IGear shows off new Mini Warriors in color and then some

First colored images of Cogz and Duneraker plus prototypes of Bushwhacker and our first look at Veer
Nov 20
The third party group IGear has updated today with a bunch of new images of four upcoming unofficial Transformers from their Mini Warriors line based on the '80s Mini Vehicles assortment. Here we get our first colored look at... read

iGear gears up to release their version of Gears

Apr 12
And the unlicensed Mini Warriors keep rolling in. This week, iGear revealed over on their Facebook page that they'll be releasing Cogz. It's a figure that looks exactly like the Transformers character Gears, but it isn't beca... read

Fugly robot to become fugly 3rd-party figure

Mar 22
Not all Transformers can turn into a sexy sports car. Some turn into weird, ugly space monster things. Sharkticon is one such Transformer. Despite its rather hideous exterior, Sharkticon will be getting a new third party figu... read

iGear to release Unlicensed Figure Object

Mar 04
In case the slew of new products iGear showed off last week wasn't enough, here's yet another familiar looking transforming robots. The company showed off photos of their latest Mini Warrior, UFO, who might be based on T... read

iGear continues to release bootlegs in disguise

Feb 22
iGear, producer of what is certainly not Transformers merchandise, has made some big announcements this week. The company showed off three new products on their Facebook page: Presser, Hench, and a weapons upgrade set. P... read

Get a bootleg for buying iGear's Transformers bootlegs

Nov 17
When it comes to glorified Trasformers bootlegs, there's no one better at that than iGear. These are the guys that have brought us the smaller version of Masterpiece Optimus Prime, had plans to release a smaller Masterpiece M... read

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