Valentine's photo

How HBO saved Valentine's Day (A gift guide)

Hey guys & gals, it's just five more days until Valentine's Day. Have you bought anything nice for your partner? (Or for yourself?) If you're sick of giving jewelry (and who isn't?), maybe it's time to head over to the HBO Store to chec...

Zombiemonkie photo

Answer the Call of Cthulhu at DesignerCon this weekend

Another Halloween has passed and artist Mikie Graham is bringing more creepy goodness to DesignerCon this year. At the show (November 19-20 in Pasadena), he'll be debuting the new Dagon Cultist figurine. Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft...

Yamato USA photo

[NSFW] SDCC 2016: Yamato USA

Yamato has long collaborated with fantasy artists and illustrators for their PVC and resin Fantasy Figure Gallery line. Since the last year they've been working on a series of figures inspired by Greek mythology, based on the artwork of Wei...

Bethesda photo

Fallout 3, Skyrim Legacy figures on the way

Funko has released images of its upcoming Fallout 3 and Skyrim Legacy Collection figures. The Fallout 3 offerings consist of a generic white male version of the Lone Wanderer and an individual in Power Armor (so either Brotherhood of Steel,...

Mythology photo

Dragons and Kirins, oh my!

Talk about things flying under the radar: pre-orders have opened for some spectacular dragon and kirin figures. Produced by Kaiyodo (best known for its Revoltech line), these figures are billed as being part of the "TK Project" (or, as AmiA...

The Hobbit photo

Fwoosh review blasts Bridge Direct's "giant" Smaug figure

Chalk this one under "glad I saved my money": Fwoosh recently posted a review which expresses a great deal of disappointment with The Bridge Direct's WB Shop-exclusive Smaug. Sculpted by Gentle Giant, the figure is billed as having a 22-inc...

Elder Scrolls photo

Gaming Heads returns to Tamriel with a High Elf statue

Gaming Heads has continued its line of Elder Scrolls statues with a new 1/6-scale Elder Scrolls Online High Elf . This 15.5-inch tall statue comes in both a standard version for US$310 (limited to 1,000 pieces) and an exclusive variant with...

Top toys photo

SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reel: The Scarecroodle edition

SDCC and WonFes may have been almost a month ago at this point, but many of its collectibles are still on our minds. Tian recently posted the top ten things he was looking forward to from these cons and, because I'm far more excitably (and ...

SDCC 2014 CS Moore photo

SDCC 2014: CS Moore Studio

CS Moore Studio and I share a common interest: well-endowed ladies. They had a sizable presence at SDCC, and were kind enough to show me around their booth (special thanks to the folks who held up the black backdrop while I was shooting). T...

SDCC 2014 Yamato photo

SDCC 2014: Yamato

If you enjoy figures inspired by fantasy art, Yamato is the place to look. Over the years they've quietly been expanding their Fantasy Figure Gallery lineup. Their presence at SDCC was small, and even then many of the figures were variation...

SDCC 2014 Weta photo

SDCC 2014: Weta

Weta's booth always makes a splash. This year, you could spot it a mile away as it was heralded by a giant, sleepy Smaug head. Obviously there would be a lot of merchandise associated with Tbe Hobbit. There were also some new Lord of the Ri...

SDCC Shiflett Bros photo

SDCC 2014: Shiflett Bros.

After being pretty impressed by their work from last year, I dropped by the Shiflett Brothers' booth again this year to see what they were up to. The Shiflett Brothers consist of Brandon and Jarrod, a duo based in Texas who have a serious l...

Elder Scrolls photo

Will you pray at the Shrine of Azura?

Gaming Heads has opened pre-orders for its 1/6-scale Shrine of Azura, another awesome Elder Scrolls collectible that I'll admire but not own. Much like the previous Shrine of Talos, the Shrine of Azura will be available in both a stone vers...

Review: Rhaegal photo

Tomopop Review: Funko's Game of Thrones Mystery Minis Rhaegal

Game of Thrones has proven to be something of a phenomenon. Starting off as a popular book series that appealed more to a geeky fringe, the franchise found mainstream popularity as a show on HBO... although it hadn't really received a ton o...

Final Fantasy photo

Get the jump on the Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon pre-orders

Pre-orders for Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon have literally fallen out of the sky and landed on our heads. Although many of the usual suspects have yet to list Dragoon, the jumpy among us currently have an opportunity to do so...

Magic: The Gathering  photo

Funko to make Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker figures

Today, amid all of the Toy Fair fun, Funko announced a new licensing agreement with Wizards of the Coast. The two have joined together so they can release figures from Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker. These figures will be part of Funko&...

Game of Thrones photo

Funko officially unveils its 6-inch Game of Thrones line

Funko released a press statement a while back that it would be journeying into the realm of 6-inch and 3.75-inch scale action figures, which is something of a brave new world for a company which has largely specialized in super-deformed/chi...

Final Fantasy photo

New Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon photos jump out

Hidemi Matsuzuka has posted two new photos of Square-Enix's upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon (previously seen at NYCC 2013). While I wasn't sure what I thought of the figure when we first saw it unpainted, I've quickly grown to like t...

Shining Ark photo

Check out some pirate booby in AM Velvet gallery

Akiba Hobby has released a photo gallery for AlphaMax's recently released Shining Ark Velvet which shows off Velvet's ample treasure chest. Sure, her pirate booty is nice as well but I've been more into pirate boobies. If that wasn't enough...

Dragon's Crown photo

AmiAmi's Elf preview may leave you feeling squirrely

AmiAmi has posted a preview gallery/review of Megahouse's upcoming Dragon's Crown Elf. The preview highlights some angles in greater detail than previous galleries, in addition to giving us a really nice close-up look at Elf's squirrel comp...

Game of Thrones photo

Care to play a Game of (Thrones) Mystery Minis?

Funko continues to churn out really neat series of its blind-boxed Mystery Minis with its most recent set being based on the ever-popular Game of Thrones. The series apparently consists of 24 figures which seems to include glow-in-the-dark ...

The Hobbit photo

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA 'teases' Smaug

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has just mega-teased fans with their most recent Facebook post consisting of an image of Smaug (from The Hobbit trilogy) with the caption, "High end articulated and extremely detailed adult collectable of Smaug. Ya...

Dragon's Crown photo

Megahouse's Dragons Crown Elf is ready to join your party

Megahouse's 1/7 scale Excellent Model Dragon's Crown Elf is currently available for pre-order. Elf stands out among many of the Dragon's Crown collectibles seen thus far for doing something cool rather than just exploiting sex appeal. Her c...

Skyrim photo

Gaming Heads' Shrine of Talos statue guide us

Folks, I think it's no great secret that the Elder Scroll V: Skyrim has been a debilitating addiction for me over the past month or two (and I'm only 245 hours in on my main character). So imagine my delight when I saw that Gaming Heads wil...

Funko photo

Here there be Drogon: Pop! Game of Thrones series 3

[UPDATE: Photos for the rest of the wave -- Ghost, Joffrey, Tywin, and Tyrion -- have been revealed (and listed as January releases) as well as a Daenerys due out in February] Funko's Pop! Game of Thrones series 3 is currently available for...

Dragon's Crown photo

Vertex's Tiki (Dragon's Crown) prototype shown

Vertex has released some photos of its upcoming Tiki (from the hit Playstation 3/Vita beat-em-up Dragon's Crown). Tiki, first mentioned back in July, will be a 1/1 scaled figure. While I have yet to play Dragon's Crown (and blame a monstrou...

Dragon's Crown photo

Alphamax's Sorceress gets a pre huge... errr, preview

While the age old argument of how big is too big may always remain up for debate, few might disagree that Sorceress passed that line by at least a mile. Alphamax's Sorceress's sizable assets (or boobset?) have received a preview via Akiba H...

Yamato photo

Yamato makes its monster grow via an upscaled Medusa

Pre-orders are now open for Yamato's 1/4 Medusa's Gaze. While the base mold is apparently based on a previous offering, this is no mere re-release as the gorgeous gorgon has gone from being an 11-inch statue to a roughly 19-inch one and pic...

SDCC Heroclix photo

SDCC 2013: NECA - Heroclix / tabletop games

NECA's SDCC booth wouldn't be complete without a sizable Heroclix display. In addition the expected stuff like Marvel Heroclix, there was an array of the fantastic, the scientific fantastic, and the filmographic (or, as one might say, fanta...


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