan Tubbs
TakaraTomy is a mix bag of properties and then some as evident at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival. The company showed off some of its popular properties including ZOIDS, Transformers, and TomyTec's line of train girls. ...

Taito brings an assortment of items to Dengeki Festival

Plush, trading figures, keychains, and Taito Kuji. ...TAITO KUJI!?
Oct 20
// Jonathan Tubbs
Prize figure companies are making their mark at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival, one of them being Taito. The company didn't have much to show but did have various products on display including plush, trading figures, k...

Zukies coming to New York Comic Con

Keychains, T-shirts and signings ahoy!
Oct 05
// Brian Szabelski
Zukies are invading New York Comic Con! From their headquarters in booth #3223, we can expect to see plenty of Zukies merch both old and new. Alison "Miss Zukie" Perez will of course be there, but artist Cash Cannon (whose Mu...

TGS 2012: Metal Gear Solid merch all over

Keychains, figures and jeweled phone covers ahoy!
Sep 24
// Brian Szabelski
The Konami booth at Tokyo Game Show was home to a whole bunch of Metal Gear Solid merch. ThreeA's Rex was in attendance, as were Hot Toys' Snake and Boss 1/6-scale figures and some ... interesting phone covers. A bejeweled FO...

My Little Pony keychains and plushies at ToyWiz

Sep 14
// Rio McCarthy
Yay for all of us MLP fans! We'll now be getting even more My Little Pony plushies around January or so, and I absolutely can't wait! There were recently plushies released for Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, th...

Zukie keychains, charms and more!

Apr 04
// Rio McCarthy
Have you had enough Zukie yet? No? Good! Now you can carry them everywhere you go! Alison has been a busy little bee and has released not only keychains, but charms and Tiny Zukie as well. The Zukie Emotion head charms are ma...

7-Eleven Hong Kong gets Hello Kitty x tokidoki TVC

Dec 08
// Rio McCarthy
I can outright say I am so jealous I don't live in Hong Kong right now! At 7-Eleven in Hong Kong they're having a Hello Kitty x tokidoki Wonderland from December 7th through the beginning of 2012. There are 22 keychain figur...

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