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One of my favorite websites to spend my hard-earned cash is Fangamer. Independently owned and operated by a dedicated group of Earthbound fans, Fangamer has sold some of the best video game clothing and merchandise for t... read feature


i-Gear updates; Filling those gaps in your collection

May 27
Third party upgrades for Transformers toys are nothing new. Hell, third party transformable figures that bear a striking resemblance to characters from the Transformers brand aren't too far off, either. But i-Gear takes it a ... read

Playmobil toys perform Joy Division's Transmission

Mar 06
We bring you a lot of news here at Tomopop, but sometimes it's just plain awesome to sit back and enjoy something fun someone has created. Now, Joy Division may not be everyone's type of music, but I happen to love them, so w... read

R2-D2 wood burning heater brings steampunk stylings

Jan 28
U.K. eBay seller kidsrusje has created a one-of-a-kind R2-D2 wood burning heater that is sure to boost your nerd cred (or catch your house on fire.) This little R2 definitely looks like he's got some steampunk influence going... read

Kittyzilla's plush Cobra Commander helps the kids!

Dec 09
Most people are aware of Etsy, a site where artisans can sell their own creations. Many times Etsy can be filled with the horrors of arts and crafts gone wrong, but other times they get it very right. Cue Kittyzilla's plush C... read

Zombie My Little Pony just wants to cuddle you, then eat your brains

Oct 26
Oh don't worry. She's not unreasonable. She's not gonna eat your eyes. From customizer EPonyArt, just in time for the Halloween festivities comes this truly deliciously demented bit of design. That's right boys and ghouls, EP... read

Blade Runner chess set makes me want to get my think on

Oct 22
While not technically a toy, this is entirely too cool for me not to post here. As you might remember from the Lego Blade Runner post I made a couple weeks back, anything that brings me back to the seminal sci-fi movie makes ... read

Lego ships from Knights of the Old Republic

Oct 18
Someone's got a lot more patience than me. Stephan de Prouw posted on his Tumblr that he built a to scale Harbinger and Ebon Hawk ship from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The best part? He did this... read

Lego Blade Runner customs leave me moist and wanting

Oct 07
I love me some Legos. While a lot of the pre-made sets that toy stores carry look nice, I've always preferred making my own designs based on what ever twisted fantasy that's running through my head at the moment. To this day ... read

Sillof's Samurai Wars blends Star Wars and Samurai, or just points out the obvious

Sep 20
George Lucas gleaned a lot of his inspiration from Star Wars from Japanese cinema and history. Most notably the plot from Akira Kurosawa's 1958 film "The Hidden Fortress" or Kakushi toride no san akunin forms the ba... read

CrazyDevy makes a Master Sword, but not for Link

Sep 17
To be fair, the original Master Sword that came with Fortress Maximus was a little lacking. It looked nothing like the image pictured above, which was a little disappointing, but not worth balking over when you'd spent as muc... read

Fansproject Protector pre-order, but wait, there's more!

Sep 10
So after all those articles I posted about the Shadow Scyther Armor, I'm sure you all think I had forgotten about it's properly colored cousin, the Protector Armor? Heck no! As a matter of fact, I'm here to tell you right now... read

Custom Shaun of the Dead plushies have got red on them

Sep 10
Guys, I have just squee-ed so hard I pulled a muscle. It's difficult to find words to express how much I love the movie Shaun of the Dead. It's a slacker film, romantic comedy, and an awesome zombie picture all in one delicio... read

iGear's Jet looks RAMiliar, er familiar

Sep 10
Those boys at iGear are going all out now. This is the third release from their Fighter Team Set (read: third party Transformers Conehead Seekers). Previously we brought you word of their version of Dirge, coyly named Elegy a... read

Plan an awesome exit strategy with Mid Warp Skywarp custom

Sep 10
You know, in the Transformers cartoon and comics, a lot of the characters were given powers by the writers that never actually manifested in the toys. They were simply a way of engaging "play patterns" with kids, so... read

Fansproject Shadow Scyther has color! Were you taking bets? The winner is-

Sep 08
Everyone! Everyone's a winner! No seriously. All weekend, those in the Transformers know have been trying to determine the final color of Fansproject's Shadow Scyther (yes, I'm aware the image says "Scythe," it's no... read

Fansproject Shadow Scyther has nothing to do with Pokemon, but Transformers

Sep 04
Poor Leah got all excited this morning when she saw something labeled "Scyther" show up in her newsfeed. Unfortunately for her, it had more to do with my Transformers obsession than her Pokemon obsession. Much like ... read

Frog Mario plush is all d'aww and such

Aug 31
Okay, minor saccharin freakout aside, that is one cute frog Mario plushie. Deviantart user Misscoffee sewed him up recently and had him sold off, but we at Tomopop flipped our collective shizz when this showed up in our newsf... read

Custom Transformers Animated Protectobots and Emergency Response Team helping real-life kids

Jul 27
In the gallery below, you'll find pictures of custom toys by members of They've gone ahead and done some wonderful remolding, repainting and re-engineering in order to make these Transformers Animated versions o... read

These Figmas can't be tamed in this amazing stop motion animation

Jul 09
I've always been a fan of stop motion animation, no matter how cheesy some of it may be. You just have to appreciate the work that goes into it from these patient creators. And with poseable figures like the Figma series, the... read

Crazy Devy gives Devastator new waist, shoulder, movie head

Jun 14
I warned you. I warned you about the crazy guys over at Crazy Devy. They are absolutely certifiable in their mad love for all things related to Transformers character Devastator. Just this weekend they've unleashed three new ... read

Impossible Toys releases video of G1 Arcee, The G1 fans rejoice!

Mar 17
Arcee was, until her recent Animated toy debut , one of the very few G1 characters to not have her own toy. Now, this figure has been teased at for for quite a while. We've seen prototypes and CG renders, but now we've got a ... read

Hannibal Lecter My Little Pony scares me half to death

Mar 01
I've seen some weird and sometimes even disturbing My Little Pony customs in my time, but Hannibal Lecter of The Silence of the Lambs fame here takes the cake; a cake made out of brains, naturally. Pony brains- the brains of ... read

Life-sized TMNT Turtle Van is hotter than an oven-fresh pizza

Feb 24
If somehow fortune ever sets fit to smile upon me in a way that I become a rich man, I won't stay that way for long. Why?  Well shortly after buying this house, I'm going to the Volo Auto Museum in Chigago and throwing m... read

Modern design meets traditional wood with Solidboys

Feb 12
Over on a nice little blog called Saltnpaper, an interesting combination/ experiment of modern design elements has been mixed with traditional woodworking to create the unique and whimsical "Solidboys."Set for relea... read

IGear TF-007 Ark Playset final pictures are shown! Wave of nostalgia comes over the internet

Jan 16
Remember when you were a kid? You had that big play set of that Power Rangers base as a kid and all their various adventures happened in there. Well, now we've got one for Transformers. To be specific, it's the Autobot base r... read

It's time for some more custom Touhou: Figma Advent Cirno

Jan 08
I will be the first to admit, I don't know a lot about Touhou Project. But, what I do know a lot about is great customs, and this, Ladies and Gents, is one great custom. Those two swords are just the tip of the iceberg for th... read

Dress as a Cucos to win in Kid Robot's costume contest

Oct 16
Recently we previewed Kid Robot's upcoming Cucos blind box figures. This is a set of characters so good that I'm going to be buying them like mad to get all of the ones that I want. Those gingery Village of the Damned twins a... read

The best looking Hunter figure from Left 4 Dead I've ever seen

Sep 10
You might recall when I wrote about the Left 4 Dead sack boys that I've a huge fan of this game. While there are people whining and crying about them making a second one, I'm one of those who is looking forward to it. There h... read

The most amazing World of Warcraft papercraft ever

Apr 28
Online MMO's can be the most addictive things out there. We know that Koreans go crazy about MMOs, as well as everyone knowing about World of Warcraft. It doesn't take a player to know how someone can get addictive to the gam... read

Patch Together's On Demand service brings NeoNeve and more

Sep 24
When Miller Song, owner of Patch Together, told us in our exclusive interview with him about the concept of their OnDemand serivce, we were excited to say the least -- this was a way to see more artists' creations finally jum... read

More steamy Star Wars from Sillof's Workshop

Jul 15
It's been a while since we've heard any rumblings from the direction of Dr. Sillof's workshop, and as we all know, when the scientists get quiet there's trouble brewing. With a bang and a puff of smoke the lab door has creake... read

Brian Chan's Origami: So much win in such little paper

Jun 25
My first reaction to these was, "Holy crap, that's amazing!" My second reaction was, "I ... could never make that, even if I tried!" But how awesome would it be to have either of these guys sitting on your... read

Custom Delights: "agg" Cassididdy

May 14
Flickr user "agg" Cassididdy (Kid Robot forum user agg) has created some of the most amazing custom work I've seen in a while. As a frequent user of the KR forums, he has participated in many toy trades including on... read

Ico versus fan creativity: Protect the Princess

Mar 30
I hope you remember Quasimodox and his beautiful rendition of Pyro from Team Fortress 2, because I have a treat for you all. Remember that PS2 game Ico? Well a few weeks ago while I was on holiday I got a nice little email fr... read

Show and Tell : The Almighty Tomopup Plush

Mar 26
This week, it's my honor to be the one who puts on Show and Tell. This is a piece that really means a lot to me, as it's something I made myself and although I haven't been an editor for very long, I have thoroughly enjoyed m... read

Fez plushie is stuffed full of cuteness

Mar 08
So maybe you have heard of Fez, which may or may not be the greatest PC indie title to ever be created. While the game's still being finished up and readied for your computer by the fine folks at Kokoromi, you can enjoy the a... read

Check out this incredible custom Samus Aran figure

Feb 27
What's better than a full health bar, 255 missles, and Hi-Jump Boots? Not much, but this custom Samus Aran Metroid figure definitely is. The (vintage spoiler) heroine of Nintendo's Metroid series of games has never looked as ... read

Phoenix Wright plushies? My life is complete!

Feb 26
I have to be careful when surfing Deviant Art. Much like Ebay, I could idle hours of my life away there without realizing any time had passed. Sometimes it's a good thing though, because I stumble across amazing artists selli... read

Super Mario awesome: custom toy collection

Feb 25
Everyone loves a good custom toy, now and then. But when it's a custom toy based off your favorite game of all-time... well, you take notice.Kidrobot forum member agg completely has my attention right now, thanks to an impres... read

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