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8:00 AM on 03.09.2015

Hodor Hodor Hodor... err, Game of Thrones Mystery Minis series 2 on the way

Funko quietly released promotional images and information for its Game of Thrones Mystery Minis series 2 the other week. And, while I still haven't started watching the show, I've seen enough clips to be excited for this line...


All-powerful queen of the gods receives powerful new statue, currently up for pre-order photo
All-powerful queen of the gods receives powerful new statue, currently up for pre-order
by Scarecroodle

This is the story of a time long, long ago. A time of myth and legend, when the gods were petty and cruel and plagued mankind with suffering. One such goddess was Hercule's "evil" stepmother Hera, the all-powerful queen of the gods. Yamato has paid tribute to this wicked god-queen with a 1/6 scale statue in its "Fantasy Figure Gallery" line, currently available for pre-order.

Zeus's spiteful wife has often been depicted as a villainess in both mythology and popular media, whether it's going after Heracles/Hercules (as seen throughout much of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) or providing causing roadblocks for Kratos in God of War III. However, Hera has also helped adventurers like Jason with his quest to obtain the Golden Fleece (as seen in 1963's Jason and the Argonauts) either when they meet her approval or to get back to somebody else.

Yamato has given Hera a decidedly youthful look which, while very attractive, reminds me quite a bit of Teela from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. On the whole, it's not what I might picture when I think of Hera, but it's still an absolutely stunning statue... in fact, almost too attractive. Because if Hera looks this good, Yamato may have an insurmountable job ahead of them if they try to do an Aprodite as the goddess of love and beauty was said to be far more attractive. (Interestingly enough, Hera is listed as a cast-off which I wouldn't have otherwise suspected.)

Yamato's Hera is slated for a February/March release and can be pre-ordered for around US$220. If you pre-order through Yamato, you can directly support the company (and possibly receive a copy sooner)... or, if you pre-order through Entertainment Earth, you can get free shipping. And, of course, if you don't pre-order at all you'll have an empty space on your shelf and more money in your bank.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth | Yamato ]

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Dragons and Kirins, oh my! photo
Dragons and Kirins, oh my!
by Scarecroodle

Talk about things flying under the radar: pre-orders have opened for some spectacular dragon and kirin figures.

Produced by Kaiyodo (best known for its Revoltech line), these figures are billed as being part of the "TK Project" (or, as AmiAmi describes it, "KT Project"; not to be confused with the KY Project) which has something to do with traditional Japanese art. These figures are fully articulated and even go so far as to include eye articulation, which is pretty awesome. Less awesome is the price: the dragon is listed for around ¥7,200 while the kirin will cost you something in the neighborhood of ¥6,800.

The painted/color version of the kirin is due out in January while the "iron rust" dragon is set to follow in March. The first version of the kirin, which sports a metallic deco, was released earlier in the month and is already sold out in a few places (HLJ still has it, though). While I like the look of these figures, a combination of the price tag, an already tight budget, and the fact that Kaiyodo is putting them out has made me a little hesitant to pick them up. That said, the photos are incredible. Be sure to check out the gallery.

[ Pre-order painted/color kirin | iron rust dragon or Order metallic kirin at HobbyLink Japan ]

[ Pre-order painted/color kirin | iron rust dragon at AmiAmi ]

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Fwoosh review blasts Bridge Direct's
Fwoosh review blasts Bridge Direct's "giant" Smaug figure
by Scarecroodle

Chalk this one under "glad I saved my money": Fwoosh recently posted a review which expresses a great deal of disappointment with The Bridge Direct's WB Shop-exclusive Smaug. Sculpted by Gentle Giant, the figure is billed as having a 22-inch wingspan but Fwoosh editor Veebee refers to that number as being, "a stretch at best".

While I was a little apprehensive over the design (and had also been hoping Bandai would do a S.H. MonsterArts version), I figured I would pick Smaug up eventually. So when the figure was marked down to US$60, it seemed like now might be a good time. However, after reading VeeBee's review, I'm thankful that I decided to check out an outside opinion or two.

Given that so much of the size is in the wings and tail, Smaug actually looks tiny. VeeBee was easily able to fit most of the dragon's body in his hand (see gallery). The photos also give a better look at the originally US$70 figure (see highlights in gallery) and, while certain aspects are nice, Smaug would need a very steep discount before I'd pick him up. While VeeBee praises things like the sculpt, the overall assessment was as follows: "Smaug does have a few things working for him, but NOTHING so exceptional that it justifies the price tag."

Read VeeBee's full review on Fwoosh and see some of the highlights in the gallery. As far as oversized dragons go, I think I'll be sticking with Mattel's MOTUC Granamyr and, on a smaller note, Funko's Pop! Smaug.

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Gaming Heads returns to Tamriel with a High Elf statue photo
Gaming Heads returns to Tamriel with a High Elf statue
by Scarecroodle

Gaming Heads has continued its line of Elder Scrolls statues with a new 1/6-scale Elder Scrolls Online High Elf . This 15.5-inch tall statue comes in both a standard version for US$310 (limited to 1,000 pieces) and an exclusive variant with a light-up version of that magical orb for US$340 (limited to 500 pieces).

While I likely won't ever get into the Elder Scrolls MMO, I've been a fan of the franchise for a few games now and am always happy to see more ES merch (albeit I wish it would come in the form of something more articulate). That said, I can't say that I like the look of the seemingly androgynous High Elf whose somewhat masculine face  made the rest of her body confusing at first (Even more confusing? The fact that a typo in the details referred to the High Elf as a "him" (see gallery) which I noticed before seeing the feminine pronouns). The face looks more feminine from some angles (such as an overhead), but it's still something that Gaming Heads could have done a little better on.

Otherwise the armor detailing and paint both look great while the glowing magic orb (via a built-in LED) is a very cool effect. For the most part, she's a pretty great-looking statue. Both versions are slated for a second quarter release and can be purchased either via a one-time payment or through part of a payment plan.

[ Pre-order standard | exclusive High Elf at Gaming Heads ]

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Funko releases product images for Game of Thrones Legacy series 2; available for pre-order photo
Funko releases product images for Game of Thrones Legacy series 2; available for pre-order
by Scarecroodle

Funko has released some product images for its currently available for pre-order Game of Thrones Legacy series 2. The selection includes some much-wanted selections like the ever-popular Arya Stark, Robb Stark (direwolf head sold separately?), Jaime Lannister (in Kingsguard armor), Khal Drogo, another Daenerys, and Brienne of [expletive deleted (spoilers)] Tarth.

This second series fleshes out the line rather nicely, especially for giving the Hound his sidekick. The craftsmanship on this series looks a bit nicer than the first wave, with some really cool detailing on Jaime's armor and a neat Brienne of Tarth. However, given Game of Thrones' gigantic cast, I'm wondering if Funko will be able to get to everybody especially considering that a few of the characters may need variants (and I don't just mean a more wolfy Robb Stark, although that would make for a twisted con exclusive).

All of the figures from Funko's Game of Thrones Legacy series 2 can be pre-ordered individually for US$20 and are slated for an almost-upon-us October release.

[ Pre-order Arya | Brienne | Daenerys | Jaime | Khal Drogo | Robb at Entertainment Earth ]

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Over-sized Smaug among Funko's new The Hobbit Pop! announcements photo
Over-sized Smaug among Funko's new The Hobbit Pop! announcements
by Scarecroodle

Funko has given MTV News an exclusive first look at some upcoming The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies, a selection that includes TWO over-sized Smaugs.

The reveals consist of a 6-inch Smaug, a chase variant of Smaug with yellow eyes (packed 1/12), Tauriel, and Lord Sauron (not shown to scale in header). While the Sauron is cute, both he and Tauriel are completely overshadowed by the "massive" (and massively awesome) Smaug. Both versions of Smaug look great, although I imagine that I might prefer the standard version (as Smaug's actual eyes look a little creepy on that otherwise adorable body). Smaug will be the third over-sized dragon we've seen recently, following the likes of the Magic: The Gathering Pop! Nicol Bolas and World of Warcraft Pop! Deathwing.

These figures are due out in October and, while pre-orders seem to be open for Smaug and Tauriel, I haven't seen any Sauron listings. Tauriel (and presumably Sauron) should run you around US$10 while the over-sized Smaug will be a slightly pricier (but worth it) US$15.

[ Pre-order Smaug (random version) | Tauriel at Entertainment Earth ]

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SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reel: The Scarecroodle edition photo
SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reel: The Scarecroodle edition
by Scarecroodle

SDCC and WonFes may have been almost a month ago at this point, but many of its collectibles are still on our minds. Tian recently posted the top ten things he was looking forward to from these cons and, because I'm far more excitably (and exceedingly less orderly), my own highlights list is nowhere near that short.

See many of my favorites after the jump.

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Massive 22-inch Smaug figure to invade your shelves soon, displacing whatever dwarf figures you own photo
Massive 22-inch Smaug figure to invade your shelves soon, displacing whatever dwarf figures you own
by Scarecroodle

Huge news, everyone! The Bridge Direct will be a making a huge Smaug figure (The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies). The figure, which sports a 22-inch wingspan and is apparently 21-inches tall (although I'm no sure how), won't be anywhere near to scale with Bridge Direct's previous offerings but it'll still be a humongous figure.

Smaug will unfortunately only feature a paltry ten points of articulation; the joints seem to be at his knees, hips, mid-section of wings, base of neck, and mid-section of neck. The remaining joints might be the shoulders or at his head and base of the tail, but it's hard to tell. The wings and tail appear feature a "wire core" which is listed as allowing for additional poses (meaning bendy?). Granted, I suppose the major selling point here is the size since Smaug should tower over much your collection.

The figure is billed as coming with an as-yet-unrevealed 1.5-inch figure and accessory, which a poster over at Toyark believes to be Bard and a black arrow (although a Bilbo Baggins probably wouldn't be a bad guess, either). Regardless of who that mystery character is, the figure still probably won't be scale with the massive movie version of the dragon. Did I mention that this Smaug is going to be big?

The Bridge Direct's Smaug will be limited to 3,000 pieces which each box featuring an individually numbered sticker. He can be pre-ordered for US$70 and is slated for a December release. You know, because nothing says Christmas like a dragon.

[ Pre-order at the Warner Bros Shop or its Hobbit Shop imprint ]

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6:00 AM on 07.27.2014

SDCC 2014: CS Moore Studio

CS Moore Studio and I share a common interest: well-endowed ladies. They had a sizable presence at SDCC, and were kind enough to show me around their booth (special thanks to the folks who held up the black backdrop while I was shooting). The number of statues and figures was truly dazzling, and that's before we even get to the giant Fathom statue up front. Hit the jump to see what their wares.

Tianxiao Ma

5:00 AM on 07.27.2014

SDCC 2014: Yamato

If you enjoy figures inspired by fantasy art, Yamato is the place to look. Over the years they've quietly been expanding their Fantasy Figure Gallery lineup. Their presence at SDCC was small, and even then many of the figures...

Tianxiao Ma

12:00 PM on 07.26.2014

SDCC 2014: Weta

Weta's booth always makes a splash. This year, you could spot it a mile away as it was heralded by a giant, sleepy Smaug head. Obviously there would be a lot of merchandise associated with Tbe Hobbit. There were also some new Lord of the Rings statues displayed. Oh, and dwarves. So many dwarves. Click on through for the highlights.

Tianxiao Ma