Action ponies from Taobao; prototypes or knockoffs?

Jul 25
Well, it's nothing new to find knockoff toys around, especially not on the Internet. Though sometimes it's actually hard to tell whether you're looking at a knockoff, or if perhaps it's a prototype for an actual line of toys... read

You know the word on bootlegs: they're terrible, no one wants them, etc. And we've brought you news from the world of bootleg hell before. But when I attended Otakon this year, during our Collecting Figures panel, the questio... read feature

Buyer beware, more fake Lily Nendoroids on the market

Apr 05
Back in October of last year, Good Smile posted regarding some imitation Saber Lilys that hit the market a tad early. They shared with us a number of photos to help consumers with keen eyes spot the differences righ... read

Fake Puchi Vocaloid Nendoroids are Oh Wow Ugly

Feb 19
Thanks to the always-sharp eye of wcloudxkumo, we got a look at some of the ugliest fakes I've seen in some time today, and I simply had to share them with you, gentle readers. Not that you'd buy them if you saw them, because... read

Knock offs of Transformers Classics Skywarp and Thundercracker surface

Jan 05
If you're a collector of Transformers, beware of the latest of knock offs that were posted on the ACToys forum. The rare Classics Skywarp and the even rarer Botcon 2007 exclusive Classics Thundercracker are now being distribu... read

A slew of Transformers bootlegs just in time for the holiday

Dec 24
Nothing says happy holidays like getting that Transformer you've always wanted. That is until you realize that it is a bootleg or knock off. The person who got it for you had good intentions. It's the fault of those who have ... read

Beware of fake Saber Lilys in the wild

Oct 03
Good Smile's Saber Lily is a figure many people want to add to their collections, and a few have already appeared on eBay and other sites. There's only one problem with that, of course: Good Smile hasn't shipped their Saber L... read

Bootlegs of rare Kuroshitsuji figure show up on eBay

Jun 22
A Danny Choo user with a sharp eye caught this bootleg of the Square-Enix Sebastian figure from Kuroshitsuji on eBay recently. if you saw our review of the original Square Enix Static Arts version, you already know that this ... read

A trip to bootleg hell, or why you should be careful at cons

Apr 03
A couple weeks back, several Tomostaffers visited a festival at a Japanese garden that happened to have a dealer room. Normally, this would make us titter in delight, however, there was something wrong. Something wasn't right... read

Oh God Why: A Look Into Bootleg Hell

Mar 18
There is no worse feeling in the world than realizing what you have purchased is in fact, a bootleg.  The only feeling that somewhat mirrors this is buying a figure that looks like a bootleg.  This case here is one ... read

Spotted in the wild: wow, that's one ugly Yoko!

Feb 04
While reading Danny Choo this morning, I stumbled across the visage of horror you see above, which was snapped by Dancing Queen from How A Girl Figures on a recent trip to Mexico. Spotted at the TNT GT3 con, it seems there we... read

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